1:17 PM May 31, 2011
(UPDATED with link to pictures.) Relatives and friends of the Class of 2011 filled the Western Reserve gymnasium Sunday to give the largest graduating class in the history of the school a big sendoff.
11:25 PM May 26, 2011
Michael Jackson is dead, but his famous dance moves live on thanks to one Norwalk girl. You can watch a video of her performance here.
10:18 AM May 26, 2011
(UPDATED with video.) After work Wednesday, Norwalk resident Judy Stark and her boyfriend, Troy Meyer, decided it was a nice day for a cook-out.
10:12 AM May 26, 2011
The storm system that left a path of destruction between Norwalk and Monroeville has been captured on video.
3:08 PM May 23, 2011
Next Monday is Memorial Day - a day to honor the memory of those who died during military service. There are tens of thousands of them.
11:22 PM May 18, 2011
Ruth Barnett will not go to jail for animal cruelty in connection with authorities finding about 90 cats in her Willard home, Norwalk Municipal Judge John Ridge has ruled. Most of the cats had to be destroyed.
5:31 PM May 6, 2011
Maplehurst Elementary kindergartners put on a program for parents this week.
5:31 PM May 6, 2011
Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge took his show on the road today -- and if early indications mean anything it was a successful adventure.
1:39 PM May 6, 2011
Marvin Thorp just wanted to make a point. Little did he think he would get out of his speeding ticket. Thorp, 61, of Fayette, got a speeding ticket in Wakeman on his way home from visiting his in-laws in Middleburg Heights on March 20.
11:40 PM May 2, 2011
St. Paul students were getting down and dirty Friday morning.
8:49 PM Apr 29, 2011
The Norwalk Police Department wants you. If you're wanted, that is.
7:10 PM Apr 22, 2011
Area Catholics braved the cold and rain today in a show of faith and sacrifice on Good Friday.
3:50 PM Apr 20, 2011
A barn in Monroeville was blown down early this morning as a storm swept through Huron County.
1:04 PM Apr 20, 2011
Members of the Atwater family -- the man who killed his family and then himself -- each died from a single gunshot wound in the head, Dr. Jerome McTague, Ottawa County coroner, said Tuesday in statement.
6:58 PM Apr 18, 2011
UPDATED WITH 9-1-1 CALL - Investigators have questioned friends and relatives of the man who killed his family before turning the gun on himself early Saturday and they have scoured the rural home where the deaths took place. But still they are eluded by answers to the question, 'Why?'.
4:51 PM Apr 18, 2011
More than 200 firefighters from five states took part over the weekend in Heavy Rescue 101, sponsored by the local FOOLS organization.
4:02 PM Apr 7, 2011
When it comes to sports in Norwalk, brothers Jim and Bob Spettle know a thing or two. The pair was on hand Wednesday afternoon as Norwalk and St. Paul high schools met at All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon for the first "Battle of Norwalk."