A house, moving truck and supplies — oh my!

Stacey Hartley • Jul 28, 2019 at 10:04 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: Two editors and three reporters at the Norwalk Reflector saved all of their receipts last week and totaled the sales taxes. This is the final part in a five-part series reviewing how much taxes they were charged.

You know, life can often be taxing. But buying your first home? 

While I can’t attest to how much my significant other and I paid out-of-pocket for our house — that we’ve been in for less than two weeks — I can share just how much of the totals are of taxes alone.

According to Avalara — a company based in software for automated tax compliance, the sales tax for the state is 5.75; while the county carries a sales tax of 1.5 percent. For those of you who aren’t particularly well-versed in the worlds of tax and financing, like yours truly, the factors equate to 7.5 percent of your purchase cost being added to the price of that purchase. Additionally, different taxes come with different purchases.

For example, a Thursday night Taco Bell indulgence at $2.29 doesn’t come with a sales tax — thanks to food loophole — so the $1.29 soft taco, plus the $1 cheesy rollup that I tore up went home with me for a easy $2.29.

However, shelling out for a $119,000 house for me, my significant other and our two cats (who I swear require more work than human children), was not easy. Let’s look at the numbers:

• For the next 15 years, our estimated total monthly payments come out to $658.33, despite the principal and interest only being $497.52. 

• The transfer tax for other tax and government fees is only $2; that’s a nice sentiment when weighed against the $190 in recording fees.

• $143.91 coming with the $600 in homeowner’s insurance premiums.

• At closing, $443.24 in property taxes are broken into four monthly payments of $110.81.

The grand total of the above weighs in at $939.96. In taxes. Alone.

There’s no doubt that without the private financial support from loved ones, not only would those figures come out heartbreakingly higher, we may not have been so blessed as to find our home that, with less than a month, is turning out to be the perfect fit. 

So, how was the home buying process?

Literally taxing.

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