Richard D. Becker

Sep 4, 2015

June 17, 2007

NORWALK - Richard D. Becker, 82, of Norwalk, died Sunday night at Fremont Memorial Hospital in Fremont.

Funeral services will be announced by Walker Funeral Home, 98 W. Main St.


Linda Marson (A...

Ron, Andi and Tom, Rick and I are very sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. What a great guy. We have so many fond memories of our families sharing Christmas together. One of my favorite memories is when Lino got out his accordian at Christmas and we all sang songs. Some of them were not too PC, like the one about "She's too fat for me,,,hey.", but we laughed and laughed.
Your Dad is pain free and with your Mom and visiting with Opal. Don't grieve for him, he's all right. It's us that have to get used to his being gone.
Much love and prayers,
Rick and Linda

Rick Marson (An...

Dick was my favorite uncle. As a child, I remember him tickling me every time I walked past him. I wound up doing the same to my children growing up; I still do it to all the children I know now. He was so good natured, always smiling, every playful--he would throw the football around with Ron and Tom and I, even after we were grown up.
I've known Uncle Dick for all of my 56 years, and I can honestly say that I never say him angry, never heard him curse, never say him do something wrong. He was quite possibly the nicest man I've ever known.