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United Fund is a pioneer

Pat Krause • Sep 17, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Editor’s note: Representatives from the Norwalk Area United Fund are writing columns in preparation for the organization's annual fundraising campaign.

I have been asked a lot lately, why I chose to work for the United Fund? My inward response is usually, well, who wouldn’t want to work for the United Fund? Really, though, I think I have the best job in the world and there are many reasons why. I love getting to be part of something bigger than myself. We get to be part of finding solutions instead of just talking about problems. We are able to speak on behalf of those with little or no public voice. We get to stand on the side of good. We commit dollars to programs which serve and help others.

Having been part of the United Fund Board of Directors for four years, I discovered all those things and more. I have always believed in our mission and our efforts to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. We continually strive to be innovative in our thinking and open to change. We’ve always done it this way is not an acceptable answer, and we challenge ourselves and the programs we fund to be better than we are.

I wanted to be sure I wasn't the only one who saw these things as I’ve been known to wear rose-colored glasses. So I’ve been talking with people involved with the United Fund. Some are board members, some are donors. People were eager to share their stories, their reasons for being involved and for supporting us.

One gentleman told me he was raised to be of service to others. He selected the United Fund, because he knows of no other organization that has a better understanding of our communities. He also told me that in this world there are pioneers and there are settlers. The United Fund is a pioneer, leading the way, blazing trails. Another person told me that he appreciates how accountable we are and that we expect the organizations we support to be accountable as well. He believes that his contribution is well placed and he is confident we have used his donation wisely.

One comment I heard is that by being part of something bigger like the United Fund helps someone feel significant in this world. He shared that this is more important to him than being successful. I would venture to say that would describe just about every member of our board. Several others say they began their association with the United Fund because they thought it would benefit themselves in some way, but stayed close to the United Fund because of the far-reaching positive impact we have on the community. These folks like to be part of something bigger too!

So you can see there are many reasons to be involved with the work of the United Fund. I’m sure you have your own. If you haven’t discovered those reasons yet, stop by so you can hear our stories. Whatever your reason, we are grateful for your presence, your support, and your participation. Your donation does make a difference.

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