Michael D. Brant

Sep 1, 2015

March 28, 1978 - July 5, 2007

MONROEVILLE - Michael D. Brant, 29, of Monroeville, died early Thursday morning from injuries sustained from a car accident.

He was born March 28, 1978 to Douglas G. and Lynette A. (Hersha) Brant Jr. of Monroeville and was a lifelong area resident.

He was a self-employed carpenter. He enjoyed drawing, doing mechanic work, wood working and writing poems.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his sons, Devin M. and Raven D. Brant, both of Willard; special friends, Amy Colyer of Norwalk and Jeff Collins of Willard; brothers and sister-in-law, Douglas G. and Christina Brant III of Vickery, Raymond R. Brant of Vickery, Brian K. Brant of Bellevue, and Timothy A. Brant of Monroeville; a sister, Melissa S. Brant of Monroeville; and stepsisters, Tracy Radcliffe of Sandusky and Tabatha Brant of Monroeville.

Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Walker Funeral Home, 98 W. Main St., Norwalk, where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rev. Bruce Perry will officiate.

Burial will be in Hester Cemetery, Bronson Township.

Memorial gifts may be sent to the Brant family.


brittney y. (An...

it's so hard 2 believe that he's really gone. he was an awsome guy and every1 loved him so much. i luv him and miss him


when we fund out he died my mom lost it my mom and dad raised him and his brother brain he was a big part in everyone in the family life the funeral was very hard to the whole family going up to him and seeing his bones in his face listin to the music that we listin to togeter i love him with everything in my hearts and he will always be missed ny many

someone who kno...

the priest was an asshole towards him

"whether or not mike went to heaven we'll never know..." someone needs to take aways his preaching license or somethin. he was horrible

Outraged (Anonymous)

What type of person are you to call the Priets an a**hole? You must be a Brant, or some branch of the family. Probably a Hersha or Grosswiller right. No one in there right mind would say that about a man of the Lord! I hope you join Mike in hell for making a statement like that you piece of crap!

smalltowner (An...

No matter how bad you are hurting never never disrespect the church or the flag .You may not like what the pastor said or did but that is something that should be brought to the churches attention not here. Talk to the pastor and tell him how you feel and let him explain you may not see eye to eye but you will at least have given him a chance

Gina Colyer (An...

I knew Mike, He was a real nice guy.
Had a lot of hurts in his life because he missed his kids and didn't get to see them like he would have liked! God bless his family...Hope you all find the Lord through this terrible incident if you don't already know him!

jeff (Anonymous)

He probably did go to hell.

FRIEND (Anonymous)


brittney & lori...

hey jeff, werent yu the 1 who was driving and killed my cousin?if yu were a man wouldnt yu have stayed at the scene? umm...i thought yu were Mikes FRIEND. yur fake. maybe if yu would have stayed at the scene and admitted yu killed him and stepped up as a man maybe us BRANTS would feel diff. about yu huh? man up! as far as im concerned yu can go straight to hell cause i know Mike went to heaven. sorry i cant spell as good as all the rest of you. i guess im just a no good,trash department,BRANT. and proud 2 be 1

jeff (Anonymous)

You people are nuts.

brittney-the ni...

hey man im not nuts i just know how 2 stick up for my family. guess what dude. we got the whole thing on tape. the nieghbor got it all on type. yur busted dude. i think its time yu just admitted yu did it and go to the police b4 the brants get you.

brittney-the co...

hey man im not nuts i just know how 2 stick up for my family. guess what dude. we got the whole thing on tape. the nieghbor got it all on type. yur busted dude. i think its time yu just admitted yu did it and go to the police b4 the brants get you.

Bill (Anonymous)

The Brant girl here is displaying exactly how I was describing the family earlier...this is my proof. It does not surprise me at all.

Sue (Anonymous)

Brittney- Do you realize how crazy you sound? And your threating Jeff saying he better turn himself in to the police before The Brants Find him. That's exactley why your family has earned the bad name they have. Jeff was not driving that car, he would be in jail by now if the police believed your crazy story. Why do you continue to make your family look stupid?

