Michael D. Brant

Aug 28, 2015

March 28, 1978 - July 5, 2007

MONROEVILLE - Michael D. Brant, 29, of Monroeville, died early Thursday morning from injuries sustained from a car accident.

He was born March 28, 1978 to Douglas G. and Lynette A. (Hersha) Brant Jr. of Monroeville and was a lifelong area resident.

He was a self-employed carpenter. He enjoyed drawing, doing mechanic work, wood working and writing poems.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his sons, Devin M. and Raven D. Brant, both of Willard; special friends, Amy Colyer of Norwalk and Jeff Collins of Willard; brothers and sister-in-law, Douglas G. and Christina Brant III of Vickery, Raymond R. Brant of Vickery, Brian K. Brant of Bellevue, and Timothy A. Brant of Monroeville; a sister, Melissa S. Brant of Monroeville; and stepsisters, Tracy Radcliffe of Sandusky and Tabatha Brant of Monroeville.

Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Walker Funeral Home, 98 W. Main St., Norwalk, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Bruce Perry will officiate.

Burial will be in Hester Cemetery, Bronson Township.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the Brant family.


#1 (Anonymous)

Hey HOB: I tried to call your number but it's diconnected, imagine that, Or you ran out of minutes on your PRR PAID phone, can't get a real one with bad credit huh! So you can threaten me all you want, you do know me, put it all together and think of all the trouble your family caused to mine you piece of sh*t. To bad you weren't in the car to, one more of you off the planet would be even better! Your right, what goes around comes around and your family is getting what they deserve!

TO # 1 (Anonymous)

on his phone it says to try your call later so why don't you stop being a smart a$$ you said that hob threaten you how did he do that unless you are the one that said you was going to do all of that bullsh_t to mikes grave and i am a brant and still do not know who you are.
love and miss you mike

just little ole...

To #1--you sound like a real piece of shi* to me. Talk about trash, you need to be sat out on the curb with the rest of the trash!

Hob's Aunt (Ano...

I have put alot of things on here, even the one that said people need to put there real name. You go Hob and anyone else that needs to stick up for them self. God Bless You All

Hob"s other aun...

you go boy I'm just as sick as you are about all these people talking sh*t about all you guys yes Mike was a great guy and you remember that all you are great kids your mom and dad did a real good job at bring you all up the people that talk all this trash sure don't want to back up their sh*t do they ?Sounds like to me they are they trash love all you guys and by the way all you trash a** people my last name isn't Brant why don't all you trash leave my sister and my brother-in-law and their family alone you all just what to see my family suffer more than they are ready are and you guys are just asking for trouble by running your mouths on everyone.

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All you people on here are pussies. You cant even say your names when you talk sh*t. I guess if my mouth was full of bullshit I wouldn't want people knowing who I am either. Your all scared. Instead of just saying who you are you hide behind your screen names thinking your clever. Have bad things been happening to you people? Money running low, babysitter called off, people being rude to you, are you getting road rage more and more often?..... ITS KARMA..... Believe it. It has all you sh*t talkers and you cant run from it. You already said the nasty things on here and all you can do is ask for forgiveness before something really bad happens. - RReneeM

Rachel (Anonymous)

Satan punishes you with his little devils and Gods always with the people who have him in their heart.

Clearly none of you people have a heart. If you did you would have known to keep your comments to yourself. If you had a heart God would have told you "No, Dont write that, he's rite here beside me." But since none of you have a heart- you missed that memo. People who dont know the Brants -just like you dont- some if not most have a heart and put their RESPECTS in here to help his family heal. You have done nothing of that sort so there for it is up to god and his karma to punish you.

aunt (Anonymous)

my money isn't running low,don't need a babysitter ,know one is rude to meI don't have road rage and and my mouth isn't full of bullsh*tit is just that I'm sick and tried of you people putting them down they are human people to if something like this ever happened to your family you wouldn't want people to say stuff like you are putting on here about your family so could you please it rest and not all the Brants are bad people if you would get to know them so could you please stop putting them down

re aunt (Anonymous)

"nice" people should not be at this time saying the thing there saying this family has had a greet lose. I don't know the brants never met them that i know of sorry for your lose. People should think what if this was your family not everyone is liked by every budy.

