Michael D. Brant

Oct 10, 2015

March 28, 1978 - July 5, 2007

MONROEVILLE - Michael D. Brant, 29, of Monroeville, died early Thursday morning from injuries sustained from a car accident.

He was born March 28, 1978 to Douglas G. and Lynette A. (Hersha) Brant Jr. of Monroeville and was a lifelong area resident.

He was a self-employed carpenter. He enjoyed drawing, doing mechanic work, wood working and writing poems.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his sons, Devin M. and Raven D. Brant, both of Willard; special friends, Amy Colyer of Norwalk and Jeff Collins of Willard; brothers and sister-in-law, Douglas G. and Christina Brant III of Vickery, Raymond R. Brant of Vickery, Brian K. Brant of Bellevue, and Timothy A. Brant of Monroeville; a sister, Melissa S. Brant of Monroeville; and stepsisters, Tracy Radcliffe of Sandusky and Tabatha Brant of Monroeville.

Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Walker Funeral Home, 98 W. Main St., Norwalk, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Bruce Perry will officiate.

Burial will be in Hester Cemetery, Bronson Township.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the Brant family.


Get Real (Anonymous)

My mother certainly taught me respect ... as well as proper grammar!! As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever threatening to bash anyone's face in at any time in my life. I've never considered committing grand theft, using cocaine, or beating my wife. It appears that the matriarchs of the Brant family have failed to teach their children these basic life principles.

#1 (Anonymous)

Get Real: Do you really think that the Brants know what the word matriarchs means? You might need to break it down for them.

Bethany (Anonymous)

I wonder ... to all those who want to leave argumentative notes here about this young man and his untimely death... Do you realize how fortunate we all are to have life itself, do you believe in Karma or Jesus Christ? What ever you believe in - if it supports you talking bad about someone who was loved by his family and friends? Who are you to add that kind of trauma to a family that is already living with it due to their loss? Do you know it is what is in a persons heart that counts? How dare you! I send my condolences to the family that loved him.. I did not know him personally but I feel for the family.

oh my ! (Anonymous)

Oh my lord! I have been a little upset at myself lately because I'm making some spelling mistakes as I age.I love spelling,reading,English.Well,I have never seen such horrible grammer in my entire life!!!Some people need to use word perfect or get out there& buy& most of all USE a dictionary!!!!

my story (Anonymous)

my story about a priest.my husband was raised in the catholic church in monroeville.when his mother passed away,on that very same day,during the ceremony at st.joes church-he went to accept communion with others, as did his other 2 brothers also.well after the burial we returned to the church for the social afterwords.we had walked through the doors& the minister raised his voice loudly to my husband to "come over here" so my husband walked over to him.then the father stopped 1 of my brother-in-laws in his tracks also.he would not talk in front of me or my sister-in-law.so we walked away a little bit, as to give them more privacey.in short,he reprimanded these guys because they never had him marry us!then he asked them "why they were not married in his church?"then they told him we were not catholic! holy toledo! you would have thought that the world had ended!he told my husband he should be ashamed of himself for accepting communion on that day! the day he buried his mother!so as i know we are all responsible for our own actions in this life.so it sure would be nice if some of the catholic parish didn't act like they are all that & a bag of chips!!!because i won't be buying that kind!!


Ok, just to get this straight for everyone here, especially "Get Real". A Matriarch is the female head of a family or tribal line. Please use dictionary.com before posting anything else and another thing; get off your computer and quit writing degrading things about the Brants just to make yourself feel better. How pathetic.

member (Anonymous)

To My Story: I'm sure that there's more to this story than your telling. I've been a member of that church for the last 29 years. I left for a couple years in my early 20's and was welcomed back with open arms. I was married out side of that church and yet the Priest accepted me , my husband, and children back as if nothing happened. So you said yourself that you weren't present during the conversation, I wonder what was really said!

just little ole...


mae (Anonymous)

First I would like to say how deeply sorry I am to the family for the loss of Michael. For the rest of you people who have written these terrible comments you should all be ashamed. These people have lost a life and all you can do is shoot them down and make them feel even worse. Who the hell do you think you are. I can't belive that there are people out there that are this cruel. You all have serious issues to write such terrible things about this family and Micheal don't you people realize that they have lost a life in their family. I hope that when you all lose a life in your family mean and rude comments are written about them. Even if you don't like the family You are no better then them to write these things about their family member. Has it ever occured to you people that you are sick and twisted? I think everyone who has written something bad about this family and Micheal is nothing but trash. Grow up. And again to the Brant family Im very sorry about your loss, I'll keep you all in my prayers.

aunt (Anonymous)

to whoever wrote about the Brants,Grosswilers and the Hersha's well just to let you know I'm one of them and know would ever write something like that about any person that works for the lord the way you talk on here I think you might want to ask the lord to forgive you sounds like you better clean your own steps before you start on this family if people can't say something nice in here then they need to stay off the lord will get all who writes all this bad stuff and I hope God will forive you

F*ck you all .....

