Biden or Ryan - Who won the vice presidential debate?

In a battle of understudies, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican rival Paul Ryan went after one another repeatedly Thursday night on issues ranging from the fate of Medicare to the terrorist attack on U.S. diplomats in Libya. Who came out on top? Cast your vote and then share your opinion in the comment section below.

Joe Biden
27% (25 votes)
Paul Ryan
65% (59 votes)
Neither one
3% (3 votes)
I didn't watch it
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 91


Swamp Fox

Just like crazy uncle Joe, laughs when the facts refute his wild claims. The proof is at the pumps, gas prices were at $1.81 when President Bush left office, after he granted new drilling permits. They have been at $3.50 or higher for the past few years, as high as $5 in San Diego, the regime has refused to grant new permits, rejected the Keystone project and would rather make us dependent on his fellow socialist Chavez..... Hasn't Obama made the statement that high gas prices were good on more than one occasion. Entertaining when the far left wants to blame President Bush for everything, but of course nothing is Obama's fault, typical democrappers....


Just as I thought. You have no evidence whatsoever that the president had anything to do with the lowering of the price. And of course, I don't call you any names.


So your saying Bush was or wasn't in with Big Oil? What about Obama...does he get thrown under the same bus for gas being at historic highs right now?

Oh wait, its probably still Bush's fault right?


My response to you was not to say whether Bush (or Obama) was or wasn't in with big oil. My comment was only made to point out your hypcrisy.

But if you want my opinion on your question...many politicians in Washington are in with big oil....some MUCH more than others. Yes...that includes Obama and many Democrats....but most not nearly to the level of many Republicans.


Your post almost made sense till the end.


I am glad you agree with me about your own hypocrisy. And here are links to prove my point that republicans are more beholden to oil companies than are the democrats.


I got tired of hearing Biden referring to Ryan as "my friend here" . . . It made me want to toss my cookies.

Swamp Fox

Two "opinion" websites are not proof, oh yea if its on the internet it must be true. Substained gas of $3.50 and above with no additional domestic drilling. Why did gas prices drop under Bush when he issued additional drilling rights, and they have remained high under Obama with no new drilling and even less demand? This would be proof for any rational person, which precludes most liberals.....


@swamp....common sense and connecting the dots or doing simple math by observation get thrown out the window with liberals in a debate. Heck, you could even have the proof right in front of you and show them and they still write it off. Lets not even start on all the failures and wasted money aka Obama's stimulus. Talk about lies and Chicago corruption at its best.


You 2 are hilarious. I provide empirical video evidence of your heroes on Fox proving the hypocrisy of the right, and one of you write it off as opinion websites, and the other makes this statement:

"Heck, you could even have the proof right in front of you and show them and they still write it off."

I think that is called deflection, but I am not a clinical psychologist. You also often accuse liberals as making up things and lying, but then you come up with a great story about Bush cutting the price of gas more than in half, but cannot show any evidence of the reasons. Some people would call that a lie.

I will happily await your evidence, and if it is credible, then I will agree you are right. Otherwise I will write that price drop off to multiple other factors (upcoming presidential election e.g.) and go on pointing out your hypocrisy in future stories.


Who said Bush cut gas in half? Fact is gas was 1.78 when Bush left the White House. Since then it's increased to nearly 4.00 a gallon. That's a 120% increase. Who's making stuff up?


In reply to my comment about gas at $4.11 under Bush, Swamp Fox said:

"buckeye 15, also remember President Bush brought gas prices down to $1.81 when he left office".

I simply have been asking for the evidence that it was Bush's policies that effected that drop in price. I am not saying the numbers are made up...only the causation. Because I don't buy the argument that it was Bush's policies.

I am trying to explain this very simply in hope you can understand.

Swamp Fox

buckeye 5 very very simple, gas you know the liquid that powers your car $1.81 Bush, gas $3.50 plus Obama. Obama blame Bush for all problems four years later, sorry if he has to take responsibility for last four years or as crazy Uncle Joe said "the middle class has been beaten down the last four years. Maybe we can convert hot air of crazy Uncle Joe to power your car. Hope this is elementary enough for even a liberal, cookies and milk will be provided after your nap to make if feel like a Obama program, don't worry we will make the rich pay for it.


So Swamp Fox....gas prices when Bush 43 took office were $1.60. Spring of 2008 they were $4.11. By your standards, we can blame Bush policies for that fact ...right?

Or let's try this one. Natural gas prices have dropped by half since Obama took office. Clearly, that is due to his great energy policies...right?

You can't have it both ways dude.


The fact is that the lefties kept squawking' about Halliburton, sayin' that Misters Cheney and Bush were "oil men" and caused gas and oil prices to rise.

Now when their guy's in the WH, they have no explanation other than using Pres. Obama's own blame game of: It isn’t MY fault. Yuk, yuk, yuk…

“Green lighting” the Keystone Pipeline may cause the oil price to decrease temporarily, but China, India, and other developing market countries are big buyers of oil and the price ain’t coming down anytime soon.

