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Norwalk police celebrate bicentennial with new badges

By IVY KELLER • Dec 3, 2016 at 12:00 PM

An eagle, shield, flags and Norwalk. These four things sound simple, but they make for an impressive picture.

Norwalk police officers will don their new badges in honor of the city’s bicentennial celebration next year. The gold and silver design was a group effort, Officer David Ditz said.

“We’re pretty excited,” Ditz said. “Several years ago we started talking about getting a badge for the bicentennial.”

Ditz recalled speaking to Chief David Light, who asked his officers to brainstorm designs. Light couldn’t be reached for comment Friday.

“We came up with probably eight badge designs initially,” Ditz said.

The officer is related to bicentennial logo designer Ethan Wilhelm and took the opportunity to ask if police could incorporate the image.

“Everybody here had some sort of input to the badge,” Ditz explained. “It was a whole department effort. We ended up narrowing it down to about two badge designs and then everybody voted on it, and this is what we selected.”

The one they selected included the bicentennial logo, which features stylized maple leaves and the county courthouse. Wilhelm said the design was inspired by old advertisements and logos.

“It was sort of Trevor Rood and (me),” he said. “We were brainstorming some ideas when they offered the whole logo contest. We decided that it needed to go back to the roots of the Victorian era.”

Wilhelm said it was “an honor” that the police chose to incorporate his design. 

In addition, the design incorporated themes from past designs. The eagle from the current badge was included, as well as the shield that was featured on the original Norwalk police badges. Ditz said he was pleased to announce no city money was spent on the purchase of the badges.

“All the officers went out on our own and purchased them. So it was no cost to the city, which was kind of nice,” he said.

“It’s one way that we can participate in the celebration. We can’t change our uniform, but we can do a bicentennial badge.”

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