I know one Hersha imparticular. He is the father of my nephew. Though jail is part of his life it doesnt mean that he is a bad man. Joe is a wonderful man. He -Like Mkey- Has a golden heart. They are cousins and cared for eachother like brothers. That is just how their family works. They LOVE eachother and care for the others well being. JAIL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO THEY ARE INSIDE.
..........................................................You people judge what they do in their body but you cant judge their soul. That is something you or anyone else on this F*CKIN thing seem to forget. YOU ARE NOT GOD. YOUR OPINIONS DONT MEAN SH*T. Your thoughts and the way you judge people is heard by God and your showing him how cruel and heartless you all are. Your judgement day will come and he'll judge you how you judge people.
If you think no one should be able to make a mistake then by hell you shoudlnt be able to make a mistake.
If you think that people shouldnt lie then by hell you shouldnt lie.
If you think people shouldnt steal then you shouldnt steal.
If you dont want no-one to judge you then by hell you shouldnt judge anyone. GET IT.


R.I.Peace Mikey D. Brant

F*ck you all .....

Outraged wrote on Jul 12, 2007 6:52 PM:
" What type of person are you to call the Priets an a**hole? You must be a Brant, or some branch of the family. Probably a Hersha or Grosswiller right. No one in there right mind would say that about a man of the Lord! I hope you join Mike in hell for making a statement like that you piece of crap!

Listen here you dumb b*tch. you werent there. The priest had the mentality like all of you who are bashing the man. How would you like to go to the loved ones funeral and have your son or brother bashed by a PRIEST. HUH? WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.

They never get a break. NOT ONCE!!!!!!!!! NOT F*CKING ONCE. Think of how peachy your life must be and it makes it all better by saying foul mouth things about someone who IS better than you. Mikey is dead and he is STILL better than all of you. God only takes the good ones to be on his side. Mikey was so great he couldnt wait until he got old to take him. he wanted him now. Think of what your purpose is in life and Im SURE you know that it isnt bashing someone after they are passed.


jeff (Anonymous)

I rest my case.

someone who kno...

Jeff You werent there. There was man named jeff driving behind them. He owned the car that tim was driving. You have nothing to do with this. I am of no relation to the Brants but, I would have loved to be seeing as how they are better people than any of you would ever be.

I put jeffs name in here earlier saying it was not his fault because it wasnt. you dont know the family. and you werent called at 4. am with devastating news that someone you love. someone you just saw that same day... was now dead... I dont think you understand what all your hurtful comments are doing to poeple.

The One (Anonymous)

You Brants, and followers have proved my point. Look how you talk and act. No wonder you have such a bad name. And to the person who's nephew is a Hersha, you said jail is a part of his life, well I know Joe and I know he is a racist just like Mike and the rest of the family. So let me tell you what this Nigge* Lover is gonna spit on mike's grave every time I'm there. I hope I see Joe so I can spit on him to. All of you mean less to this world than the dog sh*t on the bottom of my shoe! I think I'll make a special trip to Norwalk just to spit and piss on his grave. Maybe I'll take a big sh*t on it, that's all he's worth. So fu*k you and your family!1

Tracey (Anonymous)

You Brants talk about karma, well it looks like your getting what you deserve now. Your right, what goes around comes around, I wonder how many more family members of your will die before your even with all the wrong you've done. You get what you deserve.


Ok, I've heard enough. This is exactly why I moved from that white trash little county. Tracey and The One, I pray for your souls. You are heartless, souless human beings and you are not exempt from mistakes or sin. This is horrible that you can come on this forum and state these things as if you are all high and mighty. The only reason you both are typing on here is because no one can see you or knows who you are. Pathetic, white trash is what makes Huron County a nasty place to live in. It's people just like you that I do not want my children around. I seriously hope The One and Tracey do not have children. What kind of examples are you to them? Maybe one day when you pass they will have to deal with white trash writing these kind of things about you on your Obituary forum!!! Shame on you. You two better get right with God.

