Monroeville craft show to support the arts

Zoe Greszler • Nov 19, 2016 at 8:00 AM

MONROEVILLE — The Monroeville school music, choir and drama departments will host a fundraiser this weekend to help support the arts programs.

The craft show will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday and feature more than 40 vendors in the elementary gym.

“We actually condensed it this year,” said all grades music, choir and drama director Christine Turner. “We used to be very large and go throughout two rooms but we decided that was too much and condensed it this year to one room with just over 40 vendors. There’ll be everything from country decor to Christmas items and then we have also direct sales that will also there and hand made (products).”

Turner said she felt like this was a good time off the year to hold the craft show and that it offers a little something for everyone.

“It gives the community a spot to come and support local vendors, which is important and on people’s minds right now with the Shop Small Saturday coming up. And it also lets them find unique gifts for Christmas time or just things for themselves if they want,” she said.

It also gives the community an opportunity to support their students.

“This is our fourth year doing this to raise money for the band, choir and drama department,” Turner said. “For one thing, we want to make sure that people are aware that we’re out there and they know the kids are involved with it so they can see what the kids are doing and of course to raise money for the programs. That money is what funds it. And this year, our spring show is ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which is a little bit more expensive, so it’ll help to pay for that and for field trips or (ensembles).”

Turner said the fine arts programs are important and deserve the support of the community.  

“I think that it really makes for a well-rounded student,” she said.

“I just had a conversation with my students yesterday,” she added. “I told them a lot of people think that music is an extra, and you can get an easy A in it, when really all the classes you've taken in school are combined — we cover them all. (Students in the arts) do better on standardized tests, and it helps them be more mature, especially emotional and allows them to express themselves.”

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