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Fisher Titus Durable Medical Equipment to remain in business; Kaiser to close

Jospeh Gilroy • Jan 11, 2020 at 9:56 AM

It has been frustrating and confusing for both customers as well as the ownership of Fisher-Titus Durable Medical Equipment.

Citing the current competitive landscape and changing regulations as key drivers of their decision, Fisher-Titus earlier this week announced plans to close its retail pharmacy, Kaiser Community Pharmacy, located at 251 Benedict Avenue in Norwalk.

With that single announcement, came a lot of confusion.

What many people didn’t realize at the time of the announcement was that Kaiser Community Pharmacy and FTDME were separated on Dec. 1 when the Marina Home Health group bought out controlling interest of the home medical supplies portion of the business. At that point the two were separate entities and when Fisher-Titus made the decision to close Kaiser Community Pharmacy it in no way affected the business operations of FTDME.

Marina Home Health President Michael Will said it has been a frustrating past few days because of all the confusion.

“I don’t blame people for getting mixed up, it can be confusing,” Will said. “But, what we really want people to know is that Fisher-Titus Durable Medical Equipment isn’t going to be going anywhere. We are committed to serving those in need of home medical equipment and we aren’t going anywhere — we are going to be in Norwalk for a long, long time.

FTDME will still have a small storefront for customers to shop for smaller items, but they plan to move toward focusing primarily on the home medical equipment supplies, such as oxygen equipment, walkers, sleep apnea machines etc. 

“We will have the same employees the onlyl change is that we will just be handling medical equipment,” he added. “We are very active in the hospice, we will have less retail space and will be focusing on what we do good — there will be less inventory space and we will work with insurance companies to quickly get the covered medical supplies to the customers who need them.”

Marina Home Health has been servicing North Central Ohio since 2008 and operates in Sandusky, Tiffin and Norwalk. 

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