Give us your opinion of Norwalk mayor's first two years

Prior to the 2003 election, Norwalk mayors were elected to two-year terms. That means the current mayor, Rob Duncan, would have been up for re-election next week.

Based on what you have seen during his nearly two years in office, would you have voted to keep Duncan? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Yes - I would re-elect Rob Duncan
32% (13 votes)
No - I would vote against Rob Duncan
44% (18 votes)
Not sure - It depends on the challenger
22% (9 votes)
I don't vote or wouldn't vote in this race
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 41




what the?

We have a Mayor????


Jobs were leaving at a much quicker pace before Rob Duncan became our Mayor


In all fairness no matter who got the mayor's job, they got a mess. The former mayor & Lt. Gov. Fischer tried to keep the good jobs Norwalk had from leaving. People forget quickly.


you are wrong if you think Rob Duncan or any other mayor can bring jobs,the only thing a mayor can do is try to convince people to live within their means.
the UAW has more to do with manufacturing moving and relocating else where than anything else,and i know it wasn't just UAW it was other unions,but northern Ohio is known for UAW type demands.
I know this because I was a union worker and the UAW set the standard.
now if you are going to build widgets are you going to go into union country or are you going to go where people will work without it?

Now The Rest of...

Mayor Duncan ran on a promise of jobs, jobs, jobs, what new good paying jobs has he gained for the community and what good paying jobs has he preserved? He has failed in his OWN promise. You wear it when you say it. Typical politician great on promises, poor on performance.


I would re-elect. Great Job Mayor Duncan!


Great job at what? You never see or hear from him except on rare occasions that he is reacting to something after the fact. It almost seems like we could go back to a part-time mayor position.


Where is he? What has he done? What has he tried to do? Has he taken lessons from Sen. Rob Portman?

hit the road jack

Boy,you sure can tell the crybaby dumocrats in the crowd in a hurry can't you? their is no one who can help lazy a$$ people who will not help themselves,if you want handouts keep voting Obama or the like,otherwise put your work boots on and GET A JOB! their out there,just not a UAW pay scale job,get over it people,the worthless people your voting to run this country are the one's that are putting the meat to you,your just too dumb to admit it.


I wonder if the critics that know so much could do any better.


Nice guy but a terrible mayor. Arrogant. Has done nothing but show up to city hall. If he even feels like doing that.

Now The Rest of...

its not about party politics, I am lifetime Republican and disappointed that Mayor Duncan who made his entire campaign about jobs has done nothing to fulfill his own promise. I never did understand why party politics has anything to do with local government other than to get elected. As for us "critics" doing better we weren't the ones getting elected by making a promise he couldn't keep. You know there's trouble at city hall when you are on your 2nd safety service director within 2 years.

hit the road jack

Does anyone think they could bring jobs to this area? I'd bet not.
Every town or city in this country is whining about the same thing,if you would pay attention to what going on behind the curtain you would have a whole different outlook on the politics and outlook of this country,when GM is GIVEN billions of dollars and then allowed to close plants in the US with this money and move them to China,Mexico,Brazil and Europe there goes your good wage base for the US and your savior is letting it happen to the stoops who voted for him.
Another thing is the supposed small business program,where the Govt. gives contracts to small business's in this country,well,their going to countries outside of the US and not here,by the current administration you people voted for,so when you get your thoughts together and quit watching MSNBC you'll get a better glimse of what is really going on.


His campaign was bringing jobs, jobs, jobs to the City. That's all he ever talked about. Now, we all know that he wasn't going to have a bunch of good jobs pouring into the City. But he can't even keep what was here. Go to council, he has no idea. Deer caught in the headlights. Ask some people that are in the know, he's failing. And remember, he didn't win, the Queen lost.

Really are you ...

I could, I can, and eventually I will bring family wage jobs to Norwalk. Full time family wage jobs, not the part time or full time just above minimum wage jobs.


small town mayors can't bring jobs, the whole idea is stupid,how many small towns are in the US.
they all have the same line.
they're cool in the 4th of july parade though.
and if they go to your church it makes you special


Not his fault Janesville is leaving

hit the road jack

If anyone thinks that business people do not see things posted on here or what happens at business's that were here and how the employee's treated the owner or their work habits,WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO RELOCATE HERE? if the business owners have drug problems,not showing up for work issues or you want to start at 20.00 an hour, why do you think they would want to hire you.