5:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
The last line of my very first blog was, “Somewhere between July and December, I’m going to run into the person I was before my surgeries, and I’m gonna kick her butt and improve her.” I found her sometime in September, and instead of stopping for a chat, I jogged right by her and smiled at the...
4:00 AM Dec 24, 2012
The first half of this past week went fabulously well.  I made it to three consecutive openings at the gym, and put in cardio workouts all three days ... two on the bike, and one on the treadmill.  I’ve really found that my wife working her new job, this time of day works out the best for all of us...
4:00 AM Dec 23, 2012
Hey everyone. This is my last blog for all my supporters. It has been a long journey for me and it will always be one.   I'm happy that I was picked and I'm sad that it's going to end so fast. I gained some great friends and did a lot of things I had never done before.   I'm proud of...
12:00 PM Dec 21, 2012
It's the easiest way to cook; here's how to make healthy crock pot meals.
6:00 PM Dec 20, 2012
Two creative workouts to help you get most out of your cycling time.
6:00 AM Dec 20, 2012
Can you say, "Glad it's almost over?" The second half of the year has got to be harder than the first six months. All the holidays that you have to watch what you eat. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween with all the candy, Thanksgiving, and last but not least the whole Christmas season with...
6:00 PM Dec 19, 2012
Yoga has been recognized for centuries throughout much of the world as a path to living a full life of spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
6:00 AM Dec 19, 2012
Another week has passed. And were even closer to the end of the challenge.   I'm still working out as much as I can, though with holiday season in full swing, it often gets difficult to focus on one thing at a time. Like proper eating. I'm not saying that I've been marfing on brownies and Doritos...
6:00 PM Dec 18, 2012
From sautéing to steaming, here are the top healthy cooking techniques
6:00 AM Dec 18, 2012
I had a long week this past week. I had finals and graduation, in addition to trying to balance work. I was not able to get to the gym this past week because I had so much I had to do. I really wanted to study so that I would make sure that I got really good grades on my finals. My brain was...