Obama-Romney Round 2 - Who won the second debate?

President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney aggressively challenged each other Tuesday night in their second debate, with more than 90 minutes of sharp attacks, interrupted answers and testy exchanges over the economy, taxes, immigration and energy. In your opinion, who performed better and why?

Barack Obama
29% (26 votes)
Mitt Romney
60% (55 votes)
7% (6 votes)
I didn't watch Tuesday's debate
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 91



Pres. Obama kept repeating ad nauseum: That isn't true.

Mr. Obama wouldn't know "truth" if it bit him in the butt.

I had to laugh when our ‘green’ President crowed about increased oil production under his admin.


He could read aloud from the Constitution itself, and you'd call him a liar. You've long ago lost any credibility with me.


Obama could read aloud from the Constitution and he'll still believe it doesn't apply to him


You do realize that Obama has went above and over the constitution several times because its irrelevant to him. We are talking about a man who wears a muslim ring on his finger yet proclaims to be a Christian man. Yeah,....almost bought that one.

jack langhals

It doesn't matter who won.The person is a disgrace to the country,anyone that would trivialize the deaths of our citizens is scum.It is a good thing I am not in the military now because I would be Court Martialed.


Romney was precise, specific and presidential. O'moron could only attack Romney because he couldn't defend his own record of the last four years. O'moron's halting speech indicated even he himself didn't believe what he was saying.


Romney was ANYTHING but specific. He still has given us ZERO details. He just says 'I'm gonna fix it, but get back to me later on how...' He was constantly interrupting everyone. He was childish. He was neither precise, specific, nor presidential. If that's your version of Presidential, I have no doubt you voted for Bush Jr, too. In that case, you really need to just stay home on election day.

hit the road jack

And just what was your excuse for gettting out of bed 4 years ago? run out of beer?


And what specifics did Obama give us four years ago other than "CHANGE"? I fear his "FORWARD" if it means more of his wasteful spending. If Obama gets four more years, we'll become "The United States of CHINA" in no time!!

believe it

How many questions did Obama blatantly ignore or just not answer? He lied about Libya(just like his buddy Biden did) and he wouldn't answer the question about how much drilling on federal land has gone down(almost 40% according to ABC News). Obama is pathetic. America can do so much better.

Second Opinion

again Obama:
Planned ParentHOOD does NOT perform Mammograms.

And Michelle, who should KNOW and HONOR the rules of debate is THE PERSON who started the clapping for her husband. We have a president in charge of a nation that's made of laws married to a woman who can't simply take orders. AND, OBAMA DID NOT CALL IT A TERRORIST ACT, HE STRESSED PROBLEMS DUE TO A VIDEO. Romney is correct in not wasting money or effort to convince the 47% whose sole purpose is to leach off this government.


Wives are just supposed to 'take orders,' eh? Nice. Hey, got some tea I could borrow?


Women can’t walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and get a mammogram on the spot. The clinics don’t have mammography equipment. Planned Parenthood performs gynecological exams, including breast exams, and refers women to other facilities to have mammograms performed, much like women are referred to radiological centers by their gynecologists or primary care physicians.

According to Planned Parenthood, its medical staff performed 747,607 “breast exams/breast care” in 2010, the most recent statistics available. As for cervical cancer screenings, as the president mentioned, it performed 769,769 Pap tests.

In addition to mammogram referrals, the group says it helps low-income patients find grants and assistance to pay for mammograms, such as through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, which is for women at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level. Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania also has a Breast Health Care Fund, which helps patients obtain mammograms. Individual clinics also may occasionally sponsor no-cost mammogram events — for instance, on Oct. 19, Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, N.Y., plans to sponsor free mammograms at a mammography van at the health center. In south-central New York, a state program parks its mobile van outside two Planned Parenthood clinics.

In a statement sent to FactCheck.org, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services for Planned Parenthood, said that “Planned Parenthood does help women nationwide get access to mammograms,” as part of the health care services it provides to nearly 3 million persons each year. “Women rely on Planned Parenthood for referrals for and financial help with mammograms and specialized diagnostic follow-up tests (like ultrasounds and biopsies) when indicated by age, history and/or clinical breast exam.”


Both candidates lie, all politicians lie. Neither of them answered questions. Romney kept talking about how his "plans" will fix this and will fix that but never even made mention of what these "plans" are. Romney was also incredibly rude and irritated me for half the debate. We are screwed regardless of who wins this election.

Swamp Fox

Benghazi Consulate attack, Commander in Liar responses over two week period.- It wasn't a terrorist attack, it was a terrorist attack, we were not sure if it was a terrorist attack, its someone else's fault....

Commander-In-Liar response on domestic oil production, we are producing more domestic oil than anytime in our history. Any new drilling the last four years were from permits issued by the Bush administration.


If we are producing more oil than 'anytime in our history,' then how is that a lie? No matter who issued the permits, how is that a lie?


Because Romney asked about permits for drilling on federal land. There were fewer permits issued then during any other administration since fed permits were started in the late 70s


That does not make the statement "We are producing more domestic oil than at any time in our history" a lie. I don't understand your logic. Too much sugar in your Kool-Aid?


obama never keeps his word NO OBAMA2012


Does not matter. Though Ryan was @ a soup kitchen (Ohio) making all so very happy.


The Kool-Aid is getting deep in here.


and you're drunk on it.


Obama won, hands down. He gave details, where Mittens could give no specifics on anything. He took it to Romney, and exposed Romneys lies and flip flops.


what reality are you in????

Sitting In The ...

I could ask you the same thing and please feel free to explain why you believe so.


Gary Johnson2012. No more two party status quo. No more voting for the lesser of two evils.

Swamp Fox

Because of Obama every CITIZEN must prove he or she has health insurance or faces a fine, another term for an increase in TAXES. Yet this same president fights for the rights of illegals not to have to prove they are in this country legally, and hence will receive the health insurance that the CITZENS are funding, a true hypocrite and democrapper...


Obama dodged the libya question again. Lies lies lies. I just can't believe people still support Obama. Is our country better off since he took office? How about your avg family or town? Don't think so.....how's that hope and change people.


Of course we're better off. Bush/Cheney are gone! Sorry about your family, mine is better off. Maybe you're waiting for the government to help you out? Stop expecting the government to supply your hope and change.


Listen pal, I don't live off the government at all.....and you are a completely insensitive moron for posting something so rude. Anddddd, Im willing to bet that I pay in more in taxes than you do each and every year. Fact is, the avg family is worse off. Nationwide the avg take home pay is $1500-$2000 less than it was 4 years ago. Lets not also forget about inflation and gas that is still at an all time high.

Again, keep hoping for the change because America can do better off.