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Lefty Grove Week 5 results

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Jul 5, 2019 at 11:00 AM

NORWALK — The Lefty Grove Baseball League recently concluded its fifth week of action this summer at the VFW Fields on Milan Road in Norwalk.

On Wednesday, the Senior Division (ages 13-16) began single-elimination tournament play. Tournament action in the Bantam (ages 7-8) division begins on July 17. The Colt division (9-10) tournament is scheduled to begin on on July 15, while the Junior (11-12) will start on July 19.

Below are results from league action held June 24-29:



June 24

Monroeville Black 8, W. Reserve No. 3 1

Black: Easton Clark, three singles; Cayden Dixon, two singles, double; Jared Fries, two singles; Jayden Gravenhorst, single; Presten Harvey, two singles; Cole Myers, single; Olivia Myers, two singles; Layne Neuberger, three singles; Brandon Reiber, two singles; Aidan Schaffer, single; Isaac Wadsworth, two singles.

WR: Cohen Dawson, two singles; Conner Duensing, single; Riley Hummel, single; Zayne Leslie, single; Landen Oates, two singles, double.

American Legion 17, W. Reserve No. 2 6

AL: Tyler Boss, four singles; Maddox Gamble, single, four doubles; Liam Gilbert, two doubles; Robert Hovatter, four doubles; Ethan Jones, four doubles; Nolan Naseman, two doubles; Henry Pertner, double; Jett Scheid, double; Zane Scheid, four singles, triple; Henry Spettle, three singles; Reid Thompson, four singles.

WR: Braylin Allread, two singles, triple; Liam Bayless, two singles; Bryce Buderer, two singles; Colton Dalton, single; Jaxon Dalton, two singles; Derek Keith, three singles; Wyatt Tansey, single.

June 25

Eagles Club 18, IOOF 1

Eagles: Mason Beatty, two triples; Hudson Davis, two singles; Weston Davis, three singles; Tanner Denman, two singles; Casey Fries, single, triple, home run; Elliot Kline, single; Jacoby Kraft, single; Hunter Miller, single, double; Kevin Mills, single, double; Connor Polacheck, two doubles, home run; Ty Reynolds, two singles, double; Jake Rospert, two singles, Cole Vogus, single.

IOOF: Bentley Illuzzi, single; Eli Keefer, single; Greg Keefer, single; Arianna Krause, single; Brady Ream, two singles; Drake Riedy, single; Max Welch, single.

June 26

American Legion 15, Lions Club 5

AL: Tyler Boss, three singles; Maddox Gamble, two singles; Avery Gilbert, single; Liam Gilbert, two singles; Robert Hovatter, two singles; Ethan Jones, two singles; Hudson Meagrow, three singles; Nolan Naseman, three singles; Henry Pertner, three singles; Jett Scheid, single, home run; Zane Scheid, single; Henry Spettle, single, two doubles; Reid Thompson, single.

LC: Avianna Brant, single, double; Ashlynn Castle Drum, single; Lincoln Hancock, two singles; Brady Lane, two singles; Benjamin Rockwell, two singles; Mason Sanders, two singles, home run; Trindan Smithson, double.

KofC 11, W. Reserve No. 1 10

KC: Max Bundren, three singles; William Casselberry, two singles, double; Caleb Cross, three singles, double; James Dotson, single; Parker Good, single; Maverick Harakal, three singles; Aiden Kahn, single, two doubles; Brennan Metzger, two singles; Nathan Moncrief, two singles; Connor Pderson, single; Colin Shupe, two singles; Jamie Stoner, two singles.

WR: JJ Absher, two singles; Nolan Blakely, two singles; Keegan Case, three doubles, triple; David Moen, two singles; Emmet Resko, four singles; Andrew Scherley, three singles; Tommy Stewart, single; Chance Warthling, single.

June 27

Elks Lodge 21, W. Reserve No. 3 3

Elks: Gracin Bockert, two singles, double; Russell Brooker, two singles, double; Grant Coriell, three singles; Abel Couch, single, double; Wessen Metro, single; Blake Muskovich, two doubles, triple; Bentley Pounds, two doubles, triple; Dylan Smith, home run; Clay Stieber, triple; Blake Van Dresser, two singles.

WR: Cohen Dawson, three singles; Micaiah Drennen, two singles; Zander Gulett, single; Landen Oates, single, double.

June 29

IOOF 8, W. Reserve No. 3 1

IOOF: Eli Keefer, single, double; Greg Keefer, two singles; Arianna Krause, two singles; Abraham Linder, three singles; Braden Ream, four singles; Genevieve Riley, single; Michael Stieber, two singles; Max Welch, single; Levi Wolf, two singles.

WR: Cohen Dawson, single; double; Riley Hummel, single; Zayne Leslie, two singles; Landeon Oates, single.

