Bohemian Wrapsody owners 'heartbroken'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Oct 9, 2017 at 9:16 PM

Bohemian Wrapsody is nearly empty, housing only boxes, tables, chairs and a few odds and ends.

Ben and Kimberly Boss, owners of the 5 W. Main St. restaurant, locked its doors Sunday, posting signs in the windows stating Bohemian Wrapsody was remaining shuttered indefinitely — a move that broke many hearts on social media.

After five short months under the new owners, the restaurant known for its healthier options and recent gelato addition, ran into issues with its hot water tank, an issue Ben Boss said should have been an easy enough fix. 

“The hot water tank has to be replaced,” he told the Reflector. “We contacted the (building) owner, Stan Obrenovich, and he basically said he wasn’t going to fix it. He wanted to not have to deal with it and told us not to call him.”

Boss said he and the person they sublease from both contacted Obrenovich, asking him to have it fixed, adding “his answer to both parties was that he would not fix it.”

“We didn’t have anywhere else to go,” Boss said. “Closing the restaurant is the only option we had left. We put a lot of time and effort into it. It’s heartbreaking.”

Obrenovich told the Reflector he was trying to contact the Bosses, in hopes of setting up a meeting today, but said because he wasn’t the Bosses’ landlord, he had “nothing to do with it.” 

“If he would have agreed to meet and discuss the situation nearly two weeks ago, we would not have closed,” Boss said. “But he would not even take our calls. At this time, we do not have a meeting scheduled.”

Obrenovich said he “had a slight stroke” last week and is still recovering.  

The business made the announcement on its Facebook page Monday morning.

“Bohemian Wrapsody has experienced hot water system complications for the past week,” the post said.

“It has been determined by a local plumbing professional that the system must be replaced in order to regain hot water. The building owner was contacted to relay the fact that the system needs to be replaced immediately. The building owner stated that he will not replace the hot water system. Unfortunately, Bohemian Wrapsody cannot morally or legally operate without hot water. To this end, it is regretfully announced that Bohemian Wrapsody is closed indefinitely.”

Boss said the issues had been going on over the past couple weeks, but were “intermittent.”

“We held off on the decision as long as we could, buy at some point you just had to realize you just have to close the business,” he said.

He and his wife currently don’t have plans to look at reopening the business at an alternate location, saying they poured themselves into Bohemian and were left with broken hearts.

“Not at this time,” Ben said. “I would never speculate what it looks like in six months or two years, but we spent a lot of time and effort with it. To close over something so ridiculous, it really takes the wind out of your sail. We’re disappointed; we’re just disgusted honestly.

“We felt like everyone that walked through the door was looking for a healthier alternative, especially from fast food. We basically had something in common with all of them — the healthier eating. We met a lot of great people and made a lot of friends. Out of everything, that’s really what we’re going to miss the most.”

As of Monday evening, the restaurant’s Facebook page listed it as “permanently closed.”

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