Wow (Anonymous)

I cannot believe that this is happening. A person lost his life. A friend lost a companion, a family lost their son. Nobody is asking you if you liked him or not. Perhaps he did or didn't make a difference in your life, good or bad, but he still was a person. Lost souls are to be loved, even those with habits you and I don't understand. You have now become what you apparently hated him for. Please take time out to think about this. I do believe in Karma and I am not sure you aren't creating your own with these nasty letters. He is gone never to bother you again. May he rest in peace and may you be able to find peace within yourself so you don't have to go around spitting to make yourself feel better.

sick of you all...

this is to; "THE ONE", if someone made that comment to me that they would p*ss and sh*t on one of my family members grave believe me, I'd lay and wait for your a** if it took a week. Then when you were done I'd make you lick it up and then I'd kill your worthless a**, believe me!! And fyi, I am not a brant, hersha, or whatever other names of people you are calling trash. Better yet why not bury your a** alive right there with them, see how you'd like that. You are scum! I hope the brants now who you are and deal with you properly. You don't disrespect people like that! Your day will come and you will remember this, you will suffer a long painful death, karma.

to whoever (Ano...

no the brants don't know who THE ONE is thats why she or he is talking sh_t on the computer thats all it is its sh_t talk trust me that person will be lucky if she or he don't go to hell for thinking that way.r.i.p mike we miss and love you

the one, #1 (An...

are you the same people THE ONE and #1????

Dawn (Anonymous)

Wow, seems to be alot of drama on here, but I really just wanted to leave a note in case the family would read this. I knew the Brant's many years ago and I hadn't seen Mike in I don't know how many years until a few weeks before he died. I'm glad that I got to see him one last time and even got a hug from him. I think perhaps God planned that out for me knowing that he'd be gone soon. I know the family doesn't have the best reputation, but I do remember this of them (and most of them I haven't seen in over 10 years), and that is this family truly did love eachother. I will always remember that that they were not only family, but also friends. So if anyone here talks to the family tell them that I am so sorry about Mike and that I would have tried to go to his funeral, but I didn't find out about his passing until afterwards. Rest in Peace Mike and thanks for the memories.

just little ole...

like "#1" or "the one" would ever tell. They are gutless cowards hiding safely in their homes behind their computer screens, isn't that right! They can't hide from God though, karma, don't forget that word, look up the meaning. Here, I will help you. KARMA; THE EFFECTS OF A PERSONS ACTIONS THAT DETERMINE HIS DESTINY IN HIS NEXT INCARNATION. So, good luck too you!

other (Anonymous)

mikey couldn't hind from Karma either.

sick of all the...

I think all you people that talk all this garbage, need to put your real names. That way we can all see if you are better then everyone else in this world that God has placed here


I don't know your family or your BROTHER that was killed,but i do know that i am so very deeply sorry for you
and your Familys pain. I will say a prayer for all of you, but i know nothing can take this pain away except
God. For all the assholes that want to keep putting you and your Family down in your time of pain, well i
guess they think there sin less what a laugh. They already have a sin and thar is passing Judgement on your
Family. My prayer and thoughts are with all the Brant Family.

HOB (Anonymous)

this is BRIAN BRANT, and i am mikes brother. where do u people get off downgrading all of us. if u really have that big of a problem, with my brother and our family then give me a call. u don't see us going out and looking for trouble and just to clear up the story about the sheriffs being at the grave site, sorry get ur story right, our oldest brother doug had a seizure because he couldn't handle the pain!!!! whoever said they were gonna piss on mikes grave, i hope u have enough guts to say who u are because u just brought the brant trouble on yourself. if we are such bad people none of u are any better by running your mouths because u are just asking for it. how would u like it if your mom died and i said she was filthy trash, then you all would be signing a different tune. grow some balls and come talk to me. i'll gladly talk to each and every one of you. my number is 419-681-7075.

mike was a great, great man, how dare all of u say stuff like this in a time of dispair. if he was still alive would you say stuff like this to mike? that's right u wouldn't. u may be able to talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, can u walk the walk?

feel free to call me all of u who wanna down grade me and my family, i'll be happy to talk!!

JADA (Anonymous)

i have been a member of the brant family for 4 years and hopefully for alot more also! this family is full of great, kind hearted people who care about everyone around them. mike was the funniest person i have ever met and the greatest, i loved him like a brother. he always new how to have fun and he was certainly the life of the party!!
all of you who are downgrading the brants, you are no better than u say we are! how dare u say things like this in a time of dispair. u have no morals or ethics, this page is for mike and his loved ones, not creeps that have nothing better to do than talk smack. GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!


big heath (Anon...

please understand this.mike may be gone but he was loved
and respected by many.if mike didnt bring any joy to your
life it was because you wernt worthy...........
please feel free to discuss this with me at any time. we love you mike

T$Robinson (Ano...

it is truely a sad and difficult time for all of the Brants family and friends . it is not our duty or responsibility to judge the character of Mike and Tim , nor can we judge the intention of them either , but the fact is that they were drinking and driving , and that is illegal , and very dangerous . it is our responsibility to see to it that Tim is properly punished by the law , because he violated the law , and because he took someone's life. it is not up to us to determine, if he will go to spend his eternal life , that is God's job .. please be alittle respectful of the Brants feelings and emotions , our business in this is only to oversee the punishment phase