Bauer, Eldred and Ward - who gets your vote for commissioner?

Republican incumbent Gary Bauer is battling challengers Fred Eldred, an Independent, and Sharon Ward, a Democrat, in the race for one of the Huron County commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election. Who gets your vote and why?

Gary Bauer
35% (39 votes)
Fred Eldred
7% (8 votes)
Sharon Ward
56% (62 votes)
Can't or won't vote in this race
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 111



Bader will stay in Huron County. He tried to buy the Mansfield track and failed. Not his fault but the Mansfield facility has all kinds of EPA and other site issues.
The issues in this commissioner election are not Summit nor the airport. The main issues are the incompetence, lack of energy, lack of vision, and lack of leadership ability of our current commissioners. They have played it "safe" by doing very little. They are captives of the local "Tea Party" movement and too conservative to bring about growth in the county. You cannot cut your way to prosperity and as business people know very well, you have to spend money to make money. Eight years is enough and it is OK to change and try some different ideas.

Dr. Information

Ok I will put my two sense in. I have listened to Ward at several Holiday Lakes general membership meetings and she and her ideas are "out there" at best. When the directors were talking about generating funds to fund projects like dredging, paving roads, replacing docks.....her response was to have a bake sale. No lie. The look of the directors was purely priceless. It was like.....guys we need to generate hundreds of thousand of dollars soon and this woman wants to do this by bake sales?....Her ideas are off the wall, she is not a good people person and ill be the first to say that whoever approaches her first, she will go with that plan. Common sense is not common with her. Vote either of the other two, trust me you will be better off.