Dunlap or Silcox - who gets your vote for commissioner?

Republican incumbent Larry Silcox is facing Democratic challenger Tom Dunlap in the race for one of the Huron County commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election. Who gets your vote and why?

Tom Dunlap
57% (78 votes)
Larry Silcox
38% (52 votes)
Can't or won't vote in this race
6% (8 votes)
Total votes: 138



I was told if I know what's good for me and Hourn county I would vote for Dunlap. So Silcox it is!

Brock Lee

silcox waste money an general fund about broke i vote dunlap


Neither Dunlap or Ward has attended a Commissioner meeting all this year to learn more about the job they are seeking. Silcox and Bauer are consisted proven watchdogs of our dollar.

Dunlap is a supporter of the airport, be wary of this poll as the airport boys club will have all their friends from across the country vote to possibly sway your opinion.


Silcox doesn't hand over money every time the Sheriff wants it. Why is the Sheriff endorsing Dunlap? Why did Dunlap get an employee award earlier this year but dispatchers didn't? Wonder how much more Dunlap would add to the Sheriff's 4 million plus budget if he is elected? What other departments would suffer? Where would the money come from? What promises have been made?

hit the road jack

Dunlap was the laughing stock of huron county one time while sheriff,do we need another laugh?


It's either laugh at Dunlap or cry when Silcox manages to grow unemployment to an all-time high and completely bankrupt the general fund with all of his inept decisions.


When Dunlap was sheriff he was interested in his county. He has remained a part of this community. You saw him on the roads often and you saw deputies out there everyday I supported him then - I will support him now.


If DUNLAP was interested in this county, how come he spent most of his time in Toledo cleaning offices, while taking a pay check as Sheriff of this county? He has the most money paid out by taxpayers as Sheriff than any other in history! Look at his record as Sheriff, a total waste! You saw the deputies on the road to cover this county, and do his job as Sheriff.. Never again will I trust Tom Dunlap.. My vote goes to Larry Silcox who watches our tax dollars and does not give in to the Whine of Current Sheriff.


Yup, Silcox watches our tax dollars as he purchases $500 picnic tables, awards contracts to out-of-county companies, wastes $7500 on a Clark & Winestock Report, and signs for a $520,000 LOAN. Oh yea, Silcox is a real financial genius . . . NOT!!


You forgot that the loan wasn't used for the courthouse vestibule and wasn't returned to the bank. It was put in the general fund and spent, maybe it provided the $300,000 that was "donated" by the county to OSU.


Howard + Dunlap = Horrendous Disaster


I am wondering where some of his LE students from EHOVE are with comments? On what a great person he is, I know different! How many of them went on to real Law Enforcement Jobs? Another good lie, this class will get you a job in the career you need in LE, Maybe they are cleaning offices in Toledo like their teacher did while he was Sheriff!


I am a student of Tom Dunlap from EHOVE, The values and lessons I learned with him as my instructor led me on a path to success. I am a current law enforcement officer in the largest city in Ohio, I have received many awards and have been quite successful in my career. Tom Dunlap was an important part of my career development, and he continues to assist his students with making the right choices and helps them when it comes to getting jobs. I am no longer a Huron County resident, however, I feel our country, state, and county's are in need of a change. Obviously the current way is not working. SO... to answer your question(s) I am a prior student, I think he is a good person, and I went on to a real law enforcement job and not cleaning offices. Sometimes it's the silent majority that may not comment, but supports the qualified candidate.... Just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. KJ


I live in the county (rural) and I am tired of not having adequate protection because our 3 current commissioners want to make a point with the sheriff that they control the money. Instead of it being about the testosterone levels of the commissioners, start thinking about the residents in the county. I laughed when I saw Silcox state one of his concerns was the security of county residents. He was a poor deputy, and is a bust as a commissioner. It is time for a shakeup. DUNLAP will get my vote!!


You really should research your facts so you don't sound so foolish: The Commissioners DO NOT CONTROL the Sheriff's budget, only HE does. He was given well over 4 million this year, one of the largest budgets in his history, with additional funds even being donated from other county departments and he STILL DOESN'T UTILIZE HIS FUNDS to satisfy road patrol.

