Biden or Ryan - Who won the vice presidential debate?

In a battle of understudies, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican rival Paul Ryan went after one another repeatedly Thursday night on issues ranging from the fate of Medicare to the terrorist attack on U.S. diplomats in Libya. Who came out on top? Cast your vote and then share your opinion in the comment section below.

Joe Biden
27% (25 votes)
Paul Ryan
65% (59 votes)
Neither one
3% (3 votes)
I didn't watch it
4% (4 votes)
Total votes: 91



It sounded pretty much like a draw between a socialist and a socialist-lite.

The way these two fools political parties are borrowing, printing, spending and regulating, the U.S. is on the journey to Soviet H*ll. We'll just take the more scenic route on the RR.

I especially liked the way that VP Biden kept looking into the camera to tell seniors how they were receiving "free" benefits for no extra money - nice fiscal magic!


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: "You cannot have an intelligent conversation with a person who believes that politicians create jobs. They simply don't know enough to form the words. PRODUCERS create jobs, governments consume resources. Any money government spends must by inflating or taxing come first from producers, curtailing their resources, causing them to consume less, and, obviously, employ fewer workers.

Maybe the government is putting something in the water that makes people believe stupid ideas really will work: stupidium, the last and dumbest element."

Thought you'd like that quote. Comes from a fellow Libartarian and is very hard to argue with,is it not ? Obviously,no one could argue "gov't" needs to tax for defense as well as a few other critical things. Yet, in attempting to rule the entire economy ala the Soviet planners---both parties have failed miserably

P.S. Biden is doing a nice job of attempting to replace Spiro Agnew as the strangest V.P. ever,isn't he ?


So one minute Romney says he's going to create 13 million jobs. The next, he's saying the government doesn't create jobs. Contango is drinking the Trickle down kool-aid. The MIDDLE CLASS has to create DEMAND by having money to spend, but the Friedman lovers seem to forget that.


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I'd like to wipe the smirk right off Biden's face. He was so cockey and a jerk in last night's debate. And people want to call him Vice President. What a joke.


The only times Biden was smiling was when Ryan was lying.


Please...... Biden came across as nothing more than a babbling old fool. It's pretty damn scary to see the Vice President on television laughing about the serious issues facing this country.


@buckeye15...PLEASE share ANY truths from the persent administration going all the way back to their campaign promises in 2007...Oh...BTW...can we get a copy of Obammy's college transcripts?...Oh that is right...he attended college as a "Foreign Exchange Student" and they are sealed...just another of the many "TRUTHS" they don't want ppl like you to know...And before you bring up Romney's tax what...he is a good business man, made alot of money...and paid taxes according to the tax code rather than playing the system to get FREE college as a import...then sealing the records, therefor hiding the proof so the public would be fooled into electing a import for a office he is not entitled to hold.


Good thing you know the truth then.


He must be lying, too, about being teleported to Mars. Thank goodness we've got you on the case, Sherlock!

jack langhals

Biden is der witz von Amerika !

jack langhals

Was he lying like Bozo has done over the past 4 years.Did Biden give away any Intelligence that will get some more of our troops killed?

Swamp Fox

Joe Biden acted like the weird uncle who visits you and you won't let the children alone with him.

Cliff Cannon

@ Swamp Fox: Thanks for my morning laugh,as well as ----THE---best description of Joe Biden I have ever heard

jack langhals

Cliff,I just got an E-mail with a bunch of float pictures from a parade in Germany making fun of our government.May be we should collect our war debt.This is why history repeats itself.We rebuilt that country with yours and my money but the parade people don't care,they are probably all young !

Cliff Cannon

Mr. Langhals : I certainly agree as to why history repeats itself; The young--- much like we've all done---traditionally refuse to learn from the mistakes of their elders. So be it.

I also,think there comes a time when a debt has been paid and the Germans--for the most part have been pretty good at repaying their debt to the world.Now the French......

