6:58 AM Nov 5, 2012
Wow, it’s November, I can’t believe it. I see sandy beaches and volcanos in my future. We’ve been planning this December trip for a year and now and it’s finally becoming a reality. Watching the sunset on the clouds from the summit, check Pearl Harbor, check Sunrise on Maui, check Surfing lessons,...
6:50 AM Nov 5, 2012
Well this week held a bit a triumph for me.  I made it to the gym three days in a row.  I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time that that has happened.  It’s been at least two months.   While I’ve been pretty frustrated over the past couple months, I felt as though this week was a bit of a...
6:20 AM Nov 2, 2012
Hey everyone. Hope you guys are enjoying the rain. At least it’s not snowing yet. I just can’t believe the holidays are just around the corner. I just can’t wait to shop and enjoy all of the great sales. I had to work on Halloween, so I get to miss out on passing candy to the kids. I love to see...
12:30 PM Nov 1, 2012
You've seen them on the grocery store shelves and perhaps even read about the benefits of plant-based milks in health magazines. Are you ready to give them a try? Here is a break down to help you chose a healthy dairy alternative.
6:17 AM Oct 31, 2012
I had a good week with my outdoor activities. Rode my bike a lot and got to walk the dog some. It sounds like that will be coming to an end with all cold weather that's coming. I'm glad I got the bulk of my weight loss in already because it's harder for me to exercise inside. I'd rather be outside...
6:12 AM Oct 30, 2012
Well, I’ve done it! I have finally been able to jog a complete mile – without stopping. Took me little over 13 minutes, but I did it! I’m mighty proud. Thank you C25K program thing!   I’ve jumped a huge hurdle this past week, too! I went to a Halloween party; there was food everywhere and four...
12:10 AM Oct 30, 2012
Last Halloween, everyone was apparently making chili, including me. The store was actually out of chili powder. I had decided to make what my kids call “regular” chili, which is red chili with tomatoes, bean and beef.
8:00 PM Oct 29, 2012
Fit people aren’t fit because of good luck, birth order or something they’ve inherited. They’re fit because they’ve adopted healthy habits and do things differently than most. During my 20-plus years in the fitness industry, I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and paid particularly close attention to the ones that seem “naturally” fit.
6:01 PM Oct 29, 2012
Again, I’m writing about a week in which I didn’t get to the gym as much as I’d like.   I worked out twice this past week, but I’m ending this week feeling much more excited about the upcoming two months.  I’ve got a pretty good routine going with regards to getting to the gym in the mornings.  I...
4:00 PM Oct 29, 2012
Have you seen the size of caramel apples lately? No question, they are beautiful and I'm certain they are delicious. But how many people really are going to sit down and eat such mammoth sugar bombs, never mind feed one to their kid?