Bauer, Eldred and Ward - who gets your vote for commissioner?

Republican incumbent Gary Bauer is battling challengers Fred Eldred, an Independent, and Sharon Ward, a Democrat, in the race for one of the Huron County commissioner seats in the Nov. 6 general election. Who gets your vote and why?

Gary Bauer
35% (39 votes)
Fred Eldred
7% (8 votes)
Sharon Ward
56% (62 votes)
Can't or won't vote in this race
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 111



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citizenof hc

It is time for a change. 8 years in office and Bauer is so concerned he still falls asleep during meetings he attends. Seriously, if he was so concerned about citizen's security and economic development he had 8 years to prove it, which he certainly didn't. Time to change representatives.


Gary is a career politician who will say what he has to to get re-elected to help his second or is it his third retirement fund. I agree, he has done little to help combat the increased crime throughout the county, nor has he really stepped up in the arena of helping local businesses, or economic development, otherwise, why would he deprive local businesses of work by allowing a million dollars of federal grant money to slip through the county's hands. A typical career politician - Bury their head in the sand for 3 years and 9 months, do as little as possible, and then claim they need another term to do what they didn't or wouldn't try to do.


If I were Sharon and Fred, the least I would do is attend the commissioners meetings that are open to the public, and see what is the current adjenda, and know the present 3, 5, and 10 year economic plans for the county. How can you run for a position as commissioner if you have never attended a meeting. Just thinking the Airport and Sheriff's friends will get you elected, so they can have what they want! Read the plans of the current commissioners and the visions of those running for the seat who have never attended a public commissioners meeting!

Brock Lee

bauer never attend a meeting he sleep thru it boreing agenda she has good ideas in her letters to editer need new ideas to fix the county


Neither Dunlap or Ward has attended a Commissioner meeting all this year to learn more about the job they are seeking. Bauer is a consisted proven watchdog of our dollar.

Be wary of this poll as the airport boys club will have all their friends from across the country vote to possibly sway your vote.


Sounds like this is coming from one of the Silcox/Bauer's recent airport board appointees, Heckle of Jeckle. Bauer's 8 years of service is one of the reasons we are where we are, IN TROUBLE, and now all of a sudden he has a plan to turn everything around, RIGHT. You are acting more like one of Gary's Stooley instead of a concerned county resident. Anybody else you want to blame for the county's problems or Bauers record of doing little or nothing. You may want to blame the Farmers next.


You are uncorrect about this. I have seen both Eldred and Ward at commission meetings.


Really? So you must have been at the same meetings too? Tell us, which meetings were those?


Wards' strategy for increasing our multi-million dollar budget: Have some bake sales!


8 years of doing as little as possible until 2 months before an election is not my idea of a public servant who deserves my vote. It is time for a change. WARD will get my vote, and if having a bake sale will help bring money to the county, or help put people to work, I'll buy whatever they want to sell.


lmao you can't be serious. You'd better check out your tiny little plane's air pressure I think it has affected your senses.


AA You seem to have the airport on your brain. It's about everything else Bauer hasn't done over an 8 year period, so don't try to cover up his inept service with other issue, including the airport. Besides, from what I know of you, you shouldn't be posting without first checking with Essex, or do your puppet strings stretch all the way to the Highway Dept, and Commissioners office from Mcdonalds.


Simply put, it is time for a change. 8 years in office is more than enough. The facts show we are in trouble in this county. Time to move on with different people!! Time for a woman's perspective

jack langhals

And what is the trouble we are in,is it too much money or not enough?Maybe if we get rid of Bozo The Clown in Wash.things will pick up and we will have more money.Only 20 million people are going to lose health care under Obama Care,I just read where many major companies are weighing up the fine costs over providing health ins.They also are considering if they have 50 or more employees to have two part time employees under 25 hours.Walmart has already dropped their Health Care for future employees.I really don't care who is elected as much as getting the job done they are elected to do.Now if you think the new people will provide 20 new vehicles for your sheriff,you are going to pay somehow,or take it away from other service.We are a country heading for destruction and can't wait to get there.When the president is endorsed by the three Biggest Communists in the world and you aren't concerned,you aren't well.FDR was still negotiating with The Japs as the the planes were in the air on their way to Pearl.Bozo will be making deals with Iran to get elected, as they are enriching uranium !


Iran is alread enriching uranium.

jack langhals

Have been and will continue !


A County Commissioner's party affiliation has little or no bearing on what happens on the federal level. We need honest truthful people in local office positions. The 2 commissioners currently in power fail on both honesty and integrity so a change is in order. I don't understand how someone like Silcox could be re-elected given the history of his past service, or lack there of in the 90's. They have both served 8 yrs and need to move on.


Bauer says that there will be no 4H in the county if he doesn't get re-elected. Scare tactics don't work on me. There was 4H before Bauer got in office and there WILL BE 4H in the future WITHOUT Bauer. I am NOT falling for Bauer's lies! I'm voting for WARD. She stated that she will continue to fund 4H!


Listen to today's debate! Sharon said she would not eliminate the 4-H program, she also said ALL YOU NEED TO HAVE 4-H is ONE County Education Agent! She wants to go back to 0 funding for 4-H, Soil & Water and the Huron Co Fair, like she addressed the 2010 budget, but does not understand they were funded in a different catagory of the budget then.. This 4-H program can not exist with ONE county agent and 2000 children participating. We complain as parents when we have 1 teacher to 25 students in a classroom. ANY CUTS to OSU EXTENSION,IS UNTHINKABLE! PLEASE VOTE FOR GARY BAUER!