Eagles 17, Monroeville Black 1

Eagles: Mason Beatty, two singles, double; Hudson Davis, single, home run; Weston Davis, two singles; Casey Fries, double, two triples; Elliot Kline, two singles; Jacoby Kraft, single; Hunter Miller, single; Kevin Mills, single; Connor Polacheck, double; Ty Reynolds, two singles; Juaquin Robinson, single; Jake Rospert, single, triple.

Black: Easton Clark, two singles; Cayden Dixon, two singles; Jared Fries, double; Cayden Dixon, two singles; Oliver Myers, double; Layne Neuberger, single; Brandon Reiber, single; Aidan Schaffer, single.

Eagles 20, KofC 0

Eagles: Mason Beatty, two singles, double; Hudson Davis, single, two doubles; Weston Davis, single; Tanner Denman, single; Casey Fries, single, double, triple; Elliot Kline, single; Jacoby Kraft, single, double; Kevin Mills, two singles; Connor Polacheck, two singles, triple; Ty Reynolds, single, double; Juaquin Robinson, single, triple; Jake Rospert, single; Cole Vogus, single.

KC:James Dotson, single; Collin Shupe, single.



June 24

Norwalk Teachers; 10, Fraternal Order of Police 3

NTA: Cameron Evans, single; Amaree Mack, double.

FOP: Luke Fulton, single; Lincoln Snyder, single.

June 25

Norwalk Concrete 12, Oglesby 2

NC: Vincent Caizzo, two singles, double; Logan Hammond, three singles; Kade Houck, single; Nolan Jones, two singles, double; Brady Singer, three singles, double; Gabe Snyder, double; Izaac Snyder, two singles; Caleb Thompson, two singles.

Oglesby: Brandon Carty, single; Jordan Coder, three singles; Weston Gfell, two singles; Gunner Kluding, single.

Lake Erie Construction 16, Monroeville Black 4

LEC: Michael DeJesus Jr., single, double; Devyn Emmons, single; Noah Helton, single, double, triple, home run; Elijah Minaya, single; Luke Ware, single; Kaedyn Warner, double, home run.

Black: Logan Barnes, single; Caleb Dixon, single; London Grosswiler, single, double; Aiden Myers, single; Cooper Cleary, single.

June 26

FOP 9, NTA 8

FOP: Luke Fulton, two singles; Logan Meagrow, two singles; Logan Moffit, single; Beau Riley, single; Lincoln Snyder, single; John Welter, single.

NTA: Jacob Bleile, single; Landon Kennebeck, single; Alakai Mack, single; Amaree Mack, two singles; Levi Rospert, double.

June 27

Oglesby 12, Monroeville Black 1

Oglesby: Tristan Biddinger, single; Jordan Coder, two singles; River Couch, single; Weston Gfell, single, double; Krosby Hartman, single; Landon Johnson, double; Gunner Kluding, single, double; JP Lawson, single.

Black: Cooper Cleary, single.

June 29

Lake Erie Construction 12, Monroeville Black 0

LEC: Michael DeJesus Jr. single, double; Devyn Emmons, two singles; Noah Helton, two singles; Elijah Minaya, single; Luke Ware, single, double; Kaedyn Warner, two singles, triple.

Norwalk Concrete 9, Lake Erie Construction 8

NC: No stats provided.

LEC: No stats provided.



June 24

Battles Insurance 20, Civista Banking 12

Battles: Jacob Burger, single, triple; Brady Fritz, two home runs; Brock Houck, home run; Kellen McDonnell, single; Luke Metcalf, triple; Dylan Pigman, double, home run; Adam Roth, single, double.

Civista: Brody McFadden, single; Corbin Service, single, double, triple; Diesel Snyder, two singles.

June 25

Monroeville Black 9, Stein, Olsen, Stang 7

Black: Landin Hershiser, triple; Grady Lasch, home run; Landen Roeder, single, double, home run; Alec Schafer, single; Erickson Pisano, single.

SOS: Jacob Collins, triple; Jacob Gilbert, single; Kevin Howard, single, triple; James Wallace, single; Ricky Wallace, single.

June 26

Battles 7, PNC 4

Battles: Jacob Burger, single; Brady Fritz, single, home run; Brock Houck, triple; Luke Metcalf, two singles; Adam Roth, single, double.

PNC: Garrett Cook, triple; Fletcher Ross, single; Westin Sage, single, double.

June 27

Miller's SuperValu 15, SOS 3

Miller's: Tyler Baxter, single; Aidon Gross, double; Parker Lloyd, single; Gavin Thurston, single; Isaak White, single.

SOS: Kevin Howard, single; Trayton Laney, single; Tyler Ruhl, double; James Wallace, two singles.

