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History Roundtable events announced

• May 9, 2019 at 7:00 PM

FREMONT — The ever-popular History Roundtable with Mike Gilbert returns this fall to the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums with new stories and a virtual tour of Oakwood Cemetery in Fremont.

During these sessions, Gilbert, a local historian and retired teacher, will share his research on topics ranging from Native American Chief Tecumseh to Sandusky County Athletes. Sessions take place on six Saturdays in September and October.

This is the sixth year for History Roundtable.

Due to the overwhelming response to past roundtable trolley tours of Oakwood Cemetery, History Roundtable will feature a virtual tour of the cemetery that will accommodate more people. Participants can view the cemetery through drone footage while watching from the Hayes Presidential auditorium. Each session runs from 10 to 11:30 a.m.

Also new this year, pre-registration and pre-payment are required for all sessions to better accommodate demand. To register, contact Nan Card or Julie Mayle at 419-332-2081, ext. 239, or [email protected] or [email protected]

The title sponsor for History Roundtable is Mary Wonderly. A schedule of events includes:

Saturday, Sept. 7 – Virtual Tour of Oakwood Cemetery: Gilbert will discuss the men and women buried in Oakwood during this tour, which will be shown from the Hayes Presidential auditorium. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the many distinctive tombstones throughout the cemetery. Hear new stories thanks to the increased range and capabilities of enhanced technology. Virtual cemetery tour sponsor is George Schrader, attorney at law.

Saturday, Sept. 21 — Tecumseh: Native American Chief Tecumseh is considered by many historians as one of the greatest leaders of the past. Gilbert will discuss the legacy of Tecumseh and the footprint he left on Sandusky County.

Saturday, Sept. 28 — Sardis Birchard: President Rutherford B. Hayes’ uncle, Sardis Birchard, is arguably one of the biggest influences on the city of Fremont. However, little is known concerning Birchard’s rough road to success. Journey back in time as Gilbert leads the group in unearthing the little-known facts of one of the area’s founding fathers.

Saturday, Oct. 12 — Mary Pinchot and Dorothy Kilgallen: These women were major figures in the President John F. Kennedy assassination. Pinchot’s role as paramour to the president and Kilgallen as the intrepid reporter played important parts in the controversy surrounding Kennedy’s death.

Saturday, Oct. 19 — Snapshot of Sandusky County Athletes: Gilbert will revisit the great athletes, men and women, from the Sandusky County area. Remember the athletic accomplishments of local and nationally known stars, as the group investigates the area’s rich athletic history. Athlete session sponsor is NorthCoast Showtime – John & Lindi Cahill.

Saturday, Oct. 26 — Ghost stories: Gilbert brings back one of his most popular sessions. He will explore urban legends from all 50 states.

For information, call 419-332-2081, or visit rbhayes.org.

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