Who won the debate - Obama or Romney?

With the presidency hanging in the balance, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed sharply Wednesday in their first debate, trying to convince voters they’re uniquely qualified to lead the country to full recovery from the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. The economy and domestic issues were the focus of the 90-minute showdown between the presidential candidates, the first of three nationally televised face-offs with an audience expected to total in the tens of millions. They met at the University of Denver at a time when the country remained closely divided between the two and millions of Americans are looking for the best path to restore jobs and paychecks. In your opinion, who won the debate and why?

Barack Obama
17% (17 votes)
Mitt Romney
78% (77 votes)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 99



You do realize that the only reason the numbers went down is because there is a mass amount of people that quit looking for jobs. When one quits looking for a job, they are not considered unemployed anymore. You cannot add 114K jobs in one month and get a decrease of unemployment numbers by .3% points. The numbers easily do not add up. I thought you might understand that, but.......
Real unemployment rates are around 14.5-15%. Yup...solid numbers.


So, typically, you only use the numbers when they favor your candidate. Gotcha. How about 31 straight months of job growth? Republican policies caused our country to hemorrhage jobs during the Bush years. Now we have 31 straight months!!!!!!of job growth, and you're ignorant enough to want to put the republicans back in charge. It's just sad really, the way your brain works.


Thank goodness you know so much more than all the leading economists in the country that produce those numbers. What's your secret? I can't believe you're not working in Washington!


@ betrump:

Go ahead and cherry pick your data because the results are mixed.

The U-6 unemployment number is flat.

And the labor force participation rate remains at 30 yr. lows.

Many of those are part-time jobs. During the Bush Admin. they were decried as "McJobs."

Where are howls from the Dems now?


Also, Yesterday R-money ate crow and said he was completely wrong in his comments about the so-called 47%. But I'm sure you're all going to continue to spew it as gospel.


Its the truth, he shouldnt apologize. Entitlement and handout people are voting Democratic no matter if an ape was running because they promise more handouts. Once they support you, they know they have your vote....and I see exactly which way you are voting.


Truth? How? Retired people? Poor people? Active duty military personnel? You wouldn't know truth if it smacked you in the face. You've yet to make a single coherent argument about ANYTHING with any facts or proof or empirical evidence to back ANY of your claims. THIS is the reason our country is the way it is today; because of arrogance in ignorance.


Welfare is up 44% since Obama took office, argue that. I've provided nothing but proof, yet your only comeback is more personal jabs. Im use to it, its the liberal way. If Obama is the ultimate "jobs czar" as you proclaim, why is unemployment up 44% in the past 4 years. Ill wait and let you explain this one to all of us.


And why is that? You'd obviously rather everyone that lost their job become homeless and starve, right? Or a provider for a family of five accept a minimum wage job that would still have him way below the poverty line? You act like all people on welfare don't work. Nonsense. So Bush destroys the economy. He and his buddies outsource all the decent jobs to slave wage countries. People here all lose their jobs. The welfare program does what it's supposed to do, and helps those people get back on their feet. And so your argument is what, exactly? Obama should be ashamed for helping people whose lives were destroyed by republican trickle down and globalization/privatization policies? You really wanna make me smack my head into a wall.


But I thought Obama was the ultimate jobs czar. How can he have the economy rolling in the right direction but welfare skyrocket in the last 4 years. Oh thats right...the typical liberal way....its Bush's fault. Its obvious...you are for BIG GOVERNMENT. You want the government to take care of you. Its always someone else fault...right? Hint Hint.....History has shown us that Big Government doesn't work. You say one thing but it cancels out what you said 2 posts ago. Which is it with you?

Im tired of playing with you kid. Its obvious you need some economy 101 lessons. Next.........


Hahaha. Because companies are still being rewarded with tax incentives for outsourcing. Our country is moving in the right direction, but it will take years to fix the Bush mess. If you don't see the mess he caused, then you're just being too proud and arrogant. I am no economist, but I have plenty of knowledge on how the economy works. I find it funny, however, that because I've clearly won THIS debate, you call me a 'kid' and say NO MAS!


@ betrump:

Exactly how do U.S. cos. receive a tax incentive to offshore?

"Outsourcing" can also be done domestically. It it is not exclusively foreign.

You are correct, your knowledge of Econ is lacking.

Good to see that you've declared yourself the winner. Congrats. Give yourself a much deserved pat on the back.


Lets do a little history lesson here. Who really created the housing market mess, that really caused a huge chunk of our problem in our country.....thats right, the Clinton Administration. Remember the days when he and the Big Banks who were linked to him told everyone that they deserved to own their own home no matter what they made. True story. Then the banks that loaned out these "risky loans", which they knew were going to fail, bet on the fact that they would fail to make even more money. Its basically a rigged deck and the house and dealer were betting against you because they knew you were going to lose. Bush warned for years against this risky borrowing but nobody listened nor cared because your avg factory worker who was making 35K a year just landed a 350K house and thought he just had to have that house to keep up with the Jone's. Then what happened....well we all know.


