10:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
One is a 30-year-old man accused of performing a sex act on a female relative; the other is a 60-year-old man accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.
9:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Records reveal agencies nearly always side with their officers, even in situations that could be questionable to a layman.
7:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Beginning Friday through next Sunday, shoppers will not pay state and local sales tax on clothing items worth up to $75 each and school supplies worth up to $20.
6:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Former Ohio State University standout QB 'starving to be taught the techniques.'
5:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
“It’s just a mess."
4:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Officials say water is safe to drink.
3:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Feminism always about right to make choice: Heels or Birkenstocks, leggings or sweats, stay-at-home-mom or corporate exec.
2:52 PM Aug 3, 2015
Jul 8, 2015

Mary (Roth) VonThron, 92,  passed away July 8, 2015, in New Jersey. Born in Norwalk, Ohio, Mary was the seventh of 10 children born to Jacob and Lucy Roth.

2:09 PM Aug 3, 2015
Aug 1, 2015


2:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
Hillary Rodham Clinton called videos “disturbing” even as she backed the group.
1:00 PM Aug 3, 2015
She was staying with church group at Boy Scouts’ camp.