Bradley Charles Smith

Aug 5, 2015

Dec. 16, 1985 — Feb. 1, 2008

NORWALK — Bradley Charles Smith, 22, of Norwalk, died unexpectedly Friday at his residence.

Survivors and arrangements will be announced by Evans Funeral Home, 314 E. Main St.


hope (Anonymous)

another heroin case I hope not

oh my (Anonymous)

is this the brad smith that im thinking of that shoulda graduated in 2005 from norwalk??? wtf man we need to do somethin here norwalk pull ur heads together...3 herion cases in less than 4 months somethin is goin wrong....get it together people take a stand or somethin support ur peers get them help even if they dont want it...lets goooo

Danielle (Anonymous)

I cant believe this. This is terrible. Suicide needs to be investigated a little more. help these kids thats 2 people in 4 yeears ive known and been friends with that have killed themselves. and this is the 4th person thats died and been ivolved in heroin. my kid's dad and many of his friends have almost died due to heroin. and one of his girlfriends actually did die. isnt anyone watching?

a friend (Anon...

i think norwalk needs to do somethig about heroin in norwalk. it has taken too many lives and hurt too many people. why dont the police quit worying about the dumb stuff lie "jrb" for examle and work on the heroin use!

1st grade frien...

i use to love brad back when we were in 1st grade. i even baught him a crystal teddy bear with his birthstone in it, but never gave it to him. ive always held him dear to me because he is such an attractive guy. i always swore id give him that teddy bear one day (although the birthstone has fallen off over the years), but never did. now ill never have the chance. Rest In Peace Brad. And ill always keep that secret you let me in on back in 2003. much love- your secret lover

chris greene- a...


you were one of my first friends when i moved here in 2001. me you and buddy jackson, tony wisenburg and a few others, including greg hung out constantly, and you introduced me to alot of the people i am still good friends with. for any one who reads this needs to know there are people out there that you can talk to if you need help. brad, you didnt die from heroin, cause that is called an overdose. you died at your own hands because you wee backed into a corner in your own heart, and felt no-one cares. i do, and i thought about you alot , and as a matter of fact, i just mentioned you to my ol' lady... saying " i wonder what smitty is up too". i miss ya smitty, you were cared for bro.

It doesn't make...

Substance abuse has to start somewhere !!!!

Just weeks after letters were sent to the Huron County Fair board, the Huron county commissioners, The 4-H Extension office, The Huron county Sheriff, AND the Norwalk Reflector -- expressing strong concerns about alcohol abuse at the fair campsites, where 4-H children are exposed to alcohol, now the fair is considering selling alcohol. Where is the concern for our families, and CHILDREN. What happend to their community service? As the new sheriff would you control alcohol on the fairgrounds???????? "