6:00 AM Dec 18, 2012
Well it’s late Sunday night and I am just settling back into Ohio from the trip of a lifetime. Hawaii was everything I imagined and more. Every time I thought this is my favorite thing there was another adventure waiting around the corner. I am so blessed that my husband Bruce and friend Diane...
12:00 PM Dec 16, 2012
Six ways to save a bundle on your gym membership with these thrifty tips.
4:00 AM Dec 16, 2012
Well, I had one of my more difficult situations of the year.  I had my 50 Model UN students with me in Columbus last week.  On Monday night, I got pizza for the kids, which I had waiting back upstairs after they finished their “International Celebration.”   To make a long story short, I had 25...
2:00 PM Dec 14, 2012
Looking for a light way to season dishes? These popular herb options bring flavor and health benefits to boot.
6:00 PM Dec 13, 2012
Let's get the hard part out of the way. This week, I'm suggesting you eat something most people spend the better part of their adult lives trying to eradicate from their lawns.
10:30 AM Dec 13, 2012
The FIT Challenge is almost over. I think all of us (the contestants) have come a long way. I hope my healthy eating and exercise will become a way of life for me. I know I spend a lot of time reading labels on food. Never used to do that. I've gotten used to eating smaller portions at meals....
11:30 PM Dec 12, 2012
This past week hasn't been too eventful. I worked, worked out, put up my tree. End of story.  I'm trying to prepare for this upcoming challenge of being in a pool; it’s a lot to do. It is by far the hardest challenge we've had yet. I'm scared to death, but I'll do what I can.  The program is...
8:00 PM Dec 12, 2012
Here are the best oils for your health and the benefits they bring.
2:00 PM Dec 12, 2012
Though black-eyed peas have been around forever, they generally don't get a lot of attention. But I think you really ought to give them a second look.
4:00 AM Dec 12, 2012
It’s going to be a very long and crazy week for me.   I have finals and I also have graduation in a few days, so trying to study and work out is going to be a challenge because I want to study as much as possible to make sure I pass my finals.   I have come too far to go back now. I had two...