2:17 PM Dec 29, 2010
Nicholas and Amber Chaput, of Milan, spent last week visiting family in Maryland.
2:00 PM Dec 22, 2010
NORTH FAIRFIELD -- The devastating fire at Walcher Farms that caused as much as $3 million worth of damage on Nov. 2 ranks as the eighth biggest local story of 2010.
1:00 PM Dec 22, 2010
The Huron County sheriff's office has released the 9-1-1 call made by a Monroeville woman whom authorities say was viciously beaten by her live-in boyfriend.
6:25 PM Dec 21, 2010
A felonious assault suspect is prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim and from being within 500 feet of her during the pending case.
9:25 AM Dec 15, 2010
BOWLING GREEN -- The Bowling Green State University Department of Athletics held a Sam Hornish Jr. Day Sunday in conjunction with the men's basketball game against Florida International University.
5:00 PM Dec 9, 2010
Meteorologist Mark Chapin is the newest member of the KEYE-TV weather team in Austin, Texas.
3:00 PM Dec 3, 2010
The Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting its annual "Silent Basket Auction" until Dec. 9.
5:44 PM Dec 2, 2010
Salome Dominguez's 8-year-old daughter is now scared to walk near the grain elevator facility at the intersection of Ohio and State streets. After all, the girl saw the grain bin, made of galvanized steel, collapse and dump about 7 million pounds of corn in the area Tuesday.
12:11 PM Dec 2, 2010
Nearly 7 million pounds of corn covered about half of Ohio and State streets after a structural failure led to the collapse of the single metal grain bin Tuesday.
1:56 PM Dec 1, 2010
A complete structural failure led to the collapse of the single metal grain bin Tuesday on Ohio Street. "The grain could have shifted. ... It's hard to say," Norwalk Fire Chief Doug Coletta said this morning.
12:27 PM Dec 1, 2010
Two metal grain elevators on Ohio Street buckled and exploded Tuesday afternoon, covering a yard across the street with corn and blocking the State Street intersection.
12:25 PM Dec 1, 2010
State Street resident Linda Felter gave her son play-by-play on the telephone of when two metal grain elevators on Ohio Street buckled and exploded Tuesday afternoon.
10:00 AM Dec 1, 2010
A Norwalk High School (NHS) student entered a denial Monday to attacking a 14-year-old girl over things written about her on Facebook.
10:01 AM Nov 24, 2010
Annual holiday event returns to Norwalk.
10:28 AM Nov 18, 2010
A 16-year-old Norwalk High School student who was upset about things written about her on Facebook attacked the girl who was believed to post those rumors.
2:18 PM Nov 12, 2010
FULL STORY: Police determined the 2004 Ford Focus that crashed Wednesday on Old State Road south of Woodlawn Avenue "vaulted into the air" before hitting a utility pole and flipping end over end.
11:00 AM Nov 11, 2010
Luckily, the crash looked a lot worse than it was.