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United Fund Part 3: Being part of a team

Rev. Dr. Amy C. Little • Sep 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Editor’s note: Representatives from the Norwalk Area United Fund are writing columns in preparation for the organization's annual fundraising campaign.

How many teams have you been on in your life thus far? Take a moment and make a mental list: Athletic teams, academic teams, workgroups, group projects, service clubs, your family?

These are all important teams that we are a part of in our daily lives and each one of them requires that we make a commitment and do our best for the team as a whole. Being on a team is never just about us. The goals for the team are always directed toward making the team successful as a whole. But also, the individuals that make up the team find success for themselves. Individual success and corporate success go hand in hand. At least they should!

That’s our philosophy at the Norwalk Area United Fund. We work together so that individuals and the entire community can enjoy success. All we do, as we serve our community, is geared toward making the Norwalk, Monroeville, and Wakeman communities more stable, more healthy, more secure, and more successful. And, by success we don’t just mean making more money, though that might be a part of it. When we talk about success, we also mean well-rounded children who are emotionally and physically healthy, students who succeed in academics and are free to pursue a bright future, elderly who have the care and resources they need, as well as helping to move people from a state of generational or situational poverty, into the middle class where more opportunities exist. These are just a few of the goals of our team! There is so much more!

The Norwalk Area United Fund Board of Directors is comprised of 24 people who choose to give their time to serve this community, to make it a better place. We seek to help people do more than simply survive. We want everyone to thrive! But our team is not just 24 people from such vocations as education, construction, banking, local government, retail, and nonprofits; our team includes each and every one of you who lend a hand to another or who volunteer at events sponsored by the United Fund or a charity that we fund. You are a vital part of our team when you work alongside us to make this community better. You are part of our team when you send a donation to help fund programs that we carefully vet and support. And rest assured, we don’t just support organizations financially. We support them with learning opportunities such as “Boardmanship,” “Financial Health in non-profits,” and even by advising organizations about how to work with those in poverty and how to help them gain a step up.

Our work is very wholistic in its approach, and you are part of our team! We cannot do all that we do without you. No gift is too small! We all have a deep-seated need to give. We are hard-wired to be generous rather than selfish! We simply want you to know that we appreciate your gifts and your participation on this team we call the United Fund. There’s always something positive going on, so if you need a little dose of teamwork, need to find something meaningful to do or be a part of, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of what the team has going on in our community. We pray for your success in your daily lives, and the success of all of our neighbors.

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