Boose, Lark or Sherwin - who gets your vote for state representative?

Running for the Ohio Statehouse's 57th district seat are Republican incumbent Terry Boose, Democratic challenger Matt Lark and Libertarian challenger Robert Sherwin. Who gets your vote and why?

Terry Boose
51% (47 votes)
Matt Lark
40% (37 votes)
Robert Sherwin
9% (8 votes)
Total votes: 92


Mr Bean

Boose is his own man, you will agree with his votes most of the time, and you can rest assured that your ideas were considered.---Lark is a union pawn, who will vote the union line,everytime, -----Sherwin--- doesn`t know where he stands, and certainly can`t communicate it with you, a loose cannon, in my opinion.


O.K....if Lark is a "union pawn" than Boose is the biggest Republican Pawn I know. I attended his "open forum" on SB5 when he allegedly hadn't made up his mind on the issue. It was clear that he had the forum as a dog and pony show and he already had his mind made up. He wanted people to think he cared about what they thought but actually he just wanted a show. The majority of the people spoke when SB5 was defeated.


And wasn't your mind made up? Mr. Boose wanted union supporters to see the opposite side so quit complaining when he doesn't run and hide but has open forums.

You firefighters, cops and teachers are part of the problem with your big fat pay, pension and health care that the rest of contribute to while the unions act as your Goliath. You same people voted in Obama, a president who not only doubled our debt but doesn't even have the backs of our Americans oversees or our Navy Seals and veterans!

It is people like you who are so far up the unions backside and only looking out for yourself that has us in such trouble. I have lost half my respect for you people and will no doubt lose it all if you re-elect this fraud. You all no longer walk on water.


Of course I was against having my collective bargaining rights taken away. I have said it before and I'll say it again - SB5 contained numerous things that were good, but, it contained way too much and would have stripped collective bargaining rights. FYI - I did not vote for Obama. Also, FYI, I do not have "big fat pay, pension, and health care". I make a decent living doing what I love - helping other people in their times of need. I did not choose this career thinking I would become wealthy. I went to school and continously go to school and train and I am compensated for doing so. I don't know where you come up with your information. You obviously did not do any research whatsoever on the comments you made. You have your mind set that we (government workers) are a drain on society and it is people like you that really are frustrating - you make idiotic comments with no proof to back them up.


Just silly. Boose toes the party line, no matter what, no matter when. He listens to no one except the Republican Party.


Only the unions are endorsing Mr. Lark. Wonder why??? Unions protect the incompetent.


Wrong...unions usually endorse mostly demcocrats because democrats care much more about the middle class than the upper class.


What a joke, you actually believe everything they tell you? Well I guess you would, since it is all about YOU. With the taxpayer footing the bill for most of your health care, retirement, etc. and the unions contributing money to one party how long do you think we'll take it?

Teachers, cops and firefighters have shown Ohio who and what they care about in the last election and with SB5. The unions are what have put this incompetent non-transparent coward into office and you all are big contributers. God help us if you all do it again.


You're funny! I'm done arguing with you. You have no clue. Why are you so bitter towards government workers?


It's nothing but petty jealousy and ignorance. They're told by the conservative mouthpieces that unions are bad, and they believe it. Hook, line, and sinker. That's some easy brainwashing.


@ betrump:

To paraphrase your childish highly opinionated argument:

It's nothing but petty jealousy and ignorance. They're told by the (liberal) mouthpieces that unions are (good), and they believe it. Hook, line, and sinker. That's some easy brainwashing.


Not against gov workers, some are outstanding, others not, same as anywhere else. It's simple: Unions play a major role and are imbedded in the Whitehouse. Members' funds and votes have enabled and contributed to this disaster of an administration.

For SB5 the commercials the unions put on were half-truths and scare tactics. You all scream about bargaining rights but I have never seen anything but pay increases or benefits when it comes to bargaining. Public employees shouldn't be unionized to begin with as your pay and bennies come from the TAXPAYER.

Romney Ryan 2012


You just proved my point that you do absolutely no research before you make comments. All you see is "pay increases or benefits when it comes to bargaining"? Have you not seen the articles about pretty much every teacher in the area not getting a pay increase for several years? Staffing on police departments and fire departments has been reduced as well as the officers and firefighters not receiving pay increases (some have actually taken pay cuts). I have no idea why I am wasting my time typing this because you, obviously, are bull-headed and not open to see that there might be another side. Also, unions aren't the only ones that play a "major role" in Washington. There are too many lobbyists to count. And you will never change my mind on SB5. I did my research on the bill and anyone that did knows there was way too much in it. Like I said before...the majority of the people shot it down as it should have been.


BULL! Teachers may have passed once in a while on a raise but they still get their STEP increases. Same for most law enforcement, the unions ensure their raises, I believe Huron County Sheriff's deputies have received 9 percent in raises over the last three years while other employees got nada.

Don't get so angry, I'm grateful for our responders but I also feel their unions have helped this country's fall into decline. Don't take it so personal.


Do you have any idea on how collective bargaining works? It just isn't whatever the union wants they get. There are process' called mediation and fact finding if one side doesn't agree with the other. During these process' a third party is brought in to settle the issues fairly. I'm sure you could find some unions that have received raises recently but I can tell you of a whole lot more that have made sacrafices during this poor economy.

Yes, I am taking it personal when people like you get on here and make us (government workers) look like we are the ones who are destroying the economy. I'm really done arguing with you. You have your mind dead set that unions are the worst thing and government workers just have it made and I really don't think you are open to seeing the other side.


Lark and his wife got $17,000 in pay increases in the past four years - three of those under a "pay freeze." Don't know what they pay toward their retirement and insurance, but based upon their union membership I doubt it is what non-union public employees pay.


Is this a debate over unions or the rep spot? Matt Lark or Sherwin should win. Boose's time is up. I don't know Sherwin that well, so I'm going for Lark this time. He's the best choice out of the three.


Unions can't be all bad. Republicans are not all bad. Democrats are not all bad either. I'm voting for Lark. I think he represents my family the best.


Lark is head of the teacher's union; we do not need more union representation for public employees or in our statehouse.

Is Mr. Lark planning on still teaching if he wins?


Boose is doing a good job, also we do not need more union people in elective jobs.


If Terry helped cut back on Agri-business subsidies & SB5 he might have garnered better support. If Terry had tried in some fashion to retain existing jobs, i.e. Furniture, Jansville, & CVG more esteem would be directed to help. He could have worked with Lt. Gov. Fisher. That would demonstrate sincerity.


Dems and Repubs are the same party!! Im voting for Robert Sherwin