Racer022.5 I agree with much of your post. Remember how many voted @ the last election in this county? 15%. That's horrible. Sadly in this county not that many younger people are afforded real opportunities either....unless you are born into landed gentry. Please VOTE. We get the government we deserve.


Windy, you obviously haven't seen the hand out that Ward and Dunlap have distributed during their campaign. They both want to eliminate all funding to OSU extension. It is stated plain and simple, in black and white. No funding for OSU extension means no 4-H, no county extension agent, no Soil and Water funding, no Master Gardner program, etc. Read yesterdays letter to the editor and you will see all of the things that funding OSU extension gives to this county. You might see some kind of 4-H with Ward, but one that is drastically cut back. The same handout also says that the current commissioners have mishandled the county retirement fund. The fact is the is NO such fund. Both Ward and Dunlap don't know enough about the county to even comment on how to run it. Bauer and Silcox are both the best choice for running our county government.


SOT - I read the sheet, but it stated that entitlement, NOT MANDATED funds go to AG Extension, S&W, etc, and how OVERFUNDED it really is. You and I both know that as long as the Ag office remains open there will be a 4-H program. Given that they receive ZERO funding from Ag Extension not sure what you mean by "some form of 4-H". You have it or you don't. All the advisors are volunteers. No money goes to the kids, or the parents who help with the projects. The sheet I saw stated that Ward and Dunlap supported 4-H and were more in favor of some of the funding going to the local 4-H programs and the local kids, instead of to Ohio State . Bauer is the one going around stating that if he is not elected there will be No 4-H or FFA. Remember FFA is funded through the school systems. Just another example of Bauer lying or distorting truth. Silcox and Bauer know nothing about budgets otherwise they would have a fund set up for upcoming retirements. Instead their answer is to use a positions funds and not rehire for a postion, STUPID. The is how they handle their budget. It's obvious that once Adelman left these 2 bafoons were lost. Bauer also wants to defund and close the airport. Wait until the farmers who use the Aerial Fertilizing Services see how their costs rise when the business has to move to an outlying airport facility in another county to operate from. Bauer approved and signed a $500,000 + grant in 2007 with over 150 conditions. Over the past 2 years Bauer has refused almost 1 million dollars in grant money and work projects that would have gone to local businesses. Bauer stated that he refused to approve the grants because there were 155 conditions, and how could a simple man like him understand all of them. That is only about 5 more condidions compared to his 2007 approval. Fact is that if he wants to be in a position of power, he needs to step up and learn. The main Fact is he deprived the county, and more importantly local businesses and local employees of all that money which would have come back into our local economy. Bauer also stated that if he signed the recent grants the airport might use eminent domain to acquire more land - He forgot to tell you that he as a commissioner would have to pre-approve any use of eminent domain (Eldred caught him on this during the interview). Bauer is great user of scare tactics, and mis-direction. He lies, and distorts the truth. He has NO integrity and is short on honesty. He probably should now run for federal office, as he now has all the qualities required. It is Time for Change. I'm voting for Sharon Ward, & Tom Dunlap.


Call yourself Obama cuz your post is lies lies lies. Grants with ties that bind are not always a bargain. Your understanding of 4H and OSU ext and their budget is ridiculous.

Also, regarding upcoming retirements: The commissioners are not responsible for reserving retirement payouts, that should be the responsibility of the elected official or department head. When the department head/elected official submits their budget they should plan for and set aside funds for retiring personnel and their vacation/sick payout. Once again you fail to realize elected officials and department heads are responsible for how their budget is spent and/or utilized.


I'm actually an "R". Truth hurts I know, you're just use to listening to Silcox and Gary Bauer BS. I was in 4-H and grew up on a farm so I do know all about OSU Ag Extension, and I do know Bauer's personal ties to OSU. 4-H members/advisors/parent do not receive a dime from OSU Ag Extension. We pay for everything pout of our own pocket for spew your BS to someone else. Adequate funding and OVERSPENDING are 2 different issues. If we are cutting our mandated department 40-50%, we can't hardly allow a non mandated program to have 95% of their past budgets. All Retirements eventually come from GF money. All of the GF money % are decided and dispensed by the county Commissioenrs, our elected officials so I think it is you who needs to realize how the money is spent.


Are u kidding. 1 million dollars. Give $300,000 of grant funds given away to Holmes and Brown county for their development, and $700,000 of grant refused which would have gone to local businesses. Gary just approved a small $98,000 block grant that had strings. Didn't see him even raise an eyebrow on that grant, and the county had to cough up the matching funds. The other grant wouldn't have cost the county taxpayer ZERO. That is being irresponsible!!!


A vote for Silcox and Bauer is a vote to keep Summit Motor Sports in Huron County and continue a large source of revenue for the County.

Dunlap and Ward have both publicly stated they are backing the airport. It's a no brainer!


A vote for Dunlap and Ward means we will have both a raceway and an airport. If you opened your eyes you would see that the raceway also benfits from the airport.


I agree vote for Silcox and Bauer, especially after today when Richland County can now sell the Mansfield Raceway at Sheriff Sale. We need Summit Motor Sports here in Huron Co. We do not need to lose the income it brings into Huron County. Yes, the Airport and Summit could co-exist, so lets think of how to make the Airport profitable, and valuable to Summit!


Buddy, the airport is a service just like any other road system in the county. You have been listening to Silcox and Bauer too long. It is not a business!!! How many of our county roads are profit makers, yet they are maintained. The airport is unique in that it is the only county department that does collect fees through hangar rentals, and crop rentals to help supplement its own budget.. Maybe our other depts should charge for some of their services. I've been told that over 94 businesses have been documented using the airport.