6:30 AM Dec 3, 2012
I survived Thanksgiving!  And Black Friday! And November! This past week my NOMS trainer Patrick Carmean and I have been trying new things. I got to attempt bench pressing. That was scary at first; I mean that's what all the big buff muscle men do! Lay on a bench and lift heavy bars. Not gonna lie...
8:00 PM Dec 5, 2012
The trouble with this under-appreciated ingredient is that for the next few days you're going to have its only-available-on-TV jingle stuck in your head.
11:00 AM Dec 2, 2012
Want to change your shape, up your metabolism, build your bones and lower your blood pressure? Pump a little iron.
2:30 PM Dec 2, 2012
This has been a rather interesting past week, as at one time or another every member of the household was sick.   I ended up leaving work early Nov. 26, missed work on Tuesday as well.  I’m not exactly sure what was wrong, but it sure seemed like I had the flu (which was interesting, as I had...
8:00 PM Dec 3, 2012
Here's the thing about decorating for Christmas. It should be fun. It should be an occasion. It should involve delicious food.
7:30 PM Nov 28, 2012
I had a good week. I worked a lot of hours, too. Thanksgiving was here so fast and left just as fast. I got my 13-page paper done that I never thought I would get done. That's no fun at all. I thought my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance had forgot about the 5K, but he didn't. I get...
6:00 PM Nov 30, 2012
The Paleoista’s simple cooking, shopping and prep tips for the “caveman” diet.
5:00 AM Nov 28, 2012
Had another first this week. I entered a 5K on Thanksgiving Day. The Turkey Dash sponsored by The Gym in Huron . I surprised myself and ran nonstop the entire 3.2 miles. I even managed to have a better time than I thought I would. It took me 34 minutes and 28 seconds. Not bad for my first 5K. I...
12:00 PM Nov 29, 2012
My family has always insisted that the centerpiece of our Christmas feast be some kind of show-stopping roast. We're talking a standing rib roast or whole beef tenderloin. And, as if these prizes were not already rich enough in themselves, we tend to pair them with an extravagant sauce. My challenge for this column was to come up with a Christmas dinner showstopper just as glamorous as the usual stars, but somehow leaner.
7:45 AM Nov 24, 2012
Man, oh man, turkey day. I was semi glad to have Target open on Thanksgiving night; it meant there was no time to make a huge meal and have family down to stuff my face and go into turkey coma. Then again I was uber sad because it was Thanksgiving and it's family time and I would've gotten to...