Obama-Romney Round 2 - Who won the second debate?

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney aggressively challenged each other Tuesday night in their second debate, with more than 90 minutes of sharp attacks, interrupted answers and testy exchanges over the economy, taxes, immigration and energy. In your opinion, who performed better and why?

Barack Obama
29% (26 votes)
Mitt Romney
60% (55 votes)
7% (6 votes)
I didn't watch Tuesday's debate
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 91



You prefer Ayn Rand?

Cliff Cannon

@rogerthat: I see your point. Still, it really ticked me oFF,watching the debate and seeing Obama putting Alinsky's "power principles" into action.


Spread the fear Cliff, thats what the Right wingers do best.

Cliff Cannon

@ 44846 GWP : I realize, Mr. Alinsky as well as "Rev" Wright are old topics from the 2008 election. Still, I believe that Mr Alinsky is worth checking into. As 'rogerthat' point's out to me,there are other influential philosphers that are troublesome as well


cliFF honestly you fEEl gOOd about aLL before & those aTTempting now? Again please think about this county...3employers on their way out before Obama voted in. (Some one once said all politics is local) I know you are logical..what if McCain was elected? Would your verbage be similar? Oh, listen to mOOnlight sonata. That is some music for streSSfuLL times. gOOd day to you sir.

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje: In 08' when McCain picked a half-term Governor from a state with a whopping 1 electorial vote to be his V-P running mate. I knew that the "powers that be" had decreed Mr. Obama would be the next Pres.

As I have stated before,I always write in my candidate for Pres. simply because really big money gives us both candidates. This year,I'm voting for 'Contango' Still,think if you check into Mr.Alinsky you might desire some comforting music


@ CC:

One of my first acts will be to propose that we close down DC and move the capital closer to the geographical center; perhaps somewhere in KS in "fly-over country." :)

We'll get rid of some of this East and West coast mentality that has been ruling this nation since it's founding.


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: No wonder,I am voting for you

Swamp Fox

The fear, hate and class envy, the motto of the far left democrappers..


Cliff, did you happen to read Hillary Rodham's thesis, or even a summary of it? She concluded it was inconsistent and unworkable. Maybe you also haven't heard that Dick Armey gives copies of "Rules for Radicals' to tea party leaders, or that Freedom Works gives copies of it to leaders of their organization....or that FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe basically plagiarized Alinsky's book when he wrote "Rules for Patriots" that is required reading for Freedom Works members.

Betcha Glennnn Beck didn't tell you those things, did he?

Cliff Cannon

@buckeye15 : Don't normally watch t.v. nor turn on a radio. So all my information comes from reading. So from reading---not Glenn Beck-- I will point out Hillary's main conclusion on Mr. Alinsky's work ( She did interview him personally) His embracing political nihilism ,which scares the dung out of me.

Do not doubt Mr.Alinsky's influence in any arena. The man was first and foremost an organizer and what is the common denominator of most groups? Un- organized


@ betrump:

Mr. Obama doesn't particularly care for the U.S. Constitution and has already stated that it "is a charter of negative liberties,"

Besides, as a socialist, Mr. Obama 'lied' when he swore to uphold the Constitution at the Inaugural.




@ CC:

Mr. Alinsky or Ms. Rand?

Read ‘em both.

Mr. Alinksy wants to put us on the road to authoritarianism; Ms. Rand encourages freedom and entrepreneurship. No comparison.



"Mr. Alinksy wants to put us on the road to authoritarianism"

No wonder Freedom Works likes his book.


@ buckeye15:

And the Democrat-socialists like Mr. Alinky's work less?

So a desire for authoritarianism is obviously a common denominator of Republicrats?

Mr. Alinksy reads like an intellectually inept Sun Tzu.



Can ONE person tell me, How we as a Nation have moved forward under Obama, Unemployment still 8%, Food costs up almost 40%, gas was 1.86 when he took office, now, 3.50, National deficit in 2010 10 trillion, now 16 trillion. How anyone can think this guy deserves 4 more years! BEYOND ME ! Worst President in our History.


Dont expect real answers tmann....expect, it takes longer, its Bush's fault....yada yada yada. If Obie gets elected again, whats their excuse going to be 4 years from now.....still Bush's fault? Still takes longer? Same old song and dance from the left, when you cant win an argument, blame the person behind you or name call.


@ arnmcrmn:

The "fact" that the Obamasheeple believe that the U.S. economy was 'fine' until Mr. Bush destroyed it only helps to demonstrate their empty-headed intellectual and political thinking.

Fact: LBJ did not pay for Vietnam or his social programs.

Fiscal recklessness began long before Mr. Bush's admin.


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : There are many reasons to totally hate that despicible jerk Johnson. As if Vietnam was not enough,his 'great society' welfare b.s. programs laid the ground work for the destruction of our great cities.Just the mention of that &*^%#$@# idiot's name makes me cringe.

However,that's not the point. The point is,'fiscal recklessness' has been part and parcel of Federal gov't policy for many years. Obviously, no one with an I.Q. above single digits can disagree with that


ARNMCRMN,, If he does get in office again I am excited about one thing. It's gonna be called the OBAMA Value Meal. You will be able to go to McDonalds, order your meal, and the guy behind you has to pay for it. How cool will that be?


Sounds like our government now.....hahaha


The best line of the second debate?

Mr. Obama: "...when I was president."

Enjoyed the past tense.




"Weekly applications for U.S. unemployment benefits jumped 46,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the highest in four months. The increase represents a rebound from the previous week's sharp drop. Both swings were largely due to technical factors."

Mr. Obama's got some 'slaining to do.



I understand all you liberal thinking leftists voted for Obie to prove that you weren't prejudice ... now, how about voting him out to prove that you're not STUPID! This may be a tall order for you ... but please try

Cliff Cannon

@ Warped: Thanks for the laugh.Now,here's hoping your "tall order" is fulfilled


Ronald Reagan did it in 4 years. 2010 national deficit 10 trillion, 2012 16 trillion, gas 4 years ago 1.86 today.3.50 Food costs up almost 40% in the past 4 years, UNEMPLOYMENT! STILL 8% We as a Nation have not progressed ANY at All and I challenge one person to tell me how we have. We Got the OBAMAPHONE,free housing, free food programs, and now he wants to give them free insurance TOO! 48% of americans now receiving some sort of government assistance. When you have more people receiving than paying, it's not gonna work folks. On top of that, operating this country with a deficit like we are, we will eventually go over the cliff people. Obama does NOT deserve 4 more years.


Gallup poll released today shows Romney up 6 points in swing states.


...when folks pull up to the gas pumps or push a cart up to the supermarket meat counter you don't have to be an expert lip reader to see the words W T F silently mouthed... our inflated dollar is in an upward death spiral and will continue to climb in the next four years if our socialist incumbent wins again...


Romney continues to lie and apparently no one is taking that into consideration.


ok since you talk so much without facts, what factual evidence can you bring to the table that proves he is lying so much?