How do you plan to vote on Norwalk's school levy?

Norwalk City Schools is asking voters to approve an emergency operating levy in next month's general election. How do you plan to vote?

For it
31% (31 votes)
Against it
60% (60 votes)
Can't or won't vote on this issue
9% (9 votes)
Total votes: 100


Guy on a Buffalo

Tough to believe you don't have $0.25 a day to make sure your children get a quality education...


Who do you think you are to question my income? Do you even live in the Norwalk City School district, or are you just someone who likes to shoot your mouth off and judge others? This type of tax isn't even constitutional, along with the fact that people who don't pay property taxes are allowed to vote on it (how many 18 year old seniors are in the high school?). As for quality education, don't even try bringing that into the debate until you spend some time reading through public notes from the school board meetings. They have a lot more cutting and pay rate adjustments to make on things that in no way effect the caliber of quality education.




.25 cents a day oh please, add in all the renewals we continually pay for and how much does it all add up to? How about supporters (i.e., teachers, superintendents, admin, business, ect.) write a big check yourselves and stop continually asking the rest of us for MORE money?


Placing an additional or existing tax burden on homeowners at this time of local declining economic growth is foolish. ... By 2020 approx. 25% of the population will be seniors. They are living on fixed incomes and many are counting every penny. Can you afford more taxes? ...Do you want to burden your children entering the workforce and starting families with taxes?

Require the school administration to do what they were hired to do and aquire grants & make the necessary cuts. Clyde is surviving on their cuts WITH a new school and new additions and upgrades to prove it!

Don't get bullied into voting for new taxes!


As long as schools are cutting back and watching how their money is spent, I guess I really don't understand how people can honestly complain. Schools are great for towns and for your property value. Without a school, both would diminish significantly. And you cannot vote on this issue if you are not a property owner....correct me if I am wrong because Im not 100% sure, but I think I am.
There are people on here that will still complain even if Norwalk cut all its positions away and just dropped the kids off to teach themselves each day. You will always have the complainers no matter what. Cup is half empty all the time with some.


@ arnmcrmn - it doesn't matter if you own property or not. All residents in the district can vote on the levy. When you go to vote, they don't have two different ballots, 1) for property owners, and 2) for people who don't own property.

hit the road jack

Thats easy for you to say, you can just raise the chair rate $5.00 per person, others are lucky to get their 40 hrs. a week (that probably just pays bills) so don't generalize like your so into the school thing,hell, If you want to,just write them a big check and we wont worry about listening to the whiners at school cry for more money!


Im not from Norwalk, but I did vote for the new school in Willard where I live because it was a good move. The state was funding 2/3 of the bill. I would like to think that I am involved in my community, including the schools. Just because I believe in the school system doesn't make me a bad person now does it? Also, property tax county wide went down, so its a wash right?

hit the road jack

Mine didn't go down and I did nothing to increase value,they just raise the tax rate. New schools are nice,but look what goes with it,more teachers,maintenance personel,higher insurance and you just cannot build a school,don't you have to have like 25 or 30 acres of property to build it on? and no its not bad to be involved in the community.

Estrella Damm

I'd think it would be cheaper to pay for a few extra circular activities than to pay for the mischief that will result from the kids having nothing to do after school. After 30 years a winning football program to be shut down. Epic job Norwalk. Maybe this will help get NSP back on track to advance deep into the playoffs.


You can vote owner or not arcreann. Just like the property owners that raise the rent if the vote goes against them too.


How about the employees and unions of firefighters, law enforcement and teachers all pitch in and get off our backs?


Don't vote for the levy. The kids can get better-paying jobs as drug dealers . . . no high school diploma required!


When a buisness in the private sector does well, they pay their employees better, the buisness grows, jobs are created, the owner has more money to give back and support the staff.
When a school does well, they don't get paid better, the work place doesn't change, the kids come to them with the same problems as before.
A school is a non-profit company. It can only survive on what it is given.
An education is one of the most important things in life. Some people are so worried about their own lives and their "all mighty dollar". If you want this country to get better, the children need an education. Not just any education, a great education. Stop beating up people who can't defend themselves and go after someone who actually has money.


tr789bn writes:

"Stop beating up people who can't defend themselves and go after someone who actually has money."

And the local homeowners have "money"? Who decided that?


How about a reduction in the Norwalk city income tax offset for people who work out-of-town?

I believe that the City Council can pass that legislation and maybe earmark it for education.


sb5 overturned made me vote NO on every levy without even looking. Would of looked and made a honest try to help but that is all over now. do not say i dont care when you all ready did UNIONS,,over