Where has the time gone?

Logan Greszler • Feb 23, 2017 at 11:22 PM

In just about two months, I will have worked with the Norwalk Reflector for three years.

It’s hard to believe that it has already been that long. I still remember my first assignment — a Norwalk Truckers’ tennis match at Edison. I remember how nervous I would get when I would talk with coaches after game — heck who am I kidding, I still get nervous at times.

I actually started working as a correspondent while I was still a senior in high school, as I was taking some journalism courses. To this day, I have not taken a college course and I don’t plan on it, hence my poor writing skills.

As an 18-year old, I really didn’t have any expectations or goals, so I can’t say if I’ve met any of them.

But as I reflect on my three years here at the Reflector, which I think is a good thing for all of us to do from time to time, there are a lot of wonderful memories I’ve already made in this short time period.

First and foremost in my mind are the times I have been able to spend down in Columbus, covering and photographing the Ohio State football team. While doing so, I’ve met legends such as Jim Tressel, Archie Griffin, Ezekiel Elliot, Joey Bosa, J.T. Barrett, Cardale Jones, Michael Thomas — the list goes on.

In fact, during the Buckeye’s game against ‘That Team Up North’ this past season, I had the great honor of meeting LeBron James, JR Smith and coach Tyronn Lue. Yes, I know that they probably passed it off as just an everyday occurrence shaking my hand, but man, was it an experience for me. Honestly, I still can’t believe I’ve been this fortunate.

About two years ago when our photographer and local legend Jeff Van Natta took some time off for health issues, I was handed what has now become my camera and was told to learn it. Having never dealt with much photography, I was clueless. I am forever thankful for Jeff and our other photographers, Richard Russell and Jerry Harrington, for their pointers and tips.

I started out as you would imagine, taking the worst pictures known to mankind. Fuzzy, grainy and just not usable for print.

But in the last year, I’ve really tried to up my game with my photography skills and I can say that I amaze myself at times with some of shots I’m able to capture. I’ve included a few of my favorite photos. Hopefully you think they are as good as what I do!

Then there’s high school football — one of my favorite things ever. The passion and heart in local student-athletes is unmatched. They aren’t getting paid to go out on a field, court, track or pitch. They do it for the love of the sport and that’s something I’ve really come to admire.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it would be that our kids — yes, I mean our — continue to put forth effort no matter what the score or situation of a game.

Over these last few years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to form some awesome relationships with both players and coaches. Actually, just last week I was at the Ernsthausen Center shooting some hoops when a NHS seniors Trenten Morrow and Garrett Underwood asked me to join their game of 5-on-5.

They now know why I write about sports and don’t play them.

It’s things like that that really stick with me.

Getting to know our local athletes, coaches and even the game announcers (looking at you Eric Mozina) has become one of my primary focuses, because I think having a personal friendship is much better than being just a voice on the other end of the phone.

When our Sports Editor, Jake Furr, assumed the role of my former boss, Mike Greco (Mike, if you’re reading this, I do still miss you!), I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All I knew what that he’s a giant. And quite intimidating when he wants to be.

In the six months Jake has been here, I’ve never been more busy or had more fun with my job and I am one few people on this planet who can say that.

I believe we’ve set a new standard in the sports department by expanding our coverage of our local schools, and that’s all thanks to Jake.

The addition of Luke Swartz has also been a huge improvement. It was Luke who got the ball rolling for our NR Sports Podcast (which is a BLAST to do). If you didn’t know, he’s also the one who edits the episodes, all the while being a full-time student at Ohio State.

And then there’s the last member of our sports department, Cary Ashby, who has really stepped up his game in helping us increase our game-coverage this basketball season.

Working with these guys has been, and will hopefully continue to be, a fun, fun time.

As far as what I have in mind for the future, I guess I’m still not sure. I’m never the guy with a plan. But, there’s always room for improvement — especially when it comes to me.

So, I’m turning to you readers. What can we improve on? Is there something you’d like to see us do?

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me on Twitter @logangreszler.

Honestly, the only reason I wrote this was because Jake told me to come up with something to fill up some space. But I think it’s really help me to keep my mind in gear and keep recognizing why I do what I do. Hopefully it wasn’t too boring!

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