Who won the debate - Obama or Romney?

With the presidency hanging in the balance, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed sharply Wednesday in their first debate, trying to convince voters they’re uniquely qualified to lead the country to full recovery from the worst economic downturn since the 1930s. The economy and domestic issues were the focus of the 90-minute showdown between the presidential candidates, the first of three nationally televised face-offs with an audience expected to total in the tens of millions. They met at the University of Denver at a time when the country remained closely divided between the two and millions of Americans are looking for the best path to restore jobs and paychecks. In your opinion, who won the debate and why?

Barack Obama
17% (17 votes)
Mitt Romney
78% (77 votes)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 99



Romney won the debate by a country mile. He was more prepared and defended his point of view while the POTUS looked confused and disinterested. Obama said he would be a one term president if he did not half the national debt and bring down unemployment...well, he did neither


@ Fromthe419 - I thought Obama was very outmatched on the topic of our national debt, particularly how China owns over 1 trillion of if (that fact alone should scare the hell out of people). Like Romney I love Big Bird, but not enough to keep him on t.v. by borrowing cash from the Chinese.


I think Mitt Romney had a lot to say about nothing. He claims to have plans to this and plans for that , but.. Would not be exact on what those plans were. Would I trust him??? Hell no!


Totally agree with you! He repeated himself over & over again and basically said NOTHING that would make me want to vote for him.


Romney has to keep repeating things because there are so many Obama boneheads out there who can't even grasp some of the most basic concepts. Sorry but it's true.


No.. Romney has to keep repeating himself, because he wants to "convince "everyone that he knows what he is talking about. All he is , is full of B.S.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Reagan was a better President than actor, Obama seems to be a better actor than President.

jack langhals

That other person had all kinds of plans 4 years ago and how many turned out?i can't even say his name because I vomit.I could go on about the 16 trillion dollar debt.Ruining our military and there has to be some Christians left that would defend God.


And yet you trust "OBAMMY" In spite of the what has been said, not said, changed stories etc. on the events in LYBIA? Wow...I understand now why they say "Some people shouldn't have a vote"


Morning breezes, I see you have been drinking the Obama cool aid i.e talking points. Romney was very specific with his 5 point focus when he becomes president. In the time limited in a debate, you think he has time and resources to memorize legislation he will try to pass? After all, Obama's Democrats passed the health bill wihtout even reading the legislation, and now they want Romney details?


We are vomiting for Mitt.


kURTje - Hope you feel better before November's elections! LOL

jack langhals

You will rally vomit when His Muslim Buddies come to your house !

Brock Lee

didnt now mitt has muslim buddies

jack langhals

If you re elect Hussein you will find out who has Muslim buddies.When they haul you off to the ovens don't start complaining because I am warning you.You saw who bowed to His King in Saudi.You don't really think you elect the President,he is destined by The Skulls, The Illuminati,The Bilderberg Group etc.You don't really believe Bozo could bring down the Clinton's on his own.I was 7 years old when WW2 started and the old folks walked around saying the things happening in Germany were not possible and we would never be in a war.FDR was still negotiating with the Japs while the planes were in route.Read" Is Fanatic Islam A Global Threat" by Victor Mordecal.Jobs and the economy are only a small diversion,the real concern is survival !If you are a Christian you will be treated just like they are in the Muslim Countries.These people hate us and our way of life,just like Hitler hated the Jew's.

Brock Lee

i thought obama was a christien didnt his pastor stand up for him and did obama ever show his birth certificate or college diploma im still waiting for the free money he promised


Your comment is so ignorant. I'm sure if Obama wanted something this drastic to happen, he would have already made it happen. So just stop now before you make yourself look even more stupid


Just because Romney talked for more minutes doesn't mean he has anything to say. He can't articulate his plans or how he plans to accomplish his goals. He is clueless.

believe it

Everything you just said, related to Obama, not Romney. You must have been watching something entirely different because Obama is the one who sounded clueless last night and almost 70% of America agreed with that. The two minute closing statement by Obama was one of the worst 2 minutes of the night.


@ believe it:

Agree about the closing statement. That's the one you practice and it sounded like he threw it together on the fly - very, very poor.

Mr. Obama said that he was "OK" as a debater; guess he wanted to prove it.

swiss family

I am always amazed at the people , like you, who throw out the statistics like this without realizing how misleading they are.. I don't care if you are talking about Politics, or the economy, or budgets or whatever... when poll promoters use tainted statistics it is sad and laughable.... You proudly state that "almost 70%.. blah, blah, blah.... So for this fact to be anywhere close to the truth, that would mean that EVERYONE in the country was polled and these are the official results...that never happens!!! have you , or anyone that you know, or anyone that they know ever been asked their opinion for these polls??? that answer is NO... these Statistics come from professional "spin doctors" and anyone who believe them, or quotes them , only shows how pathetic they are...It is strange, as well, that on election day, the news channels will give "unofficial" results while the polls are still open , and have hours to go on the west coast... to me that is a way of influencing the vote, and should be against the law...it would be wonderful if we could actually have an election without all of the fraud...no giving early results, no confusing and twisted wording on proposed amendments..and politicians who need to have written proof that the facts that they are quoting, are real..


@ Ehovemom:

And Mr. Obama can articulate his plans and goals?

Other than more Ponzi schemes of borrow, print, tax and spend, spend, spend he's got nothin' and I've heard it all before - ad nausium

"Hope & Change" has become "Cash and Prizes."


Didnt Barry talk for almost 4 minutes more.


Sorry, but you are talking about Obama here. Every liberal media station give Mitt the debate and it wasn't even close. Blinders....you might want to take them off now.


Obama talked four minutes longer.

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swiss cheese kat

If it looks like a obama and quackes like a obama, it's a obama".

Swamp Fox

Obama without his teleprompter, sound bites looked just like he is, out of his league. When PMSNBC, CNN can't spin it for you, you were just whooped...... In the words of his own vice-president; "the middle class has been beaten down", much like Obama was last night... Romney looked like Ronald Reagan much like Obama looked and sounded like Jimmy Carter...


Jim Lehrer losing control helped provide one of the best back-and-forth Presidential candidate debate formats I've ever seen.

Without an audience to cheer him and to feed on, Mr. Obama appeared off his game. The contents of his speech seemed uncoordinated and poorly pieced together from campaign rhetoric.

The Campaigner-in-Chief appeared uncomfortable, stammered at times and looked like he couldn't wait to get it over with and hit another fundraiser or talk show.

I watched a little bit of MSNBC afterwards in order to get their reaction and they faulted Mr. Romney for taking over the debate and not playing fair.

As someone Tweeted: I hope he and Michelle celebrated their anniversary earlier.

Mr. Obama is 0-1.


I did not watch the debate nor do I intend to watch any of the future ones. They are not as important as some want us to think. The Obama haters will always say he lost and his supporters will say the opposite. Blah, blah, blah! What amazes me is the amount of money spent on both campaigns yet the economy is so BAD. Somebody has money and it is ashame this is how American politics work. Everything appears to be bought and paid for and most Americans seem okay with that. Win or lose a debate, President Obama is still my guy. Just imagine how things could be if the cons had worked with him just a little. BTW, Romney had to win....if he did.....or his support money was about to dry up. Honestly, I will be glad when it is all over and the focus is back on reviving this country.


@ deertracker:

If you didn't watch it, how can you intelligently comment on it?

I viewed it solely as someone who has given speeches and debated - Mr. Obama's performance was POOR.

Mr. Romney came across enthusiastic, confident and assured.