Obama-Romney Round 3 - Who won final debate?

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney spent their final debate Monday circling the globe’s hot spots as they clashed over the merits of diplomacy and brinkmanship in Libya, Israel, Iran, the Middle East and other volatile areas. But they also managed to get in digs at their opponents’ economic plans. Who would you say won this debate and why?

Barack Obama
25% (21 votes)
Mitt Romney
65% (55 votes)
Neither one
5% (4 votes)
I didn't watch it
5% (4 votes)
Total votes: 84



@ arnmcrmn:

With the "bread lines" and "soup kitchens" being hidden byway of billions of dollars worth of Federal entitlement checks in the mail, I tend to agree with the term "depressing."

Technically, the U.S. has been in an economic depression since Dec. '07 and Pres. Obama (and Pres. Bush) with the help of Mr. Bernanke has just "papered" it over with debt.

If the street lights work and the mail gets delivered, most citizens believe that everything is OK.

Increasing debt is like putting frosting on a rotten cake - it only looks good on the outside.


Lol wow that's clever. Bringing my name into the candidate I support...makes a ton of sense. Because I have an opinion it obviously makes me ignorant, right? How about Romney's views on abortion and birth control? Or gay marriage? Pretty ignorant huh?


@ theignorance:

Your REAL first name is "the" and your last name is "ignorance"? Very unusual.

Not a fan of Mr. Romney either - lesser of two evils.

Per usual, I probably ain't votin' for either of the major party candidates.


Funny how you didn't address anything I just said hahahaha and you obviously knew what I meant about my 'name'. And if you're not voting for either of these candidates, who are you to pretty much call me ignorant for stating how I feel about Obama being the better candidate?


@ theignorance:

Other than Obamasheeple rhetorical talking points, got any proof that Mr. Obama is the superior candidate?

The man looks like a total incompetent cluster-f to me.

E-mails are saying that he knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack within hours. Yet he blamed and continues to blame a video? Why?



Thats funny Winnie, thats how I think of you. Total incompetent cluster f-ck.


@ Zippy:

To quote you:

It's on the Internet so it's not true. :)

Go back to watching more of MSNBC to get your orders from your Messiah.


Who the better candidate is under your own discretion. So stop criticizing people over it


@ theignorance:

Hurt feelings?


Nope just laughing at the fact all of you try to get one up on one another when in reality no answer is 'right' or 'wrong'


@ theignorance:

Well then what is this "stop criticizing" nonsense?

Don't put your viewpoint out and think that it won't be sometimes challenged.

Dr. Information

The American way of having different opinions is a good thing and accepted by most. For example....Pizza is a great food said by John, but Mary thinks pizza stinks. Differing opinions that will never find a solution.

The difference in these arguments on here are much different. You cannot use your opinion as a fact, which many do on here. You cannot read everything posted on a website, you have to actually find credible ones. What is confusing to me is that Obama and his supporters blame everyone else and just cannot accept that he hasn't done close to what he promised. I just do not see 4 more years being any different. Who's he going to blame if he get re-elected. You guys get so caught up in this and that, but what it comes down to is how did he do in his first 4 years and you have to use FACTS. Not, I like Obama and I think Romney is a rich fool and I cannot stand hearing him talk. That is not going to solve our nations problems. Nobody wants anyone to fail, trust me, the better each and everyone of us do effects each and every one of our business's and or business's we work for. What it comes down to again is FACTS. Where are we now vs 4 years ago. All Obama had to do to win in a landslide is give us some hope. Work with both sides of congress and show us that he is a leader and can get things back on track. The major FACTS prove all this to be wrong. Our GDP is down, our national rating took a major hit, our economy is in the dump and our money is now worth a roll of toilet paper. Put your party politics aside and lay your swords down. Vote how you want, but remember, there are consequences that will ultimately effect you and I no matter how you look at it. Vote, but vote for the best person and not because you are a staunch Republican or Democrat, or not because you hate Obama or Romney. Vote for our kids future and not ours.


If Obama wins, and this great country continues to disappear, you can thank 1) your firefighters, law enforcement, teachers, car/parts factories and their unions; 2) Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati's large based entitlement population.

Dr. Information

@Clarence. I would tend to agree with you more on the lines of the entitlement people than public workers. There are many public workers who wont vote for Obama because they are good people and see what he has not done over the last 4 years. Entitlement people, forget it, they had their mind made up in 08 who they were voting for in 12.


@ Dr. Information:

The seeds of this society's economic destruction were planted long ago. This election will largely be inconsequential to the inevitable outcome.

I donated a book to the Norwalk Library entitled: This Time is Different.

Check it out.



I called the library, they are using your book to hold up an uneven table.

Cliff Cannon

@ 44846 GWP : You trying to get me in trouble ? You know it is rude to laugh at your own friends and despite not having a clue whom " Contango" is, he has become a friend.

However,when I read your comment, I got a darn good belly laugh out of it.You troublemaker you :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Personally,I think THE SEED of destruction( still think,we the people can turn America around) was 'planted' in Dallas Nov.22,1963. Because obviously,with out doubt ( my opinion) America on Nov.21,1963 was vastly diFFerent than America on Nov.23,1963. Your opinion ?

Dr. Information

Also ask your local RailRoad employee the lies that the unions have been spreading around. They have all been given a sheet saying how Ryan/Romney will take away their privatized Social Security. I heard this yesterday via facebook. Thankfully someone posted a link proving this all wrong. The Ryan blueprint did have something in it about the RR retirement, but before the bill actually made the floor and passed in March of this year, it was dropped. Nowhere in the bill was the RR and their retirement even mentioned. Its all a scare tactic used by the left to get a few more votes. Lets also not forget about energy. We have 200+ years of clean, cheap coal to use and what has happened to the coal production since Obama took office. One word, DOWN!