Monroeville Black 11, Civista 6

Black: Jaxson Hedrick, home run; Grady Lasch, home run; Landon Platte, triple; Xavier Maxwell, single; Thomas Platte, single.

Civista: Nico Helton, single; Brody McFadden, single, home run; Braylon Tovo, single.

June 29

SOS 11, 11, PNC 5

SOS: Jacob Collins, single, double; Jacob Gilbert, two singles, two doubles; Kevin Howard, single; Tyler Ruhl, double; Jack Stieber, three singles; James Wallace, single.

PNC: Garrett Cook, two singles; Fletcher Ross, single, two doubles; Westin Sage, two singles; Gage Scheid, single; Evan Wangler, single.

June 29

Battles 12, Monroeville Black 5

Battles: Brady Fritz, three singles; Talon Hancock, single; Kelleven McDonnell, two singles; Luke Metcalf, single, double; Colin Oney, triple.

Black: Grady Lasch, double; Landen Roeder, single.



June 18

Nobil’s 7, Don Tester Ford 1

Nobil’s: Andrew Bundschuh, single; Dalton Chapin, single; Kelton Chapin, two singles; Trenton Daily, double; Griffin Peiples, single; Dalton Steffani, single.

DTF: Christopher Buckhanan, single.

June 24

Nobil's 7, JDB Improvement 6

Nobil's: Dalton Chapin, single; Kelton Chapin, single; Trenton Daily, single; Griffin Peiples, two singles; Samuel Tokarsky, single.

JDB: Seth Bogner, single; Jordan Gede, single; Alex Herf, single, double; Kade Romell, two doubles; Isaac Thimke, single.

June 25

Don Tester 11, JDB 8

DTF: Carter Binkley, single; Aaron Buchanan, two singles; Christopher Buchhanan, single, double; Quinn Grandy, two singles; Jayden Hipp, single; Jayson Peterson, single; Logan Wiegel, two singles, double.

JDB: Seth Bogner, single; Peyton Gatzemeyer, single; Jordan Gede, two singles; Alex Herf, single; Alexander Mullins, single; Ryan Preston, double; Matthew Rice, two singles; Isaac Thimke, single.

VFW 14, Schild's 4

VFW: Ethan Phillips, two singles, triple; Isaac Scheel, double, triple; Chaz Smith, single; Timothy Wallace, single.

Schild's: Wyatt Fox, single; Brendan Hipp, double; Blayke Wright, single.

Schild's 16, Monroeville Black 7

Schild's: Thomas Bocock, single; Ben Burger, single; Aden Childs, single; Caleb Gilbert, single; Avery Hipp, two singles; Brendan Hipp, three singles; Lance Mainzer, single; Jack Wasiniak, single; Blayke Wright, double.

Black: Jagar Missler, two singles; Erron Thomas, two singles; Case Zehnder, single; Gavin Hauler, triple.

June 26

Don Tester 9, Schild's 6

DTF: Carter Binkley, single; Christopher Buchanan, double; Quinn Grandy, single, double; Logan Wiegel, double.

Schild's: Thomas Bocock, single; Wyatt Fox, single; Caleb Gilbert, single; Jack Wasiniak, single; Blayke Wright, double.

Nobil's 11, Monroeville Black 10

Nobil's: Andrew Bundschuh, single; Dalton Steffani, two singles; Toby Tester, single; Samuel Tokarsky, single.

Black: Brayden Bodkin, single; Mason Hiser, single, triple; Jagar Missler, single; Erron Thomas, single, double; Case Zehnder, two singles.

Nobil's 17, Monroeville Black 8

Nobil's: Andrew Bundschuh, three singles; Griffin Peiples, single; Dalton Steffani, single, double; Samuel Tokarsky, double.

Black: Mason Hiser, home run; Jagar Missler, single; Case Zehnder, single; Gavin Hauler, double.

June 27

Schild's 18, JDB 8

Schild's: Thomas Bocock, single; Ben Burger, three singles; Wyatt Fox, three singles, double; Caleb Gilbert, single; Avery Hipp, single; Brendan Hipp, single; Lance Mainzer, two singles; Blayke Wright, two singles, double.

JDB: Seth Bogner, single, double; Jordan Gede, single, double; Alex Herf, two singles; Alexander Mullins, single; Ryan Preston, single; Xavier Sweet, two singles; Isaac Thimke, double.

June 29

Nobil's 13, Don Tester 4

Nobil's: Jacob Bly, single; Andrew Bundschuh, single; Dalton Chapin, single; Kelton Chapin, single, two triples; Jaycob Stanley, single; Dalton Steffani, single.

DTF: Christopher Buchanan, double; Austin Gardner, single; Chase Rospert, single; Logan Wiegel, single.

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