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St. Paul student-athletes learn leadership, dedication

By LINDSDAY SCHAFFER • Jul 25, 2018 at 9:00 AM

St. Paul junior high and high school student-athletes get up bright and early nearly every day and head to the training facility for stretching, lifting, coordination drills, camaraderie and guidance.

The time spent in the weight room allows not just for improvement but for team building.

“Our coaches are at the core of our training. They ensure we know the requirements and procedures for the equipment and our overall training to provide a safe environment. Upperclassmen group leaders guide younger athletes on proper form and technique to maximize individual and team goals,” junior Griffin Schwan said.

Student-athletes are driven to better themselves and the training programs created by the St. Paul coaches are designed to fit the needs of those athletes.

“Our goal in the weight room is broad. First and foremost, we are trying to increase strength, flexibility, speed and body control. Our workouts are designed for both male and female athletes as young as fifth grade. There is a high level of dedication and commitment from our athletes, coaches and our athletic trainer to improve every day,” athletic director John Livengood said.

Training sessions begin at 7 a.m. four days a week and are not mandatory. Most days there will be more than 100 athletes from multiple sports training in the weight room.

St. Paul athletes are not only learning proper form and technique, but also leadership and dedication.

“Team bonding, daily challenges and improving our skills are accomplished in a setting that promotes leadership, trust and hard work. The dedication and discipline of our athletes along with improved physical abilities is the building block that leads into our sports seasons,” Livengood said.

It is not just about becoming more “athletic” during the summer, he added, but also about building habits and setting goals that will serve these student-athletes throughout their lives.

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