Boose, Lark or Sherwin - who gets your vote for state representative?

Running for the Ohio Statehouse's 57th district seat are Republican incumbent Terry Boose, Democratic challenger Matt Lark and Libertarian challenger Robert Sherwin. Who gets your vote and why?

Terry Boose
51% (47 votes)
Matt Lark
40% (37 votes)
Robert Sherwin
9% (8 votes)
Total votes: 92


future in jeopardy

Don't fix what isn't broke. Terry Boose is doing a great job.


Terry Boose is the only candidate who has the experience and qualifications to help make decisions for our State and especially with balancing the budget. Lark never even answered the question about the budget when asked at the debate sponsored by the Norwalk Reflector. He completely ignored the question and rambled on about his own agenda. Look it up on the Reflector's website if you have doubts about his lack of knowledge. He does not have a clue how to run a classroom (ask former students), much less make vital decisions for us in Columbus.

Richard Russell

Video of the debate between these candidates can be seen at:

swiss family

Sorry Terry........ you didn't do the job I expected and hoped for....


Voted for Terry Boose as he has been consistent and conservative with finances.

Mr. Lark does not have the temperment for this position (ask students and their parents!). He's also a big union rep and we know how their agenda works. Also, if Mr. Lark is elected, will he still be a teacher and part-time Rep or will he give up the teaching?


He seems to have already given up on teaching. Call the Board office and check how many days of leave he is taking between now and the election. This is supposed to be a "dedicated teacher"??? He is definitely taking advantage of the Union and playing all his trump cards! This is an example of a Union protecting the incompetent!!


Unions, long long ago were worthwhile, now they are part of what is making this great country fall.

2011 salary for Mr. Lark (gross wages not including bennies and up 6% from 2010): $61,155. Salary for Mrs. Lark: $51,291.

When you have 3 months off a year, how do you justify taking several days during the work season?


@ Clarence3:

Here's one for ya:

There are cities in CA declaring bankruptcy and public union pension plans like Calpers are saying that it does not relieve them of their obligations to pay into the fund.


Public union health and welfare benefits are guaranteed by law. If the investment trusts have a shortfall due to poor investment returns, taxpayers are obligated to make up the difference.

The servants have become the masters.


I saw that a while back, thanks for the link


@ Clarence3:

The case in CA is ongoing; the court's decision has yet to be made.

Maybe Pres. Obama can "bail 'em out"? :)


So when the government wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, screw the people who were promised retirement because they work for a union. Braindead. Completely braindead.


@ betrump:

Not paying the bond holders will undoubtedly result in future higher interest payments and more difficulty in securing private capital for public projects.

Do you know nothing of how municipal bonds work?

So disadvantage the current and future residents with increased taxes in order to fund the health and welfare benefits of retired and current public employees?


YES! There are other ways to find the money. You don't sign a contract with someone, have them work their entire lives based on that promise, and then take it away whenever you feel like it. Sure glad I don't work for you.


betrump writes:

"YES! There are other ways to find the money."

Reads like typical Progressive magical thinking; no plan, just hope.

The answers to the question are: Beg, borrow or steal?


I know someone who tried that early last week and that person was told the treasurer was out of the office and so the information wouldn't be available until Friday. The information was still not given out on Friday. This person was also told that it might not be possible for the district to release that information and the district would have to check and see if they could release personnel information. Sounds a little fishy to me that a public record request would be delayed for a week - or just until after the election.

jack langhals

You can bet he will be another double dipper just like the JFS Chief !


I have little doubt that Mr. Boose will win, therefore my vote goes to Mr. Sherwin.

@ Mr. Sherwin: Thanks for steppin' up.


Really - does anyone remember the "meeting" where Mr. Boose refused to listen to the voters concerning issue 2? He does not take into account the choices of the people he "represents". He has his own agenda at best and at worst, he has the agenda of the Koch Brothers.


The Koch Brothers? lmao you are hilarious, I think you need to get your head out of the Huff Post and the Daily Kos. Terry Boose is and always has been one of us, a local with strong decades long family ties to community. Save the rhetoric for the national race.

Mr. Boose has a proven record that I intend to help him continue by voting for him on the 6th.

btw, Romney is gonna kick butt on the 6th too, so get your aspirin and kleenex ready :)


@ Ehovemom:

Got a number on the amount of the Koch Bros. donations to Mr. Boose's campaign?

How much did Mr. Lark get from Geo. Soros?

Absurd per usual.


Leave it to Congenital to spew rhetoric all day long, but when someone else does, he belittles them. Some things never change. Thank you, by the way, for voting Libertarian. It makes me smile.


@ betrump:

"Civil" per usual. LOL.


My point, exactly.


I voted for Boose last time. I wish I hadn't. I'd like that one back. I'm voting for Lark this time. He knows how to fight against the establishment. He may be brash and spirited, but I'll take that over a wet noodle. Things need to change. I've read Lark's plan. Looks good to me. Too bad the norwalk republican reflector won't listen.


"spirited and brash" now thats a careful way of putting it. Ask some of the admin at NHS or some former students and their parents what adjectives they would use to describe Mr. Lark.


Yes parents, students, admin had a problem with "brash and spirited". You'll find more people who liked him or at least agreed with his stance. He went against the "good old boy network" of the school board and defended hard working, good people. I want someone who can get in there and mix it up. I don't want politics anymore. If he makes someone mad at the state house, then good for him. It would be about time.


Mr. Lark in the debate video stated he is against teacher evaluations and does not believe unions in Ohio have used union funds to benefit a political party. Are ya kiddin' me?

Voting for Mr. Boose who has a proven, accountable record and is not beholden to any union.


The teacher's union has to report to the state auditor about their spending. I agree that the state union maybe a money pit, but they have to report to the government. They have a special fund for political part endorsement. Union dues are a separate thing.

Mr Bean

Ok Alice, just where do the "special" funds come from----a "special" tree in "Wonderland", Maybe?-------------------NOT!


Boose is a good candidate for this position.