Ryan (Anonymous)

If there was ever a tape i think Jeff would be charged. Stop making up such crazy rumors. This family needs help!

K- norwalk (Ano...

Can everyone just stop this stupid sh*t and quit cutting people down, Let the man rest in peace!!! Enough is enough.

mike's aunt the...

YES i am a brant and proud to be. i am not trying to surprise you in any way do you have a life? all you do is leave nasty comments about my family why don't you spend more time with your's if you have one i think your obsessed with my family get over yourself your not god let me tell you something if you know the brants so good then why are you talking sh!t through a computer come face to face you know where to find us if you know us. thank you

brittney-the co...

our family has earned its name. thank you. im so proud that every1 knows us and wants to shoot us down by your nasty rude comments. let me tell yu a lil sumthing. my family is 1 STRONG family. yur rude nasty cold comments aint gona blow us down. so whatever next comes to mind plz feel free to leave it. we luv the attention. we are all VERY proud of ourselves and the family we grew up in. i know im exstreamly pround to be in my family. i luv it thank yu very much. and yes we do have a video type of the accedent and the cops will beleive it when we give it to them. we cant make sumthing up like that. and if yu have such a problem with my family plz feel free to come any time any place. we live in Sandusky,norwalk,and monroeville. this is not a romor that i have posted on here. its the cold hard FACTS and i cant wait till we get the man lock up that did this 2 my wounderful cousin. all i want is 4 Mike to rest in peace what part of that dont yu ppl understand? he has earned it. but as long as yu ppl keep sending yur dumb comments ima defend him, to the very fullest. ima defend my whole family 4 that matter.

sue (Anonymous)

Brant Aunt: Once again your family is turning to violence to solve a problem. Stop trying to bully or threaten people, no one is scared of you or your family. Haven't you lost enough family members to violence and alcohol?

Friend of the F...

Britt or anyone who knows - who's Jeff? Is it Amy's brother Jeff Collins? Take Care and God Bless you and your family.

brittney-the co...

to freind of family-we think,not 4 sure, but think he was there driving. im pretty positive that jeff was driving the car. yes thats amy's brother.

Friend (Anonymous)

Didn't he just get out of prison for his 5th dui? That is sad, How's Amy dealing with all this news of Jeff being the driver? I'll say a prayer for you!

to sue (Anonymous)

f_ck off and worry about your own family don't you know this is my nephew's obituarie page have some respect and of cource we are going to defend our family i'm sure you would to thank you

outraged (Anonymous)

There you go again showing off all your class! Starting a commen by saying F- off just goes to show what type of person you are. I don't need to put you down or talk trash about you, you make yourself look like a fool all by yourself!

Annie (Anonymous)

This is a man's obituary. Have some respect.

The Reflector needs to disable comments for the obits. Clearly, people are not mature enough to handle it.

New London (Ano...

To the Norwalk Reflector

Please stop this. Please just this down. This is an obituary. The sounding board can be done on one of the other columns.

US (Anonymous)

You want thsi one shut down because user can comment elsewhere, but you want the other's shutdown because it has gone on too long? So you don't want anyone to be able to comment on any of this anymore? I think they should allow Obit comments, but the user community should be responsible enough to use this area for Condolences and sympathies.

Norwalk (Anonymous)

New London: Have you heard of a little thing called The Constitution? Freedom of Speach!

T$Robinson. (An...

to "mike's aunt the brant girl" you asked us all to leave your family alone, and you wonder why we are all "obsessed " with your family .. basically the only reason that people even think about your family is they wonder and worry when they see your family in their neighborhoods because we know that there will probably be some sort of under handed, illegal activity involved with your family , so we have to be obsessed with your family with everything in our lives , even when buying a vehicle , we all want to make sure that there is not a Brant name on the title of the car , because if its on there , chances are it is probably stolen ..so when we see the Brants in our neighborhoods we are just conditioned to believe that there will probably be break-ins, or vandalism , or grafitti , or worse , following them .. i do sympathize with you on the loss of your loved one , it is tragic , but they are the ones who caused this tragedy, i am grateful that no innocent people were hurt or killed

yup (Anonymous)

It takes more than dying to earn respect.