Michael D. Brant

Jul 27, 2015

March 28, 1978 - July 5, 2007

MONROEVILLE - Michael D. Brant, 29, of Monroeville, died early Thursday morning from injuries sustained from a car accident.

He was born March 28, 1978 to Douglas G. and Lynette A. (Hersha) Brant Jr. of Monroeville and was a lifelong area resident.

He was a self-employed carpenter. He enjoyed drawing, doing mechanic work, wood working and writing poems.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his sons, Devin M. and Raven D. Brant, both of Willard; special friends, Amy Colyer of Norwalk and Jeff Collins of Willard; brothers and sister-in-law, Douglas G. and Christina Brant III of Vickery, Raymond R. Brant of Vickery, Brian K. Brant of Bellevue, and Timothy A. Brant of Monroeville; a sister, Melissa S. Brant of Monroeville; and stepsisters, Tracy Radcliffe of Sandusky and Tabatha Brant of Monroeville.

Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Walker Funeral Home, 98 W. Main St., Norwalk, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Bruce Perry will officiate.

Burial will be in Hester Cemetery, Bronson Township.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the Brant family.


K .M. Jeff's fr...

"To Good Person" The Brant family also saw Jeff the night of the tragic accident. They all know he was not hurt or scratched up. Just very sad. They all know the truth. They just dont want to believe it. Maybe Mike should haunt Tim for being a liar and trying to get out of something he knows he did.

aunt (Anonymous)

to K.M. Jeff's freind; the Brants didn't pay that much to what Jeff looked lke that night and when he went to the hospital he had a different shirt on then he had on earlier that evening so why don't you get your story straight before you try to stick up for this freak an Jeff you know that you let Tim have the keys if he even did have them and why are you so scaret of them all you do is hide an you know you did wrong so I hope you suffer more then Tim has to it's because of you that Mike is dead.Why did Jeff wear a long sleeved shirt for days because he didn't what anyone to see his arms so why lay for him.Mike is going to haunt Jeff and Amy Fulton for the rest of their lives and he will trust me he will

someone who car...

to Aunt: for your information Jeff did not wear long sleaves for days, Like I said I was with him the day after and he was fine. I saw him with no shirt on, and there was not one scratch on him. So leave it at that. And he thought of Mike as a brother and is very torn up about all this. And he is not hiding. I see him every day. And so does alot of the Brants, so lets just stop placing blame I believe everyone involved has enough in there thoughts to haunt them forever. For Jeff and Amy seeing the car and all will be with them forever also. And for calling him a freak is your own oppinion, He is a good guy and I would do anything for him. So Aunt back off: untill you actually know your facts. And dont place blame on people where blame doesnt belong.

Shame on the No...

to be posted on this website.

Term of use: This site belongs to everyone in the
community and everyone should feel welcome.
Feel free to offer criticism- we love a spirited
debate- but please do so with a modicum..
(this means with a little, small, ounce) of respect
for your neighbors.

I am sorry but I do not see that here from many of you.

someone that ha...

Just reading....the Brants has asked Tim if he remembers anything from that night.and sorry to say he was just so star-struck about losing his brother dieing that he could not remember a thing that happen after they left the bar that night.and still to this day,Tim has tryed and tryed to remember but can not remember a thing.He doesnt remember if he was driving the car or not. the only 2 people that knows the REAL truth and the whole truth is God and Michael himself. And sorry to say he can't remember anything like i said. Not even who was in the car. And even if Tim was driving the car Mike would never haunt him cause they're brothers. they love eachother no matter what happens. Mike loves all his family-he would never haunt any of them. EVER! but if someonelse was driving the car like we all think and is not coming forward and just leting it out-yea Mike might haunt them. who knows. I LOVE YOU MIKE R.I.P

aunt (Anonymous)

to someone who cares; I can put on here whatever I want if you think you can kick my a** bring it on because I'm ready for you stop talking trash because I'm sick of you all sticking up for Jeff and Amy Fulton she was at the bar earlier with Jeff you know ourself that Jeff didn't have driver licence so he had to put the blame on someone so why know Tim Jeff why not come clean and Mike and Jeff weren't like brother get your story straight they were just good freinds and Jeff would only let himself and Mike drive his car and that is a fact that is straight from Jeff.So there if Jeff wouldn't have drove that car that day then this would never have happened so just keep sticking up for Jeff this will haunt you for the rest of your life and I hope Mike haunts you Jeff which I know he will

someone that ha...