China is the second largest user of oil in the world. They and others greatly affect the WORLD price.

Americans seem to have the mistaken belief that the world revolves around them, but the rest of the world is catching up - FAST.

Buy (XM) or (VDE) and make some money on oil and quit whining.


@ buckeye15: Has Mr. AL Gore sold his interests in Occidental Petroleum?

Dems in oil rich states are also deeply involved with oil companies for tax revenue and jobs.


I don't know about VP Gore's financial interests. It is not my day to watch them. But in case you didn't notice, I admitted and even provided links to Democrats being whores to big oil.

Oh, and thank you for helping make my point and pointing out that Swamp Fox is wrong. He keeps trying to give Bush all the credit for gas prices dropping during his administration. The reality is that there are many other factors affecting the price of gas, and the presidents' policies have little to do with the price. At least you get it.


@ buckeye15:

As an investor, it's my livelihood to "get it." Politics be d*mned.

Don’t pat yourself too hard on the back.

SF is not 'totally' wrong. Mr. Bush opening up more Fed lands for drilling helped to produce the surplus in nat-gas and oil we are now witnessing and for which Mr. Obama likes to crow about.

Remember when Mr. Clinton tapped the SPOR and temporarily drove down the price of gas and oil?


Well actually, according to Daniel Kish and his statistics, oil and natural gas production on federal lands are both down...lowest since 2003. Based on this data...yeah Swamp Fox is totally wrong.


@ buckeye15:

Did you 'actually' read your link?

"If energy production—and the jobs and economic growth domestic energy production creates—is increasing on all lands except those owned by the government, it is clear federal policies are at the root of the problem. We will all pay more for energy than we need to until those policies change.

Looks like Mr. Obama IS helping to cause prices to rise.

Also see my posting regarding the Philadelphia refinery.

Right-wrong I could essentially care less.

As I wrote: Buy energy stocks and make money - it ain't goin' outa style.

Mr. Bernanke's money printing policies are helping to raise the prices of commodities like oil world-wide.


Actually yes....I did read the article. Nowhere in any of my posts on this topic have I endorsed Obama's energy policies.

The reason I posted this link, and many others, along with my comments, is to point out the hypocrisy and misrepresentations by you, Swamp Fox, armncrnm, and the right in general.


@ buckeye15:

Well, your link seems to show that Fed policies ARE responsible for higher prices.

And Repubs are more in the tank for "Big Oil" then are Dems????

Reads like a whole lot of "hypocrisy" on your part.


You are really stretching to find a way to paint Democrats as more in the tank for big oil than Republicans. However, with your admission of investing in oil companies, you have a lot of skin in this game. You know that your investments, and probably those of your customers, ride on energy stocks doing well. You also know that those companies likely would do better (at least in the short term) under a plutocratic administration like a Romney one would be. Therefore you, and your corporate masters know that you must go to any measures to defeat Obama. Therefore, your opinions and selective facts don't hold much water.


@ Zippy:

So you can't understand that ObamaCare, Medicare, Medicaid and Soc. Security are Ponzi schemes?

Bernie Madoff got away with his for over 20 yrs. The Democrat-Socialists have gotten away with their cross-generational Ponzi schemes for decades.

All pyramid schemes end the same way - broke.

Just keep watching MSNBC, they only show "truthful" videos. LMAO!!!

You watch 'comedian' Bill Maher for the "truth" too don't you? :)



Ponzi, ponzi, ponzi. Old, old, old. Come up with something new. You bore me.


The Obama Admin. relaxed pollution regs. so that a private equity firm would buy a Philadelphia refinery that was scheduled for closing.

It doesn't look good for gas prices to rise when he wants soooo bad to be re-elected.

Huh. I guess the Prez CAN temporarily affect gas prices eh?

Hope and Change has become: CASH & PRIZES.

OBAMA! Viva La Revolucion!

Swamp Fox

Just for you bucky,


Thanks for the entertaining Fox News video. The "expert" there was quoting from the same statistics in a link I posted earlier. So I will give you this: A president's policies can, in the long run, drive gas prices somewhat higher.

You however, have still failed to produce any evidence whatsoever, that Bush's policies caused gas prices to fall by $2.40/gallon in a few months. Even if you found it, then you must acknowledge that it was the Bush policies that raised gas prices from $1.60/gal to $4.11/gal before it came back down.

You can't have it both ways dude, without providing evidence.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : Owing to the vast amount of stupidity I possess, I was on the wrong end of this debate. On your very first comment from way back when.I sent you a quote from a fellow libertarian,that I thought you'd not only enjoy,but comment on as well.If you get a chance,kindly check it out,because I bet you'll love it. Great day to you

Swamp Fox

bucky, keep in your libreal denial, ignore the facts, be happy with $3.50 + plus gas as along as Obama is in office. Bush did something about the gas prices, Obama wants them high......


Your refusal to acknowledge basic facts speaks volumes.