To this Family ...

To this family i am the mom of the 16 year old that was in the bar drinking. I did't no your story ontill after i put this one out . I hope that you can bring this bar down, and i'm sorry for what happened to your family its hard to losse a love one and my god be with you. I know as a mom we do all that we can do for are kids and can not be there 24/7 to make sure there ok. But for this bar owner you need to know what is going on in your place. You killed more then just this man you took a part of his family.Just to put more money in your hands sad.

Thinking (Anonymous)

Thinking it’s so simple for the intoxicated citizens of Norwalk to put the responsibility on the parents or on the Brants for drinking too much. We ought to start looking at the bars that don't ID and just keep supplying more drinks to an individual that already had more then they should. This is the business they decide to open, and should be held responsible for their part in it. If you are a bar owner you need to know what is going on in your establishment or you need to be closed down. These are people’s lives that you are playing with. We have two families that lives are changed because of this bar owner not doing her job the right way. There are even more families out there that lives are being affected by these places that we have not heard from. As the 16 year old had under age friends with her. What else is going to happen for this town to wake up and see that this bar is not more important then are kids and a person’s life? What has this world come to when going out and having a place like this to party in is more important then this individualizes life and the future of our kids? These are our children and what type of parents would we be if we just sit back and say its ok for an establishment like this to do as they please, and put the blame all on to the parents that maybe doing a good job to start with. Kids will do what ever they think they can pull off and we all know that once some individualizes start to drink they my not know when to stop as their judgment is effected by the alcohol. That is when the owner or employees need to step up and do their jobs or as I said before not be opened. I would think that life is more significant then a bar. Business like this should not be able to corrupt are youth. If this establishment was doing it job then a 16 year old girl would not have been able to enter the door. Charlie’s and all these other establishments that think it is “OK “to corrupt are young adults (under age) we need to show them that the parents of this town will not stand by and let it be done. There is more places that adults can party in lives can not be replaced and the time that is token away from a family with their loved ones can not be given back. Is there not already too many alcoholic’s in this town why would the bars need the business of are kids?

to #1 (Anonymous)

it's people like you who make people like the brants do some of things that they do. you are just asking for trouble making comments like the last one you just made. i can't believe you would tell them to piece it together to figure out who you are and then in the same breath tell hob that it's too bad he was not in the car. that is probably one of the stupidest things i have ever heard!!! maybe he did threaten you at one time, but after reading your comments it suonds like you probably deserved it. god help you if they figure out who you are because i think anyone in this situation would want the satisfaction oof whooping your a**.

Hob's Girl (Ano...

come on #1 tell us who you are? awwww are you scared that you might get your a** kicked? hahaha that's ok your day will come and you'll wonder why u are having such horrible luck and then it will dawn on you, how heartless you really are and that you are getting what you deserve. I missed the comment about you saying too bad Hob wasn't in the car, that's real nice, you know he has children and a family. He may have disrespected you but i know for a fact that brian only disrespects those that come at him first. He always likes everyone until they do him wrong in some way. So come on #1 tell us who you are so we can laugh at you when brian gets ahold of you!

rockstar!@$%&3 ...

those of you talking sh*it need to get your stories straight, mike was a great man and prolly the best that i've ever been around he has taught me allot. i love you mike and always will, i misss you 7.5.07 rest in peace.

aunt (Anonymous)

to Hobs girlfreind hey if you need any help to whipp her a** let me know I don't make it a habit to fight but she really needs her a** beat are running her mouth on everyone I'm the aunt that stays to myself so Hob should know who Im I only see evertone once in a great while so he knows who I'm.Just give me a call hope you get her before I do you well always be in my heart and in my Prayers Mike you will be missed dearly you were a great man and dad


FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT..........my thoughts and and prayers are with this young mans famiily and friends. Losing a loved one is extremely difficult at best. No one is perfect, and you should not judge others unless you are perfect by everyone's standards, not just your own.

Wishing Peace T...

