Dunlap or Silcox - who gets your vote for commissioner?

Republican incumbent Larry Silcox is facing Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap in the race for one of the Huron County commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election. Who gets your vote and why?

Tom Dunlap
57% (78 votes)
Larry Silcox
38% (52 votes)
Can't or won't vote in this race
6% (8 votes)
Total votes: 138



.DON'T ASK BAUER'S BOYS ASK Sharon Ward and Tom Dunlap


4H and Scouts are NOT funded by the county.
4H only requires that there be an open extention office in the county.
The commissioners have overfunded the office and that extra is kept by OSU, $300,000 dollars of overfunding


momofthree1995.. get your facts straight. TOM DUNLAP has NO intentions of cutting any 4-H or extention office funding. Tom grew up in 4-H. If you bothered to follow him you would know this. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!


I think you better get your facts straight, he said he would not eliminate 4-H programs. And you NL MOM have not lived in this county long enough to know not trust Tom Dunlap. And Sharon Ward has stated we only need 1 County 4-H educator, and there is no need for office expense and staff! So Please read and inform your self of the visions of those running for office! They both have never attended a Commissioners meeting, to see the 3, 5,and 10 year financial plan for this county.


I have lived her 20+ years and thats long enough to know when a change is needed
so where do you get off saying I haven't lived in this county long enough.
I have known Tom Dunlap as long as I have lived here and I KNOW hes a good man.




OIL, all you know how to do is insult a person who's comments you do not like!

Swamp Fox

For all the loyal supporters of Mr. Dunlap, take the time to ask people who served in various levels of the criminal justice system what type of sheriff he was and his personal conduct, and then make your choice for the candidate that will best serve Huron County. I am only asking you to be informed when you vote.


A vote for Silcox and Bauer is a vote to keep Summit Motor Sports in Huron County and continue a large source of revenue for the County.

Dunlap and Ward have both publicly stated they are backing the airport. It's a no brainer!

Brock Lee

how is summet a large source of revenue when their aint nobody their most of the time that doent make no sense


A LARGE SOURCE OF REVENUE IF YOU ARE A BADDER. other wise you are a revenue source.


there goes OIL again! not getting his own way! So lets insult the others who comment on the page!


Wow, after reading all of the comments on Silcox I can't believe how some people are blaming him for unemployment, lack of management skills, etc. All those who blame him for county unemployment better look at Mr. Obama and his policies where the true figure of unemployment in the U.S. is 16% because they don't count people who have quit looking for a job. You can look at Ohio as being a non-friendly state to business due to its horrible workers comp system that drives businesses out of Ohio. To blame Silcox for not getting things done when the budget for the county has been cut by millions by the state in order to balance the budget that was over 8 billion dollars in debt because of G. Strickland is ludicrous. Silcox and his fellow commissioners have done a wonderful job of keep this county afloat in spite of the U.S. economy and Ohio woes. Silcox deserves another term. Dunlap couldn't run a sheriffs department with 25 employees how is he ever going to run the whole county!

Brock Lee

silcox did 8 year an he has put the county in more det it time for new peple


Telling anyone how you vote takes the whole concept of how this nation was founded, away. Voting is done in a private space for a reason.

Swamp Fox

For some of the people who posts on these blogs please obtain spellcheck, and maybe a basic level of proper grammar,

Sitting In The ...

Larry Silcox is the only Republican I will ever vote for. He did not back down when Mr. Sutherland pressured him into giving him more money and I agree with that, you shouldn't reward someone who has had one PR disaster after another. I can't tell where Sutherland ends and Mr. Dunlap begins. Both of them think I'm an idiot because apparently I'm suppose to believe that Mr.Sutherland's endorsement of Mr.Dunlap wouldn't benefit him substantially. Pro-Tip if you want people to vote for you avoid any involvement with that embarrassment we have as a sheriff. GO SILCOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!


considering sheriff howard runs both dunlap and ward and he has proven he can't run his dept. do really want him controlling the whole county and running it completely into the ground i think not. maybe if howard wasn't in office maybe i might think differently. no more corrupt politics no more pieces of crap running our depts. this county has enough issues.