If road patrol is lax, it is entirely on the Sheriff!


The Commissioners DO control the amount of the Sheriffs budget.
Here is a question for those of you who think it is too much. How much of that is for the jail and the morons who get themslves locked up in it?


It's a good thing these judges are giving out slaps on the wrists and lectures instead of locking up all the criminals or else the Sheriff's budget would have to be tripled!

jack langhals

You want action,you call Silcox and it gets done.You call Sue Bummer and it is a waste of time.


I have read all of the articles about Silcox amd know that he lies and distorts the facts. He is also a micromanager and a small thinker. He just does not see the big picture.


WOW 4 million and that's still not enough money? If Dunlap gets in office, Howard will get whatever he wants at anytime. That's scary. As it is, he walks around town as an advertisement billboard "SHERIFF" on his back. Talking about advertising. LOL Retired Richard Sutherland hardly ever promoted his authority. Bracken you got my vote.


I wish Jamie was running for Sheriff this election, maybe people would correct the mistake we made 4 years ago, by voting for GIMME DANE MORE $$, and listen to him whine that he has 1 million dollar budget more than the other neighboring counties, same size and close population!

Mr Wizard

Sounds like the Silcox supporters are running scared.


They know he'll be run out of town.


Yes, Silcox has many years of experience but it is the same thing each year over and over with no progress. It's time for a change. Talk to anybody else in county government and they will tell you that Silcox is a divise force who does not bring people together through compromise. Even his own brother doesn't like him.


There's a reason Dunlap was a one time sheriff. He wasted taxpayers money then and he'll do it again. He never had a chance to get re-elected and the people of Huron County were eager to get him out of office.

Brock Lee

did he by 500 doller picknick tables to


Rigor - he was a one time sheriff because he only served 1 term and then decided to teach at EHOVE

swiss family

I have to take a look at the position that the county is in... and I have to put the praise...or blame on our current Commissioners... I remember being told that we were going to have a vestibule added to the historic courthouse.. I remember an outcry from nearly every citizen, I remember that we asked at the very least why, and what the benefits were... I remember completely, the total disregard from all of the current Commissioners in the form of NO RESPONSE from any of them... they must have at some time decided against it, but the were not very forthcoming in letting us, and keeping us in the know.... I guess they go with the old adage that knowledge is power.. so as long as they know, to them, that is all that is necessary...

Then I look at the condition of the Jail, and the old historic Jail, and the grounds that they are on and the courthouse.... I think that the rotting condition of the old historic jail on Benedict is deplorable.. the windows are broken, and the frames are falling apart, there is paper and trash on the grounds at any given time, and I have to say that as the out of area tourist come through town on their way to their summertime vacations, it is almost a given that they will notice the unique designs and qualities of the old Jail building, it is to me, a crime , that they see how sad, and falling apart our commissioners have allowed it to deteriorate...

I would have to say, while looking at our current Commissioners, 2 are past their prime, not by their ages, but because they have lost their drive, desire, and spark to be in it to make the county the best it can be, and the other 1, only was elected because he was in the favorable party that was being pushed at the last election, In my opinion, he should never have spent one day as a Commissioner.. I say its is time to get away from doing the same old thing, over and over again, and lets see what new blood and ideas will take us to .... it is time to retire the past, and move on.... I will be voting for Mr. Dunlap...


Do you know that Sharon Ward and Tom Dunlap plan to cut funding to Huron County Soil and Water and the OSU Extension here in Huron County? If they succeed in cutting this funding, we will no longer have a 4-H program! 4-H is a great program that builds confidence and leadership skills in our children. Vote for our kids and say NO to Ward to Dunlap!! Don't take my word for it, call the extension office and ask them.


Mom of Three: What you claim is an outright untruth! Ward and Dunlap are strong supporters of these programs. Sharon Ward has gone on public record as supporting these. It is Bauer who has threatened that if he in not elected, that these programs will be cut. Shame on You!