POLL: Readers to pick top local stories of 2012

The Norwalk Reflector news staff compiled a list of some of the top local stories of the year. A brief synopsis of each story appears in Monday's Reflector. But instead of ranking them, we’re letting you decide the order of the Top 10. Cast your vote and post comments about these stories below. Feel free to nominate another story that's not on the list.

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Overdose claims life of female inmate
10% (4 votes)
Willard boy shoots mom
7% (3 votes)
“Kitchen Nightmares” filmed in Norwalk
12% (5 votes)
Obama visits Sandusky
2% (1 vote)
Sugarcreek, P ‘n’ R Hardware close
10% (4 votes)
Stolen stop signs found in pickup of Norwalk teen killed in wreck
22% (9 votes)
Norwalk teacher-student sex scandal
20% (8 votes)
Dunlap ousts Silcox in commissioner’s race
5% (2 votes)
Lady Truckers advance to state title match
10% (4 votes)
Fire kills family of five in Attica
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 41



Bob Evans Parking lot story... lets vote it in


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Second Opinion

Woolly Bear Restaurant in Birmingham sewage problem.

Tomorrow is the last day they will be opened. they decided to close instead of upgrading the sewer plant on property they only rent.

I'll really miss that place.

swiss family

can we vote for "guest" editorials?????


Everyone but you


"Obama visits Sandusky" is listed?

Do you mean to say that the visits to Norwalk by the "Obama SUV" and "the Romney son RV" were insignificant enough to be overlooked? :)


I actually think that the two business closings listed and layoffs from Frontier and Janesville were the most significant.

Norwalk sliding further into the status of a bedroom community with the loss of commercial tax revenue marches on.

The defeat of the school levy and its implications should rank in there as well.


Gee, no one voted for Obama? I mean the story. I think that is funny.
Wondering how he won Ohio if no one likes the story? I do wonder.


FYI: Mr. Obama took Erie county and lost Huron.


How do I cast my vote??? We've all been trying to figure this out!

Dr. Information

How sad. 5/10 deal with killings, shootings...etc.


Lack of website story and ability to comment on Mayor Duncan's interview: One vote.

In the Dec. 31 print edition, Mayor Duncan is quoted as saying that he had "hopes for new manufacturing jobs in Norwalk,”

He had "hopes"?

Aren’t “jobs” what ol' "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" campaigned on and repeated ad nausium?

The Mayor may want to be reminded of the saying: Hope is not a strategy.

Perhaps his re-election campaign theme should be "High Hopes"?