Obama-Romney Round 3 - Who won final debate?

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney spent their final debate Monday circling the globe’s hot spots as they clashed over the merits of diplomacy and brinkmanship in Libya, Israel, Iran, the Middle East and other volatile areas. But they also managed to get in digs at their opponents’ economic plans. Who would you say won this debate and why?

Barack Obama
25% (21 votes)
Mitt Romney
65% (55 votes)
Neither one
5% (4 votes)
I didn't watch it
5% (4 votes)
Total votes: 84


Dr. Information

The time for arguing has come and gone. People do not believe facts. Some believe the housing market crash just accidentally happened. Some believe that our debt is somehow going down....???? Some believe that Obama has earned 4 more years.

Facts are facts and your opinions mean nothing when the facts are there to prove you wrong, which has happened a lot on this forum. I do notice one thing that when faced with factual information, the left, or Obama supporters really do not like that.


@ Dr. Information:

IMO, Mr. Obama is merely a symptom of, but not he is NOT the disease of Fabian Socialism.

I've studied much on both American and foreign socialism. I've also studied Soviet economics – a most interesting laboratory on what not to do.

It's worth noting that Marx and Engels used the terms "socialism" and "communism" as synonyms.

Much of what we are witnessing socially, politically and economically in the U.S. has occurred in varying degrees and forms throughout history.

I am reminded by economic-historian Niall Ferguson:

"History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes."


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: No doubt,like every other adult child.When Christmas came,I would say to my folks: " Don't get me nothing for Christmas" So,of course,Mom doesn't listen to me.

Being my Mom,she knows I love qoutes,so about 1993 she gets' me 'Bartlett's book of quotes" hardbound book. I am not only stunned by such an awesome gift.I can barely wait read the first quote in the book.Afterall isn't that where human wisdom would start,with the oldest quote ?

So imagine my surprise,when I read from Platahoph circa 25 century's B.C. written perhaps,on some Egyptian cave wall: " Be happy,while your alive". Instantly,my mind started hearing the popular Bobby McFerrin song " Dont vorry be happy,mon"

Stunned that human history had not progressed in 45 century's past such a silly song.I came to the conclusion that yeah,history not only repeats itself---it begs to be learned from.

The real question is 'why do humans think now is any different than any time before' ? Anyone who can answer that question deserves to be not only President,but Pope,Emperor,Czar and what ever other ruling title they can be given.

P.S. Marcel Proust in his epic book " Remberance of things Past" came to the conclusion; that given the same stimulus,the same situation and the same hope. Humans respond the same way, and this they do over and over and over.Which is to say the average man does not learn from his mistakes. Sad,isn't it ?


I feel like if Romney gets elected, women can say goodbye to the rights we have earned.


dup post


@ theignorance:

A ridiculous fear. That why this country has separation of powers. The Pres. has very limited power without Congress.

Of course, a power hungry egotist like Mr. Obama would like it better if he could govern this country as a dictatorship.

According to the Declaration of Independence, "rights" are God-given or natural; only govts can take them away, they can't "give" them.


His views on abortion and birth control are ridiculous. He is a man and has no say on what a woman does with her body. And what is your proof that Obama wishes he could govern this country as a dictatorship?

Dr. Information

Obamacare is being fought and will lose to the church's and their right to not cover contraceptives.


@ theignorance:

Who cares about his "views"? As I 'plainly' stated, he can't act on them without Congress!

Remember "We can't wait" and "I won"? He tends to disregard Congress and the rule of law ala GM and Chrysler.

Looks like megalomania to me. The guy’s an egotistical narcissistic nut job.


cliFF sOOn I'd like to mEET you. While we might disagrEE on some items we both know things about our past don't we? Your MLK coMMents take me back tOO. Only yesterday (in the eyes of history) blacks in mISS. could be drafted yet not vote. Strange that many forget things like that in our great country. Remember Dr.King being caLLed a coMMie, ni**er, & other things, aLL because he was going after the truth. "We hold these truths to be self evident that aLL men are created equal......unleSS you're black?" Hope to sEE you in the near future big guy.

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje: My number is in 'the book' so call whenever you'd like. However,I must warn you as I did 'Contango' when he spoke of us meeting.Meeting could very well ruin our 'blogville' freindship.

