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Cedar Point demolishing Cedars dorms

By Justin Dietz • Jan 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM

SANDUSKY — Earlier this week, crews began to demolish one of Cedar Point’s first hotels, making way for future expansion opportunities there.

As guests drive onto the Cedar Point peninsula, and stop at the Valravn entrance, on the far left, they would likely have seen those red-colored buildings. These structures have housed thousands of Cedar Point employees over the past several decades.

When asked about the demolition, Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark said, “We don’t have anything to share at this time.”

Known as the Cedars dorms, their story goes back a long way in the amusement park’s history books:

• In 1901, The White House hotel was built and designed by architect Oliver W. Marble with 55 rooms.

• In 1903, The White House hotel expanded to 125 rooms.

• By 1915, The White House hotel was renovated and reopened as Cedars Hotel. The Cedars Hotel offered guests accommodations with a less formal experience compared to Hotel Breakers but still provided them with their own cafeteria, cigar stand, gift shops and cozy corners, complete with plants, reading lights, wicker chairs and writing tables.

• Eventually, the Cedars Hotel was converted into what’s known as the Cedars, or dorms for employees.

For the most part, these dorms haven’t changed much from what they looked like decades ago. For instance, there wasn’t air conditioning, but tenants of each room could bring their own unit. Amenities were minimal. Rooms accommodated three people with a set of bunk beds paired with a single bed. 

This past summer, city of Sandusky zoning changes allowed for the construction of new Cedar Point employee dorms on Third and Fourth streets, all in the 2000 block.

With the addition of new dorms, it now allows for the park to remove the aging Cedars dorms.

To see some historic photos of the White House Hotel and inside of the dorms, visit the CPFoodBlog.com.

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