4:00 PM Jun 10, 2013
Washington Redskins quarterback finds love nest in Virginia.
4:00 PM Jun 5, 2013
Flooded basement caused by sewer backup not always covered by insurance.
4:00 PM Jun 3, 2013
15-year fixed mortgage rate checks in at 2.87 percent
4:00 PM Jun 4, 2013
Madonna lightens NYC real estate load.
4:00 PM May 27, 2013
Suggestions for property fence line disputes also discussed
4:00 PM May 28, 2013
California Girl Katy Perry pays $11.2 million for three parcels totaling about 4 acres to serve as her new L.A. landing pad.
4:00 PM May 29, 2013
To reduce a lot of stress, hire a qualified “tour guide.”
4:00 PM May 22, 2013
Many people do not go to their home inspection, and quite frankly this is a very bad idea.
4:00 PM May 21, 2013
The Hamptons are where mega-mogul Jennifer Lopez, her twins and 25-year-old dancer boyfriend spend the summer.
4:00 PM May 20, 2013
Builders are extremely reluctant to negotiate the price point of their homes.