Who won the debate - Obama or Romney?

With the presidency hanging in the balance, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed sharply Wednesday in their first debate, trying to convince voters they’re uniquely qualified to lead the country to full recovery from the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. The economy and domestic issues were the focus of the 90-minute showdown between the presidential candidates, the first of three nationally televised face-offs with an audience expected to total in the tens of millions. They met at the University of Denver at a time when the country remained closely divided between the two and millions of Americans are looking for the best path to restore jobs and paychecks. In your opinion, who won the debate and why?

Barack Obama
17% (17 votes)
Mitt Romney
78% (77 votes)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 99



@pooh bear
Did you lose all your brain cells....assuming you had any? I did not comment on the actual debate. Please read and comprehend my posts before you respond to it. I don't care how you viewed it or anyone else for that matter.


@ deertracker:

The article is about last night's debate.

Your hero Bill Maher watched it for you. From Twitter:

"Obama made a lot of great points tonight. Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney."

"i can't believe i'm saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter."




Thats cute that you actually think he could intelligently comment on anything.


the rapper is at it again!

jack langhals

I have no idea why why bother with a debate.Bozo stood there 3 1/2 years ago and lied and proved it.Now we are 16 trillion dollars more in debt,still giving aid to the enemy,cut Medicare 750 billion dollars and you have to be insane to even consider him.Now if your young and mislead like most are at a young age,no fault of their s,because the brain does not develop to make responsible decisions until your mid 20's.Also if you are not a veteran or christian,then you could consider him !

what the eff

I saw Obamney and Robama....one lies and the other one swears to it..they both suck and we are in trouble..Ah...i vote ..None of the above..again..


I got the impression Obama acted like he was giving Mitt enough rope to hang himself,( although he's gotten too comfortable and complacent as POTUS) there again, I'm not sure if I like a guy who threatens to fire Big Bird! But, I don't trust politicians, anyway, they all lie, cheat and steal. It doesn't matter to me what party they're in.

I think we're all screwed blue. And not in a good way. ;] ;]


LOL! I don't think he threatened to fire Big Bird...he just informed Big Bird that his government ride was over!


...oh I hope Big Bird will be on (not at) Mitt's table this Thanksgiving...


Here is my prediction:
It was all part of the plan. Obama to look "whipped" laid back...etc then boom, he steps up in the last debate to show a clear contrast of what the press has beaten him up about re:how he looked, acts in debate...never mind the issues and failures of his last 4 years. Then the "saviour" rises for the final "win."
Vote "NO"bama in "NO"vember!


Obamass talked longer than Romney and said less. You koolaide drinkers better wake up before its too late.


Someday I would love to see how Senator Rob Portman gets Republican candidates ready for debates. For a good laugh, go to YouTube and watch the clip titled "the Obama phone".




Gib me dem "cash and prizes".

In Venezuela, socialist Hugo Chavez is spreading "cash and prizes" to help win his election - little difference.

Really are you ...

Really, I am torn. Obama was constantly looking down, and Romney was shinning. Who fooled Americans the best? This is the same old story from both sides of the fence. Rupublican and Democratic, "Read my lips, No new taxes" to "(America needs) Hope and change." Whoever is elected, will they stick to what they are saying right now. Rome was not built in a day, as the rebuilding of America will take a long time.


re-building is the magic word. Obama is making it his mission to tear it down. People need to stop and think about what is happening around the world. Obie is giving money to countries that hate our guts and kill our people. We need someone in office with some balls. Its pretty clear over the last 4 years that Obamass has none.


Romney never elaborated on anything still dont know what his actions would be toward any economic growth, medicare, health reform ect. what i did hear was that things should be taken to the state level and that it should be privatized like health care. republicans put us in this mess what makes anyone think that a republican can get us out. unless romney is going to sell off america piece by piece?


The debate just proves that when bad boy "Barry" (minus his teleprompter) is confronted by someone who knows what they are talking about he can't compete because he doesn't know anything but a bunch of BS. I can't wait for the next two knock out punches that Mitt will deliver.


Obama again was out of his league and perhaps has finally realized that being black with charisma is not enough for perpetual messiah-like adoration.
Romney was very specific, succinct and showed control and leadership.

Romney * Ryan 2012


To the 7 people who voted that Obama won that debate, next time watch the debate instead of voting for the one who feeds you.


Obama won on facts. I feed myself, I work.


@ Zippy:

Pres. Obama "won" and OJ Simpson is innocent. LOL

It's a 'black' thing.


Good Winnie, bring race into it. What a dope.


@ Zippy:

What, you were unaware that blacks overwhelming thought that Simpson was innocent and whites thought that he was guilty?

And that 90% of black will be voting 'again' for Obama.

What's racial about it?

Brock Lee

to bad herman cain got beet down early by the media cuz if he was the gop canidate race wouldnt be a issue


Do you honestly believe that the black turnout in the polls in historic numbers because he was what?.....from Chicago? Heck, even Samuel Jackson voted for Obama simply by race and he even admitted to it. It would be no different than Sarah Palin being on the ticket this year....record turnout at the polls would be from what race or gender? Rhetorical question.

Second Opinion

FIRST time where Obama wasn't shielded by the press for his failures and he begs the moderator:

"maybe we should move to the next topic"


Exactly! lol it was almost comical


re rickross2... LMAO! well said


if anyone thinks obama won the debate...you gotta be out of touch with reality or in denial....Romney was head and shoulders above the president in every aspect....now lets the see if the liberal media come to the rescue of Obama