10:00 AM Nov 12, 2012
As far as I'm concerned, the best holiday gift is one that's handmade and edible. And if you can make it in big batches on a budget — and have it be healthy — even better.
6:30 AM Nov 11, 2012
Well, as I had mentioned, this past week was going to be beyond chaotic. It was just that. The week got off to a lousy start, as I didn’t get up in time in order to get to the gym on Nov. 5, and it didn’t get any better as the week went on.   Between different sporting events (state playoff games...
11:00 AM Nov 10, 2012
Not all juice drinks are created equal. A juice drink’s label can showcase a picture of luscious fresh fruit, but the actual contents of the drink may contain a very small amount of real fruit juice. Some fruit juice drinks contain as much or even more sugar per serving than a candy bar. A juice drink loaded with sugar and empty calories is not a healthy option for kids or adults.
8:00 PM Nov 9, 2012
I had a good week with some bumps here and there. Just gotta keep pushing and work even harder. It sucked that it rained this past week and it seems like I am stuck in the house. It doesn’t help that it is cold outside. I guess winter is around the corner and so are the holidays. These past few...
2:00 PM Nov 9, 2012
A stale workout routine can lead to boredom and a fitness—and weight-loss—plateau. Keep your favorite sweat session fresh and effective with our expert tips.
6:00 PM Nov 8, 2012
Brussels sprouts can generate some pretty strong opinions. As with cilantro or goat cheese, you either love them or hate them.
2:00 PM Nov 8, 2012
As a kid I never much cared for parsnips. My dad was wild about them, but I was unmoved, figuring that if they were white and ended in "-nip," they must somehow be related to turnips. And I was definitely not a fan of turnips.
6:00 PM Nov 7, 2012
What to expect from Pilates and yoga classes, and who benefits from each.
7:00 AM Nov 7, 2012
Wilson: 'Back in the day my lunch was a feast' Another week gone. The time is just flying. I've decided I'm not that crazy about exercise because it makes my whole body hurt. Bike riding is the only activity I've found that, for the most part, is painless. Riding my stationary bike at home is a...
7:00 AM Nov 6, 2012
Past week has been pretty good. We got a new machine at the gym. It’s called a Helix. I tried explaining it to someone in the locker room, and that person gave me that “she's a crazy lady” expression.   So, I’m going to spare you the details and put it in a nutshell without the visual of me...