Brock Lee

i want obama win so i keep the free cell phone an helth care rommey dont care about poor peple

Cliff Cannon

In the comments regarding the second Pres. debate. "kURTje" brought up,what I feel could well be the very best idea,presented in these debates. That idea is to read or reread former columinist Charlie Reese's last essay.

Agreeing wholeheartedly with 'kURTje' on it's importance.I've pasted it here,for the enjoyment of some,the education of others.Here's hoping,after reading it,there are a heck of lot fewer democrats and republicians. And lot more Americans with one goal:Somehow,someway convincing those 545 selfish politicians,that their job is to serve you....not the other way around

545 vs. 300,000,000 People
- By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Have you ever wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered, if all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget. The President does.

You and I don't have the Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations. The House of Representatives does.

You and I don't write the tax code, Congress does.

You and I don't set fiscal policy, Congress does.

You and I don't control monetary policy, the Federal Reserve Bank does.

One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one President, and nine Supreme Court justices equates to 545 human beings out of the 300 million are directly, legally, morally, and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

I excluded the members of the Federal Reserve Board because that problem was created by the Congress. In 1913, Congress delegated its Constitutional duty to provide a sound currency to a federally chartered, but private, central bank.

I excluded all the special interests and lobbyists for a sound reason. They have no legal authority. They have no ability to coerce a senator, a congressman, or a President to do one cotton-picking thing. I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million dollars in cash. The politician has the power to accept or reject it. No matter what the lobbyist promises, it is the legislator's responsibility to determine how he votes.

Those 545 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party

What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall. No normal human being would have the gall of a Speaker, who stood up and criticized the President for creating deficits. The President can only propose a budget. He cannot force the Congress to accept it.

The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the House of Representatives for originating and approving appropriations and taxes. Who is the speaker of the House? John Boehner. He is the leader of the majority party. He and fellow House members, not the President, can approve any budget they want. If the President vetoes it, they can pass it over his veto if they agree to.

It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted -- by present facts -- of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can't think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people. When you fully grasp the plain truth that 545 people exercise the power of the federal government, then it must follow that what exists is what they want to exist.

If the tax code is unfair, it's because they want it unfair.

If the budget is in the red, it's because they want it in the red.

If the Army & Marines are in Iraq and Afghanistan it's because they want them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If they do not receive social security but are on an elite retirement plan not available to the people, it's because they want it that way.

There are no insoluble government problems.

Do not let these 545 people shift the blame to bureaucrats, whom they hire and whose jobs they can abolish; to lobbyists, whose gifts and advice they can reject; to regulators, to whom they give the power to regulate and from whom they can take this power. Above all, do not let them con you into the belief that there exists disembodied mystical forces like "the economy","inflation," or "politics" that prevent them from doing what they take an oath to do.

Those 545 people, and they alone, are responsible.

They, and they alone, have the power.

They, and they alone, should be held accountable by the people who are their bosses.

Provided the voters have the gumption to manage their own employees.

We should vote all of them out of office and clean up their mess.


Obama won the debate. Romney had nothing but the same talking points he has said over the last two years. He also flip floped again, and spent more time agreeing with the President than not agreeing! He couldn't wait for the debate to be over with, hence is heavy sweating face! He looked almost as bad as Nixon in his debate with Kennedy. Vote for Romney if you want, but don't lie to yourself and say he won the debate last night, he did not.


In this county the poll doesn't reflect the nation's mindset. Facts are the land here is utilized agriculturally, hence GOP. The race will be close though.......so many non-vets here too.


Forgot to yeLL thanks cliFF tOO.

Cliff Cannon

@kURTje : Your welcome.Yet, whomever learns something ( and that would be whomever reads it)from Charlie Reese's essay owes you a 'thank-you'.
Believe it or not,I personally would add this to Mr.Reese's essay; The reason the Korean border is closed by our military,yet our own border is not is because those 545 selfish people want it that way

P.S. A favorite quote : " Nothing is more powerful,than an idea.Whose time has come" Victor Hugo Thanks again,for the powerful idea my friend


@ Zippy:

Unlike Gov. Romney, Pres. Obama was rude, argumentative, interrupted and didn't look presidential with that smirk on his face. Mr. Romney had the much better "debate face."

Gov. Romney often agreed, but Mr. Obama also agrees with the majority of Pres. Bush's policies - so what?

A draw at best.

"But don't lie to yourself and say (Pres. Obama) won the debate last night, he did not."


@ CC:

The U.S. has the best govt. that money can buy. Are we getting our money's worth or should we increase funding and hope for something better? :)

I've often found it interesting that when we "nation build" around the world that we install parliamentary systems as opposed to our republican form.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Might be a good debate here: " best govt. money can buy" ? Personally, not impressed. Although,an increase in funding might help :) Oop's wait a minute Mr. Bernake's QE 3 just did that.So....

P.S. Gosh, I miss smoke filled rooms picking our President for us


@ Cliff Cannon:

Smoke-filled rm? I agree.

Due to the primaries, the conventions are largely anti-climatic.

They'd save the taxpayers a ton of money if the party's candidates would just battle it out amongst themselves internally.

The Libertarians still have conventions in order to pick their candidates.


@ Zippy:

No need to trouble your brain with historical-economics; undoubtedly too difficult a subject for you.

Just believe in your political Messiah and all will be well. :)