Ride review: Steal Vengeance a unique ride offering something for everyone

Madeline Roche • Updated Apr 25, 2018 at 11:28 PM

“I just rode it,” I overheard a Cedar Point guest say to someone on his cell phone Wednesday morning. “Holy crap! It’s a good ride.”

As I exited Cedar Point’s new roller coaster Steal Vengeance, smiling from ear to ear, I heard many statements similar to that one.

It was clear to see most riders enjoyed their experience on the amusement park’s newest attraction — one created by the transformation of the Mean Streak into a “hyper-hybrid” coaster.

I’ll admit it’s impressive. Steal Vengeance is full of plot twists, keeping the attention of its riders and making for a very enjoyable ride. I laughed for most of the ride and couldn’t wait to ride again — which I did. 

The ride is not too intense for anyone who gets uneasy on roller coasters but is still exciting enough for thrill-seekers.

When I rode Steal Vengeance, it was very foggy, which added to the rustic and mysterious atmosphere of the FrontierTown attraction.

The ride starts out with a few baby hills, which are enough to excite each rider’s stomach. I love this start because it leaves riders ready for more.

Each train’s climb up the initial hill doesn’t last long and thankfully the 90-degree drop is not the climax of the ride; it just gets better and better.

Steal Vengeance is extremely smooth and the twists and turns aren’t too rough — unlike the unpleasant experience the Mean Streak provided. Also, although the track takes the train upside down a couple times, it is not a huge loop; it’s more of a twist. Although there is no shoulder harness, there is a sturdy lap belt and leg rest, so I felt very secure. 

The ride lasts for a good amount of time — about 2 1/2 minutes — and leaves riders satisfied and happy.

On a clear day, there will be a good view of Lake Erie on the left of the first hill and the landscape of the ride on the right. It is definitely a unique ride offering something in it for everyone. 

There’s no doubt the lines for Steal Vengeance are going to be packed this season.

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