Because ,no doubt you are going to"discover" that your just meeting an every day Joe Blow with many moronic tendancies who loves history and cares about his country. Will look forward to meeting you.Kindly don't be excessively disappointed when you meet me

P.S. " disagreeing" is a great thing.After all if one listens in disagreement.Where else can they learn more ?


theignorance "I feel like if Romney gets elected, women can say goodbye to the rights we have earned."
Wow we actually have one of those in Huron County? Lady you can't be serious, you mean to tell us that you actually fell for this ridiculous diversion tactic?

Economy, unemployment, federal budget deficit, health care, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc....put these issues in your vernacular and step away from the other sheep. Good Lord woman I sure hope you haven't embarrassed yourself by talking outloud!


@ CC:

I saw that Russell Means died. IMO, a very interesting man who fought and argued for freedom for his people and others.


Disappointed in potentially meeting you? Based on your employment history alone, we have more in common than you know and that I can securely write for my family's sake in this context.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Totally agree on Russell Means. The man,had the courage to stand up for what he believed and that alone marks a life well lived. More importantly,he did it in a way that inspired others to believe in their own ability's to make a diFFerence.In short,a true leader.

Here's hoping he finds his white buFFalo in the next world.

When I write of the disappointment in meeting,it is for this reason alone: Words obviously define the soul.So we get an image in our minds.(Example: You read Voltaire. You think of him as a giant.Yet,he was a dwarf)So,what does the person look like,do they have good manners,do they have bad breath,do they.....? See what I mean ?

Hmmn, a clue. Our employment history matches up some what. Here's hoping your "Fritz the clown" because he was one of my all time favorite co-workers at Fanny's.

Great weekend to you

P.S. Since the massacre at " Wounded Knee", which so drove Russell Means, was inflicted upon the Sioux by the 7th. Cavalry. ( Custer's regiment) May we assume it was no more than revenge for that legendary butt kicking at the Little Big Horn ? And,if so what does that massacre really say ?


cliFF, as Tucker said "We aLL use toilet paper." sEE? That preTTy much makes aLL equal.

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje : Extremely well put. To bad arrogant people don't grasp,that undisputable fact

Dr. Information

Can you say......Lazy and a political election COVERUP. I don't expect CNN or MSNBC to report on this.....
White House Watched Benghazi Attacked And Didn't Respond


@ Dr. Information:

It is not "optimal" at this time for this Admin. and co-conspirators to admit prior to Mr. Obama's potential re-coronation that al-Qaeda is alive and well.

Reports are that al-Qaeda's presence in Iraq has more than doubled since U.S. forces left.


A video? A spontaneous demonstration?The sheeple will believe what we tell 'em. Good little sheeple.

Dr. Information

The left just turn a blind eye to it because its truly isn't "optimal" for something like this to happen so close to the election. Obama = one total mess for this nation.

Dr. Information

More information just keep coming out about the Libya attack and how nobody did anything but sit back and ignore cries for help.


@ Dr. Information:

IMO, the "cover-up" of "What did he know and WHEN did he know it" is NOW the story.

Imagine six wks. after 9.11 and the Bush Admin. was stonewalling with the narrative that they were still assessing.

On Oct. 7th, four wks later, the U.S. attacked Afghanistan.

Benghazi was Mr. Obama's 9.11 moment to demonstrate leadership and not surprisingly he's blown it.

He's shown that his re-election is more important than telling the American people the truth.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Amen


Our great nation needs Romney!


Ignorance at its finest.

Dr. Information

Is that all you have? Go collect your government check.


Keep workin so i keep getting them. Thanks for paying for my visit to the doctors office today. Some call it the E.R.

Dr. Information

Guess who's shipping jobs to china? Obamas favorite car company....Jeep. Mr Obama, I thought the auto industry was strong as ever before? This is horrible news for Ohio. Especially Toledo Ohio.



Total Lie, again, that has already been completely debunked. Keep spewing the lies. I expect nothing less from the conservative base.


And anyone will expect you to see nothing but lies from those you disagree with.


@ betrump:

Potentially just a "total" mistatement.

Fiat's talkin' about movin' Jeep production to Italy.

If you're gonna put your info through a mental sieve of opinionated and outdated ideological nonsense, you're gonna miss a whole lot of developments.