Who won the debate - Obama or Romney?

With the presidency hanging in the balance, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed sharply Wednesday in their first debate, trying to convince voters they’re uniquely qualified to lead the country to full recovery from the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. The economy and domestic issues were the focus of the 90-minute showdown between the presidential candidates, the first of three nationally televised face-offs with an audience expected to total in the tens of millions. They met at the University of Denver at a time when the country remained closely divided between the two and millions of Americans are looking for the best path to restore jobs and paychecks. In your opinion, who won the debate and why?

Barack Obama
17% (17 votes)
Mitt Romney
78% (77 votes)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 99



Romney lied for an hours and a half. He looked good doing it though, but a lie is a lie.

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swiss cheese kat

When are you liberals going to finally Man-up? Must be really embarrassing to go through life without any balls to admit when you are wrong?

jack langhals

He hasn't had 3 1/2 years to lie like Bozo.let's just see what all the good he has done.Debt 16 trillion,Chinese Companies awarded major contracts,3 and one in bid.Windmills built in China ,Government Motor's,which you own 25% of now has as much production as we do.Cut in Medicare 750 billion,Insurance rates going up at an alarming rate.Additional taxes on all, except the lazy.cutting our defenses to the bone,we are only here today because of our strong defense.He was going to end both wars and now dumping more aid to the enemy.Left Iraq ,good one.Go to Snopes and read Bozo's 50 biggest lies.Snopes has even been accused of being in the Lib camp !


Romney won huge! Obama made the really stupid mistake of thinking that voters would believe facts and reason over lies. You can't win an election without lying through your teeth and Romney/Ryan are the masters. Ignore the polls, Romney will be the next president. Won't make much difference except maybe to hasten the fall. Romney promises a return to the policies that caused our economic disaster but he's probably lying about that too.


I watched the.debate and felt almost sad for Mr. Obama, almost. He has become used to nothing being expected of him and yet still be adored by the masses! Remember this is the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing what....just being Barak Obama! When he has to perform without a teleprompter or a speech writer, he's lost! Last night was our first real look at our Commander in Chief and I for one can't wait until election day!


One Word!!!!! Its called LEADERSHIP Just listen to the closing statement of both canidates WOW what a contrast of difference. Oh by the way, What in the world was Obama coming up with in his statement that manufactors taking their companies to China get a tax deduction. It just shows his arrogance and Romney humiliated him on it. When confronted face to face with someone who knows what is going on, he retreats because he doesn't have the news media sucking up to him on drooling over him. Just another case proving GODS WORD is true ----Read Proverbs 16:18


If you think this debate was a blowout and showed how horrible our leadership is, just wait till the Ryan vs Reid Debate. Ryan will make this guy look like a total fool.

believe it

Ryan vs. Biden?


Yup. Typo. I meant Biden but Harry came out for some reason.


Anyone else notice how much bigger Romneys flag pin was verses Obamas?


What does the mean? My c--k is bigger than yours, so?

Swamp Fox

wheres doggie, the debate must have been racial, oh no his guy just got his "free" lunch handed to him. What we saw last night was the beginning of the end for Obama, the bunker mentality will now start for his supporters... 43 days until Independence Day and the end of the regime......


Michael Moore (the poor boy) had a meltdown over Pres. Obama's poor showing last night.


It's way past time that the fawning Obamasheeple saw the incompetence that many saw when this man first stepped onto the nation stage.

Pres. Obama is a PERFECT example of the "Peter Principle" - rising to one's level of incompetence.

Brock Lee



Pres. Obama reminds of the sniveling little child who after he is an assured clear distance from his adversary begins to launch into name calling.

At a campaign stop in Denver, Pres. Obama said:

"When he was asked what programs he would cut, the only thing he mentioned was public television," "Thank goodness someone is getting tough on Big Bird."

"It'll be interesting to see how what that guy who was pretending to be Mitt Romney says at our debate on foreign policy this month,"


This guy makes a mockery of good manners and the Office of the Presidency.

If he looked that unprepared and incompetent against Mr. Romney, imagine how he poorly he would personally stand up in talks with a seasoned punk like Iran's Ahmadinejad?


Not one person in this country should vote, they need to be forced to get us a candidate worth voting for! Both of these boys are out to do the same thing and that is RUIN OUR COUNTRY! They care about nothing, not one of us working people mean a da#* thing to them, and once we hit retirment age and are no longer out there busting our butts to pay the government they want us to die off immediately, hence the medical issues at hand and how healthcare is going to be run! This country is out of control and if the folks living in it dont take it back we will be living like the other 3rd world countries!


ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!!! Irregardless of what these Antichrist idiots trying to be in office think! Take a stand!


Off your meds?


There are 50 states in America Obama...not 57. There are 57 Islamic states......Freudian Slip? I think so.

Cliff Cannon

Heard a joke today: " One more 'debate' like this one and Obama is going to vote for Romney"

Brock Lee

naw he vote for his self cuz mitts a craker


On style alone Mittens won. On substance and truth the President won. Romney tole lie after lie, how many times did he he say, "Thats not my plan" or "I never said that". Romney flip flops so often he can't remember what he said last week and the week before that! Honestly I don't think the President felt well. He had many, many, chances to blow Romney out of the water and didn't. I bet we see a different debate next time.


@ Zippy:

Mr. Romney said those things because Pres. Obama was LYING!!!!

Pres. Obama didn't feel well? Now who's lying????


Winnie, I just had a feeling he wasn't feeling well. That does not make me a liar, you a-s. There is video of Romney saying different stuff every week! He wants to get rid of Obama Care, then, not all of it. He's pro life, he's pro choice, he supports gay rights (as he said when he debated Kennedy in 1994), now he does not. He was for national health insurance, now he's not. Flip flop, pander, pander. Who is he today, what does he stand for? What are his plans, he has none!


@ Zippy:

A "video"? Did you see it on the Internet?

Didn't you write that you don't trust stuff on the Internet? ROFLMAO!!!!

And since I'm reading you on the Internet, I shouldn't trust your nonsense either should I?

Love your "logic." LOL!!!

Remember: A vote for "Obamney" is a vote for change.


@44.....What you posted sounds a heck of a lot like Obama...the man you will be voting for. Against gay marriage now supports it. Pro life....no wait now pro choice.

Obama has no clue how to lead and govern a business (which was America is) and that has been proven.

Really are you ...

That was Flip Romney at the debate, if elected we will see Flop Romney. Is the real Romney plan, let America go bankrupt and sold to the highest bidder. There would be no National Debt then. If re elected Obama would still remain going down the Trail of Tears, providing Americans with false hope. Maybe Obamacare was meant to keep the majority drugged up so people would accept what has been happening for the last four years.

We need an alternate. Someone who will restructure NAFTA from Free Trade to Fair Trade. Tell Iran, Iraq, and Afganistan that we are leaving right now. Keep your little quarrels within your countries borders, if not, we will return and not rebuild the things that we level. Advance new energy production and leave OPEC alone. Bring jobs back to the United States. Because if there are more people working, you would not have to raise taxes on the few who are working. Make America an independent nation again, relying on no other nations for our financial mishaps.


Anyone who thinks Obama won that debate obviously was watching a different debate than I was. Romney clearly won.


thats why all the fact checker's are saying... Romney- truthful--- Obamass non-truthful. Of coarse he didnt feel well.. He drank some of his own kool-aide.


Yeah, all the fact-checkers...except all of them. Someone needs to remove their head from their colon.