So, 'history has shown us Big Government doesn't work.' What Big Government are you referring to? What history? Please be more specific, and don't be afraid to cite sources for me. I'd love to see this.


@ betrump:

The Soviet Union is a textbook example of how borrowing, debt and spending helped to destroy a totalitarian "big govt." society.

The U.S. has been living beyond it's means for decades. A similar fate awaits us.

I thought that you said that you studied History?

Reads like you bought the Obamasheeple mentality, hook, line and sinker.


Just look at history...the Greeks...the Roman empire....they all grew to big, they were involved in way to much and they grew to the point where they were out of control and couldn't even govern themselves....guess what happened to these Big Governments.....they failed. Shelf life for governments are about 200 years.


@ betrump:

I donated a book to the Norwalk Library entitled: "This Time is Different."

It's a very popular economics-history book. Check it out.



@ arnmcrmn:

Actually, LBJ's "guns and butter" policies were not paid for. Our economic woes started decades ago.

We’ve experienced two financial meltdowns in the 21st Century alone- 2000 & 2008.

They’re coming faster and they’re deeper.

A more destructive financial “earthquake” will probably occur on the next POTUS’ watch.

There's too much money printing and too much credit being created around the world. Our credit currency system is in real trouble.

If the U.S. economy was fine, Mr. Bernanke would not be doin' "QEnfinity" and saying that he's keeping interest rates at 0% until maybe 2015.

The Fed Reserve is the one keeping this economy on life support.


The FR is the life line to our country and people just do not get it. They think we are invincible and as long as our paper machines are running we are ok. To many people do not understand the aspects of a business which is what America is. America is no different than your mom and paps place. If you are paying out to much and spending to much..you go broke eventually no matter how "good" it once was. You can rob from inventory, rob Peter to pay Paul but eventually it all hits the fan and you lost it all. We are close to this point yet so many Americans have this entitlement driven philosophy that everyone else has to take care of them and if we don't, the system has failed them. To many handouts, to much support for programs that simply do not work and cannot sustain themselves. To much reliance on the government to fix our problems.


@ arnmcrmn:

Agree with the too much spending.

I've often written that if one understands a household budget (microeconomics), then one has a pretty good grasp of a nation's fiscal state (macroeconomics).

If 'spending one's way to prosperity' worked, then every supporter of Pres. Obama should get out their credit cards, plus borrow as much money as they can and spend their way to wealth.

The nation's debt limit ceiling ($16.394 trillion) will need to be raised 'probably' in Dec.

If Pres. Obama is re-elected and the Congress remains at status-quo, it should make for interesting political theater.


From my Vanguard "Week in Review" newsletter regarding unemployment:

"While the unemployment rate for September dropped, the number of new nonfarm jobs added was a relatively small 114,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. July and August new jobs estimates were also adjusted upward to 181,000 and 142,000, from 141,000 and 96,000, respectively.

However, the number of people with part-time jobs who wanted to be working full time, also called involuntary part-time workers, increased by 600,000 in September, to 8.6 million over August's 8 million."

Note the number of new "part-time jobs."

One unemployment report does not a trend make.

One of the Federal Reserves' mandates is unemployment - looks like they're doin' a 'fair' job so far.



arnmcrn Hey Dr. solten ausfuhren sie wissen so viel. Witz.


Go Romney!


@ Zippy:

"Ed Schultz or Chris Mathews, or Anderson Cooper" is the "truth"?

You 'seriously' believe that these opinionated blowhard talking heads regurgitate the "TRUTH"?


H*ll, Fox or Limbaugh doesn't even spew the "truth." They are opinions.

Did you 'ever' think for yourself?

Typical brainwashed Obamasheeple. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Sorry Winnie, these guys back up their statements with video, facts. You are right though, Rush and Hannity spew opinions as "truth". Not the same thing.


@ Zippy:

So if it's on the Internet it's false, but if MSNBC shows a "video" it's the "truth" or a "fact"?

And "videos" are 'never' doctored, 'never' edited and the blowhards 'never' put their own personal political 'spin' on 'em.

Not-to-worry; as a certified Obamasheeple, you're brainwashed and not required to think for yourself.


The Linwood St. Bridge is for sale; you wanna buy it????


Romney, however, just says 'Trust me. I can't give you any details, but just trust me.' (Even though fact checkers found 27 huge lies from his debate performance...) Who's the sheep?


He has a history of starting business's and making them into profit machines. This is plenty enough for me to vote for him.

Obama hasn't even run a Kool-aid stand once in his life.

....and what did Obama promise in 08 that he didn't fulfill? Plenty, where should I start.


@ betrump:

Politicians are professional liars; did you 'somehow' expect anything more from either one of them?

Got a link on that "quote" from Mr. Romney? Or are you lying?

Typical Obamasheeple - BAAAAAAAAAA


I read the "opinion piece" and the Obamasheeple blowhard is merely quoting himself.

You've simply helped to validate your uncritical thinking skills.

Like Zippy, you confuse opinions and facts.