2:10 PM Sep 29, 2011
The snake dance, an annual tradition in Norwalk, took place Wednesday as part of Norwalk High School's homecoming week festivities.
3:08 PM Sep 26, 2011
St. Paul High School senior Colleen Corrigan was named homecoming queen at Saturday night's game.
12:00 PM Sep 26, 2011
Matt Romney is excused from work these days. The son of the Republican presidential candidate told that to Huron County Republicans in Norwalk on Monday.
2:19 PM Sep 18, 2011
Raising money for charities gets harder and harder when times are tough.
12:00 PM Sep 9, 2011
A Norwalk city council candidate was found guilty on two counts of violating the city's yard maintenance laws at municipal court Thursday.
2:00 PM Sep 8, 2011
A decade ago, a group of 40 brave airline passengers resisted terrorists who planned to take the aircraft to Washington, D.C. Todd Beamer uttered the rally cry "Let's roll!' before they made their move aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001. This morning, Beamer's father David spoke at the St. Paul Convocation Center in Norwalk.
3:59 PM Aug 25, 2011
Storms ripped through the area early this morning, causing serious damage in Wakeman.
4:57 PM Aug 19, 2011
Cedar Point has some pretty big plans for next summer.
11:25 AM Aug 9, 2011
To local breastfeeding advocate Pat Fry, breastfeeding is the "way nature intended all these things to happen."
7:10 PM Aug 5, 2011
The 26th Berlin Heights Basket Festival will take place Saturday and Sunday.
11:40 AM Aug 4, 2011
(UPDATED with video) Local motorists should take note as the traffic pattern has changed at the Norwalk Korners Plaza.
12:08 PM Jul 28, 2011
(UPDATED with video) The Ike Liedorff Memorial Field lives on -- for now.
2:29 PM Jul 14, 2011
There is no Chumlee and the Old Man isn't hanging around behind the counter, but Norwalk has its first pawn shop.
5:12 PM Jul 5, 2011
Chris and Lori Griffith have been on a mission. The two were on hand Friday morning touting the "We Are Ohio" organization's battle against Senate Bill 5.
5:11 PM Jun 27, 2011
Hear from all four winners from this weekend's Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk.
4:05 PM Jun 23, 2011
The Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals got off to a wet start today.
9:41 AM Jun 23, 2011
The fifth annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals kicked off Wednesday with a press conference featuring Pro Stock drivers Greg Anderson and Jason Line.