I have heard all the stories about this tragedy, and to all of they people talking trash about this family: Can't you just let them be. Don't you understand what they are going through? You really need to think before you talk. This man had a family that he cared about. He had kids, can't you think of them rather than thinking about yourself and what you think? His kids will grow up and do you want them to see this then? You people must not have kids to have to think and care about someone else other than yourself. JUST THINK. My condolences to the family.

I agree (Anonymous)

take this crap off of here. You should be ashamed that you let people play on someone's misery.



mikes freind (A...

u know what the one tell me who u are and ill kick ur as* and if u do discimanat his grave and this is his sister freind so tell me who u are u puss* because mikes brothers will hurt u utill u cant walk u bit** so write me back a** hole and prove 2 me ur a real man and full name a** hole because ur a** is beat bye A** hole

mikes freind (A...

fu #1 ur a little puss ur just scared of the brants beacuse theyll bea* ur as**bye b*tch u disrive 2 rot in hel*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! call hobs agian in a few days bye bye sleep tight keep ur butty hole tight u faget and sleep with ur eyes open b*tch happy ur a** is kicked day ur a** is theres!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha b*tch

Just reading (A...

To Good person or any one else in this family.... What does Tim say about all of this? Does he say he was driving? I mean he would know who was in the car right? What is he saying?

Just reading (A...

To Good person or any one else in this family.... What does Tim say about all of this? Does he say he was driving? I mean he would know who was in the car right? What is he saying? Why won't Mike haunt Tim if he was driving? But he would haunt someone else? I dont understand.

aunt (Anonymous)

to just reading;i heard that Tim wasn't driving there was a third party in the car but they won't come forward and Tim did make out a police report god bless Tim and Mike is behind Tim all the way Mike would never haunt Tim they were more than brothers they were also best freinds and buddies

T$Robinson (Ano...

to the Brant family , i do sincerly sympathize with you at this terrible time ,i just don't see what good it does though , to think and hope that there was a third person in the car that night ? maybe it would feel better for you to think that there was someone , who was not a family member , who was responsible for this tradgedy, but it is highly unlikely that there could have been anyone else involved in this , who was in the car , and escaped unharmed..it just doesn't make any sense .. and i also realize that it is painful to accept , but , i am sorry but Tim is responsible for his actions that night.. it doesn't make him a bad or evil person though .. it was definately a mistake on his part , and we have all made mistakes , almost on a daily basis, his mistake happened to be a fatal mistake , unfortunately.

UNKNOWN (Anonymous)

To T$Robinson fi you weren't there how do you know there wasn't a third party

sick of robinso...

robinson, go away, no one cares what you have to say! Go play in the street while masterbating, hehehehehehe

..... (Anonymous)

hey #1. my last name is not Brant, just so you know this,but I do know Mike and I love him with all my heart. Mike was a great man. Every1 that knew him like i do knos how great that man is. And i would feel pretty sorry for you if you did that.spiting on his grave!?!?!? what kinda person can you be? and if your so BIG and BAD A$$ state your name. And to the one.....srry hun. but not everyone in the Brant family is rasist like you try to say they are. because i just so happen to know that they have a mixed person in that family. AND her last name just so happens to be Brant. B!tch. so love a black person. no one cares about your love life sweetie. so before you to state things,please do make sure there TRUE. oh-almost forgot are yu to the same people? #1 and the one??? just woundering. B!TCH3$

to whoever (Ano...

you know i called the paper to try to get this off and they wouldn't do you know the shooting in sandusky they stoped the comments cause of racist comments now i think this is alot worse than that they are leting you pepole put the family down for almost a month this is bullsh*t i think the paper needs to take it off or the family really needs to do something about this there are racist comments and alot worse like doing thing to his grave now if this don't come off thats real f*cked up

someone who car...

To Good Person** Not sure how you get your information, but I personaly know Jeff and saw him the day after this tragic accident, If he was in that car he would have had some type of injury on his body. He had nothing not even a scratch. So I think you need to get your facts straight. Let these people grieve and stop blaming people for things they did not do. Everyone that was involved in this, is grieving there loss of a special person.