to aunt-well said. you people do keeed to get your story straight befor you come on here and trash talk

#1 (Anonymous)

Jeff wasn't driving. The Brants want someone to blame. Face the facts... it was Tim. He was the driver and he will be held resopnsible for his actions. I hope he spends the rest of his life in hell where he belongs. Stop making yourselves look stupid by pointing fingers at people. You proven just how ignorant your family is by all you lame comments!

to #1 (Anonymous)

you put your name on here kim but as a brant i still don't know who you are so keep your comments to yourself if you hated that brants so much why are you spending all your time talking about us why do you talk so much sh*t? tell us and who you are

someone whos kn...

Hey Kim your saying stop pointing fingers right? well it looks to me that your pointing your finger at Tim. how about you stop pointing your finger b!tch

A Reader (Anonymous)

Since when do grown men stop being responsible for their own actions? How old is Tim? Not 5yrs. Over 18 right? Im pretty sure adult age is 18 now. Stop blaming someone else for his actions. He is a grown adult. No one was in charge of him but himself. From what Ive read no one dumped the alcohol down is throat and made him get drunk. It doesnt sound like anyone pushed him into the car and made him drive at a fast rate of speed. I do feel sorry for him for the torment he is probably going through emotionally. But people need to put the blame where it is deserved as hard as it maybe. Just because they do doesnt mean they hate him you can still love him and back him up. He just made a bad decision. But that is somthing he is gonna have to deal with.

Johnny Dangerou...

Please Brants and friends of the Brants, Stop replying to the comments on here and this thing will drop of the top 10 list quickly. I feel for your lose, but replying to the comments on here just gets these people more incentive to poke and prod at you. I know it is hard to ignore, but please it is the only way these people will get bored and stop.

K.M. (Anonymous)

Talking about people getting their story straight. How about you lady. Jeff wasnt at Charlies earlier. He was at Mikes dads house with Mike and no one wants to mention that those guys drank a half gallon of JIM BEAM there. Then they Jeff Mike Tim went to Havanah Tavern then to Jamie Brants house and then to Charlies. Jeff was with Mike and Tim all night. You can put all the scenarios together you want but thats not what happened. You people should just let the police handle this.

someone that ha...

So your saying stay out of this huh??? Well how about you stay off of here if your really that comcerned.

wmd666 (Anonymous)

hello i am a racicist brant just want to say fuc* you nigge* loving baste*RDS SO WHEN YOU COONS DIE OFF THEN IT'LL BE A BETTER WORLD... HAHAHAHAHAAHA6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666////??????

T$Robinson (Ano...

thank you .."A Reader" you have spoken the truth , plain and simple .. everyone must be responsible for their own actions !! there was no one else in the car that night , and no one forced them to get as drunk and disorderly as they were ... you said it plain and simply .. the Brant's should take the responsibility for their own actions , no matter how tragic the results of those actions are !

someone who has...

T$- stay out of this. its not your family and none of your buisness. so Stay out. no one needs you here. and your to cents. their Kim is that better B!tch

little ole' me ...

to someone who knew mike...robinson has his or her nose in everybodies business. And the more you debate with him or her the worse they get. He or she must know something no one else knows since he or she knows how intoxicated they were and who was driving and now he or she adds that they were disorderally that night. Maybe he or she was the driver, they seem to know so much about the whole incident. T$Robinson has to be ignored or else you'll be playing right into his or her hands. The more you try to rationalize with this *ss the worse he or she gets.

little ole' me ...

