Vote for the top local story of 2013

A lot happened in Huron County this year. What was the biggest story? We'll let you decide. Please pick one of the choices below, or click "other" and share your pick in the comments section.

Bridge replacement shuts down Fitchville
0% (0 votes)
Building collapse fears close NL road
3% (2 votes)
Change in FTMC leadership
3% (2 votes)
Chemical spill in Willard
3% (2 votes)
David Wallace in, Scott Meyer out on Norwalk City Council
0% (0 votes)
Edison passes levy in May
1% (1 vote)
Heroin problem plagues Huron County
4% (3 votes)
Hostage, shooter die in Willard
27% (19 votes)
Huron County Airport saga
6% (4 votes)
Janesville announces closing
13% (9 votes)
Janet Broz out, Kevin Cashen in on Norwalk school board
0% (0 votes)
Logan Stieber win his 2nd straight NCAA title
1% (1 vote)
Man robs Monroeville bank, Norwalk gas station before being caught and sent to prison
1% (1 vote)
Migrant worker slain, suspects set free
3% (2 votes)
Mill Street Bistro on “Kitchen Nightmares”
4% (3 votes)
Monroeville schools pass levy, start new addition
3% (2 votes)
Norwalk schools levy fails for third straight time
0% (0 votes)
Norwalk Truckers, St. Paul Flyers make football playoffs
8% (6 votes)
Nov. 1 storm rips through Norwalk
7% (5 votes)
Pepperidge Farm expansion
3% (2 votes)
OTHER (and I'll share my pick in the comment section below)
10% (7 votes)
Total votes: 71


Fibber Mcgee

I vote for the WRHS Admin for not knowing the HCSO's phone number :)

Really are you ...

I love to read about the outrageous gasoline prices, power outages, (and in a way) lack of jobs.

Why? It adds fuel to the fire, so to speak.

How? In the past half of a century, in certain facets of life, we have progressed by leaps and bounds. Rotary dial telephones to cell phones. Typewriters to computers. All of these are now combined into smartphones. These are what seems to be the most noticeable, but the list would seem endless if you thought about it. Except for electrical generation has been pretty well left untouched. Coal, oil, and nuclear electrical power generating plants do or can cause harm to the environment and living things when released. Wind turbines and solar panels use to power dwellings take up a lot of real estate, so to say. These two electrical power generating elements produce clean energy but require battery backup when their external generating elements are not available. The nations power distribution system"the grid" is ineffecient and outdated, but reliable. The people in charge of " the grid" are suppose to be replacing it to be more effecient but unreliable within the next thirty years. This relatively unexplored aspect of life has left the door wide open for the device I have been working on. The Self-Sustaining Personal Electric Generator: A combustion free, no external forces needed generator. It's sole purpose is to generate electricity for many generations to come. It will solve the problem of combusting fossil fuels or having to worry about nuclear radiation for our future generations. How effecient and reliable is not having to depend on distant power stations and an unreliable grid system when you generate the electricity you need in your house? Combine this with an electric motor in your vehicle, compact or full size, and drive it never having to stop to refuel or recharge. Having been born and raised in Norwalk, I want to base operations and manufacturing in Norwalk (Ohio, of course). There has been a lot of heartache in the City of Norwalk, the struggling people of Norwalk, and the United States needs this technological advancement. The outrageous gasoline prices and power outages are needless.

What has been taking so long? When I started this, it was two years before the Solyndra flop. To avoid the criticism or tripping over all of the red tape applying for grants and loans, I have been funding this endeavor on my own.


I, like you also try to read up on using the Earth's natural magnetic field to be self sufficient. That dog can hunt, but runs off on it's own. What would happen to "corporate industry" if we didn't need them to survive?

A buncha rich fx lose some pocket change. That's why they don't use the tech...greed..


Reallyareyou, Though I agree with much of your assessment of our aging power grid etc... I have to wonder about your proposed new invention. You as anyone even remotely in-tune to physics should know that what you are proposing is called a perpetual motion machine (no matter the form) and this "technology" will not even be entertained by the U.S. Patent office because its been proven absolutely impossible due to the laws of physics. The specific law of physics is called "the second law of thermodynamics" and states that everything- up to and including the very universe- is in the constant process of losing energy until it eventually stops (or dies in the case of biological forms). Good luck to you in beating this one- its been proven to the nth degree and never been found false- even Einsteins equations as trusted as they may be- are still considered theories, and not physical law. EDIT: if luvblues is speaking of the tech you intend to use (the magnetic field) Even this would not be able to exert more influence than friction (think rotors, driveshafts etc..) which would in a short time grind your technology to a halt- thus the second law of thermodynamics stands.

Really are you ...

Break the electrical induction down to basics. Coal, oil, and nuclear facilities heat water in a contained system to produce steam. That steam rotates a generator inducing electricity. Why not go geothermal instead of this fracking stuff? Same concept. A closed system, pump water down a shaft into the earth. As you go deeper into the earth the water will turn into steam. When the steam returns channel it into a generator. It is not what I am working on though. Nikola tesla powered a car with an electric motor wirelessly with electricity generated by the Wardenclyff Tower for a month. Also not what I am working on. When we're these laws of physics introduced? We are restricting ourselves to what we can accomplish, if we do not challenge these laws. Einstein,s Law of Motion has a special law for when things reach the speed of light. These laws can be bent.

And about corporate industry survival. Since the bailout, the corporate industrial world has been leaving for greener pastures. I think the real question should be: What about the survival of the middle class? The working U. S. citizen, or the ones who use to work.


St. Marys steeple project? St. Paul's church renovation?


my vote is that Clinton got the death penalty for the triple homicide of Heather Jackson and Celina & Wayne Jackson Jr.. they are forgetting though the murders took place in erie county... the father lived in huron county.. this was a big thing for our area as a whole.. so it definetly gets my vote..


Mine as well , i just wish the Courts would put these drug thugs to death as well , It would make this world a lot better place to live in


I vote for the WRHS Admin for not knowing the HCSO's phone number


How about the top story being about the real problem in Norwalk. The drug issue is one that is not going away, along with the massive issue of illegals in this city. Ropes.


Monroeville varsity girls volleyball down 2 games against St. Paul, comes back to win in 5 games! Then goes on to defeat Monroeville boys varsity basketball team by 17!


So the girls volley ball team beat the boys basketball team? Am I misunderstanding something here?