6:30 PM Oct 5, 2012
I have been studying for this test that I have this week. Sometimes it seems like all I do is study. Yea I know it is part of going to school (BGSU Firelands). Sometimes I just need a little break.   I applied to get in to a master's program and I was accepted! Never thought about getting my...
7:00 PM Oct 4, 2012
Mmmm. Nothing says good eats like soy residue. Except that in Chinese cooking, it really can. And you very likely have enjoyed that soy residue, many times and in many ways.
6:30 PM Oct 4, 2012
I'm excited about my monthly weigh-in. My numbers were great!! I'm doing better than expected. It looks like I'll lose more weight than I planned on. I'm almost at my goal, and we still have three more months to go. I just have to be careful with the holidays coming up. We celebrated with East of...
12:17 PM Oct 4, 2012
When I told my mother — a fiend for candied ginger — that I was testing a batch of these muffins, she said she wished she could fly right over and dig in. She's not the only one.
6:30 PM Oct 3, 2012
This past week, really wasn't too eventful. Did my workouts, went to work and moved nonstop. I've been working, working out, running errands, going here, running there, then flying over that way. Busy, busy, busy. This weekend is no different. As I sit here writing this, I'm at a birthday party for...
4:00 PM Oct 1, 2012
Almost by definition, beef stew isn't a weeknight-friendly dish. That's mostly a matter of the meat. Stew meat generally is tough and requires a long simmer to become tender. But who has time for a long simmer at the end of a long day at work?
6:30 AM Oct 1, 2012
This past week has been AWESOME. I have incorporated swimming laps into my workout routine. I must say the first time I did laps with my YMCA personal trainer Joyce Niedzwiecki, I had a hard time catching my breath. I think I was trying to race and wasn’t concentrating on my stroke. From this first...
7:30 PM Sep 28, 2012
This past week has been really crazy. I have been sick for more than a week and I don't get sick very often. I can't wait to feel better. I did make it to the gym, but I didn't do a lot because I just didn't have the energy to do anything. I worked out Friday and had to hit it harder than ever. I...
12:00 PM Sep 28, 2012
Nonfat cheese that tastes like plastic. Low-calorie soda that leaves a bitter aftertaste. Sugar-free brownies that crumble like Styrofoam. Dieters have learned an important lesson: When you take the fat and calories out of your favorite treats, you sometimes have to say goodbye to the taste too.
7:30 PM Sep 27, 2012
The weeks are just flying by! I'm getting more overtime at work again. But I still managed to get in my three weekly workouts at Anytime Fitness in Norwalk. By Sept. 20, I was pretty tired at my workout. Ken has stepped up my routine by increasing my reps from 12 to 15. The weights stayed the same...