God Bless the Brant Family and RIP Mike!

???? (Anonymous)

every last one of you who are posting comments on this man's obit page have no morals. all you are doing is feeding fuel to the fire. the only reason i am posting is to let everyone know how immature and disrespectful you are being to the dead as well as the living family members. some of you will atop at nothing to keep this thing open, but yet beg the reflector to shut it down.give me a break. let sleeping dogs lye already. everyone is intitled to their opinion, but use a little couth before voicing it!!!!

Someone who has...

So ????: your saying that i should just stay out of here and let every1 talk bad about a great man?? i dont think so. none of these people on her(the one's talking bad) know Mike. so as far as im concerned they can leave. and yes i have begged the reflector to take this off and i even called them. they wont take it off. they even told me that. i think it's all little to disrespectful why everyones on here talking about doing things to his grave and what-not. this whole thing has gotten a little to out of hand. let the great man R.I.P. please. oh and while im on that subject are you calling Mike a dog? you said 'let sleeping dogs lye already' Mike is much more than a dog. he was a wounderful person. i loved him very much. And if thats what your saying maybe YOU havent met him before. you want to know why everyone has known Mike as a trouble maker? because no matter how hard he tryed no one would give him the credit he desirved to get. no one would give him even a second of their time. he tryed so hard and did so much and yet people still put him down and everytime he took 1 step forward he'd get pushed 2 back. take a walk in his shoes and see how you like it.

guess who (Anon...

The reason Big Bob isn,t giving his real name is because he is a child raptist and has been seen giving little kids drugs.
Hey we know who you are and you are a piece of trash, you call yourself Big Bob but you are just a little boy or you would give your real name.

#1 (Anonymous)

To Guess Who: you said in your comment that you knew who Bob was, well then why are you calling him a baby saying he should say his real name. You don't know who it is and therefor you shouldn't be saying he's giving little kids drugs. Your family is the one handing out the drugs. Stop trying to once again point the finger at someone else. You must have a sick mind to lie and say someone is a child rapist, your the piece of trash. The difference between your comments and mine is that I tell the truth, You make up lies!

someone who's k...

#1-really you tell the truth! ha ha ha thats real funny. you told many lies that people has caught you in. so there. get you story straight and leave the Brants alone. cause you must be a piece of trash to keep calling them pieces of trash. b!tch

reflector (Anon...

i hope the brants do something about this the reflector is going to be sorry they let this go on for so long you got the dumbest people in the world working there to me you all are thash just like #1 and ME AND BIG BOB i hope all you selfish people go to hell you are not showing any respect the reflector are a$$holes thats all there is to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f~ck the reflec...

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#3 (Anonymous)

How about everyone stop all the comments and don't respond to the disrespectful people on here and maybe this whole thing will stop. I can't believe that there is actually people that call themself adults would write these things on a mans obituary page.

A piece of mind...

I really hope the Brants do somthing about this. This is absolutly rediculas, This Is Harrasment!
I cant believe the reflector hasnt taken this off yet. Its Been a month and you all are still trashing the family.

#1 (Anonymous)

Hey Someone Who Knows Mike: This is #1, could you please tell me one lie that I've been caught in? I speak only the truth. Don't hate me because your last name is Brant and you can't be me. I know it must be awful to be part of such a low income, white trash family. Maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to find someone to marry you and your last name will change. You might have to go to another state to find that guy though, noone around here will marry a Brant. Ofcourse except for a Hersha or Grosswiler. I hear your cousins Ray and Toby like to "keep it in the family"! I'm sure you know what I mean. What's the Brants famous saying, " Incest is the best, put your cousin to the test"!

Jeff Supporter ...

Jeff, I hope you read this. I still love you even though I haven't seen you in a red hot minute. I know you didn't do anything wrong. That' should teach you though for hanging around people like the Brants. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you sometime outside of our usual meeting place!