However,where would one stop when it comes to discussing American generousity being ignored or worse ridiculed ?( And who ridicules the American gov't more than Americans?) Sadly,gratitude is something quickly forgotten by the 'average' person and it matters not what land they are from,does it ?

However,do you know what you call a person who lives a life filled with gratitude for the blessings, as well as challenges of life ?



Biden was flat out rude and it was sad watching after 5 minutes. He acted like a little kid not getting his way so he jerked his head around like he had Tourette's, jeered at every remark with those horrible veneers, and said Uhhh well over 100 times. Ryan could hardly get a word in half way into the debate because Mr. Interrupter kept cutting in.....and he did this 82 times last night. Ryan kept his cool. Laid out his plan, cleared up all the BS, which is all Obama and Biden have to run on......Clear winner was Ryan.

Also, did anyone else notice how Biden totally ignored the 7.8% unemployment question? He knew if he opened his mouth about this bogus number that Ryan would have a hay day with him. Ryan was grinning hoping Biden would open his mouth but thankfully for him and Obama he didn't. 2-0 Romney/Ryan....but your Dems will vote for a polished turd no matter what. Biden could of not even showed up and somehow folks like buckeye15 would of gave the debate to Biden. Comical.


I personally liked Biden's phony acknowledgment when Ryan asked him if he knew the unemployment rate in Scranton was over 10%.


I think if Ryan would have said 20%, Biden would of had the same response. He had NO CLUE. Watching is antics.....disheartening. The only comparison I can come up with is, its like watching a movie with your gf and your parents when you were a teenager and a steamy sex scene comes on.........the only words are, uncomfortable, embarrassing and hoping it ends now....Biden in a nutshell.


Lets not also forget how quick Biden was to say "We did not get any requests for an increase in security in Libya"....when in fact State Department officials testified that they have received MANY AND NUMEROUS requests....that were ignored. Can you say LIAR? We are talking about American lives that were taken here and Biden can only LIE about it on a debate? Our president is sad, Biden is sad and for the sake of this country vote these guys out.

believe it

Biden made this debate a complete joke. Ryan was poised and confident and Biden was just laughing and arrogant. I can't believe Ryan kept as calm as he did with the way Biden was acting. I loved when Ryan mentioned that America would probably enjoy it better if they would stop interrupting each other. After this debate I just can't believe this man is our Vice-President. We can do so much better.


Heck, even a post debate CNN panel gave Ryan the win. Spin liberals, spin spin spin.


Biden never advised how their administration would decrease our 16 trillion dollar debt nor how to secure new jobs; he was too busy on the attack. Typical lib.


Debates are about substance not style. If you select your choice of President based on a debate performance you may as well vote for your favorite running back or quarterback. There are no easy answers or siver bullet to solve this country's problems. If you think Romney/Ryan is going to magically reduce the debt, create jobs, and solve everything you are flat out DUMB! It just doesn't work that way. What are YOU willing to give up?


@deertracker....and Obama's magical wand is where? When your favorite QB isn't getting the job done, its time for a new one......right?


We all now know Joe = Jerk


That is what happened when George was in office. A qb is only one person . You need the whole team since the whole team is getting paid. What part are you 47% or 53%?

Second Opinion

""Yes Joe, I sent you a letter asking for our States portion of the criminal package you called a 'Stimulus Package". Our future and present taxpayers in Wisconsin were stripped of their money both present and in the future with your illegal and immoral theft in the name of "Redistribution of Wealth". Its only proper I as their Senator fight to get that money back to them before you gave it away to all your socialist buddies."


Ryan came off like a little kid trying to annoy his teacher and Biden spanked him for lying. Wasn't even close, Biden had all the facts on his side and Ryan had all the lies.

jack langhals

I will say one thing Bozo knew what he was doing when he selected Biden for VP.He knew he would be safe for four years,the only worse thing that could happen to this country is Biden becoming president.!Another thing would you change your handle,that is military talk and I doubt if you have ever been in the military.